Seoul Firemen Calender Giveaway Winners 1

Okay we finally have the winners of the Seoul Fireman Calender Giveaway!

The winners were chosen by Mr Gwon and are:

Janine Pressley


Nancy Raxacoricofallapatorius

The winners need to email me at to claim their prize. (And no fake winners trying to steal the prizes this time please).

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Seoul Firemen Calender Giveaway 170


Our new giveaway! People expressed interest in these calenders… so here you go.

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Honey Butter Chips Winners! 0

Wow we had a lot of people enter this!

The two winners are:

Diana Mueller


Lauren McAuley

If you guys can send me an email at to claim your chips!

honey butter chips

Please DON’T try to claim these chips if you are not the real winner. Don’t steal people’s profile pics and create new email addresses trying to claim the prize!

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To enter just leave a comment! We will pick 2 winners in 1 week.

Seriously, do you guys really want them? Everyone can enter!

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2 Year Anniversary Winners 1

2 year giveaway

The first prize winner is Nora 노라 who wins the above prize pack and a signed comic!

Second winner is Ru Zhu

Third prize winner is Lovie Sumler

Both second and third prize winners get a signed comic of their choice.

Can those winners please contact me at


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2 Year Anniversary! (And giveaway) 165

It’s been 2 years since we started the blog!

Yes our anniversary is the same day as April Fools Day… though we didn’t prank you! Sophie and I talked about it and we were going to say Hugh ran away with Kpop star Henry (his current man crush) but I forgot to do it….

We have a giveaway!

This is the first prize:

2 year giveaway

All this Korean cute stuff! A notebook, a mini game, a 3d puzzle, cardboard multi box, 2 packs of stickers, sticky notes, 2 face masks, a mini towel in a tiny box, little animal clips and 2 cards.

PLUS! The winner will get to choose their favourite comic and will get a signed print of it.

Second and third prize is stickers!! Plus they can also choose which signed comic they would like.

(Seriously people want them?? When we asked people what we should give away I really didn’t think people would want signed comics! But it makes me feel good… thanks guys!)

All you have to do is leave a comment in the comment section! We will pick some winners next week!

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Strawberries Giveaway Winners 1

It is really hard to pick winners! So hard that I made Sophie do it… haha. We also chose 2 winners because the giveaway was so popular.

So the winners are

Amanda (for her Mother-in-law)


Tae Ju Hwang

Can those people please send me an email at please.

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Strawberries Giveaway! 47

Okay unfortunately this giveaway is only for people in Korea… we are going to send the winner a box of strawberries straight from the farm.


To enter all you have to do is leave a comment in the comment section and tell us why we should send you strawberries.

Just a reminder that this giveaway is ONLY for people IN Korea. Good luck!

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Crayon Pop Signed CD Giveaway Winner 7

Holy crap guys! You made it so hard to choose! I’ve never had such heartfelt answers in a giveaway before!

Unfortunately I had to choose just one person (and Mr Gwon is still refusing to give up his signed cd) but I think everyone deserves the CD!


So, the winner is:


Arthur Oliveira


Congratulations! I promise if we ever get the chance we’ll try to get a bunch more signed Crayon Pop CDs for everyone.

The winner needs to email me at to claim their prize.

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Signed Crayon Pop CD Giveaway 60

We have a signed Crayon Pop CD to giveaway!

Crayon Pop

All you have to do is leave a comment on this post telling us why we should give you the signed CD.

We will choose a winner in a week.

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GD Album and Posters Giveaway Winners 7

Okay, thank you everyone who entered!

The winner of the G-Dragon CD is:

Sweets and Brains

And the winners of the second prize posters are:




Congrats guys! Send me a message on YouTube or an email at

For everyone else: we’ll have more giveaways with K-pop CDs coming up! Especially when we are living in Korea.

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Spudgy and Meemers Bag Winner 6

Okay guys I’ve picked the winner of the Spudgy and Meemers tote bag. All the answers were so great so I’m really sorry that I can’t give one to everyone.

So the winner is…..


Congratulations! Send me an email at to claim your prize.

Everyone else: we’ll have some cool giveaways coming up, especially next year when we move to Korea… maybe we’ll get to do a collaboration with Simon and Martina too. Wouldn’t that be fun 😉


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G-Dragon COUP D’ETAT Giveaway! 67

So you can either leave a comment on the YouTube video or on this blog post (just make sure you tell us your YouTube name as well.

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EYK Spudgy and Meemers Bag Giveaway 46




So you know that bag we gave Simon and Martina from Eat Your Kimchi? Well, we actually had 2 printed so we could give one away to one of our blog readers. All you Nasty Korean Husbands! Check out the interview with Simon and Martina here.

Spudgy and Meemers bag

So what do you have to do to win this bag? Just leave a comment in the comment section! But the more you can convince me you are an EYK fan (A Nasty!), the better! We will choose a winner in about 2 weeks. The winner will be sent the matching Spudgy and Meemers tote bag. Omg you will practically be twins with Simon and Martina!! Like OMG. haha…

This is the comic on the bag:

Spudgy and Meemers

Good luck!

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GD Giveaway Winner 2

So the winner for THIS giveaway is:


Congratulations! Email me at to claim your GD prize.

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