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Ask First 16

Ask First

I shouldn’t be scared! My Mother-in-law is really sweet. The bang of the door just scared me and then I looked really suspicious digging around in the ice cream freezer. But really my bread had been stored in there, I didn’t know it had been moved to another freezer. I bought a lot of bread in Seoul but to make sure it lasts I need to freeze it.

Unfortunately it’s really tempting having a big freezer full of ice cream at the front of the house! Not good for diets.

Is this milk okay? 13

is this milk okay?

This was so funny to my parents-in-law because I had been speaking to my husband and I used informal language, but because of the timing it sounded like I had replied to my father-in-law with informal language which is really rude! They knew that I hadn’t done that on purpose but because it sounded like I had, they laughed so hard. Especially because my father-in-law had softly said, “It’s okay” and then I had yelled, “It’s not okay!!!”

It’s been the running joke in the house for a few days. Every time I walk into the room my parents-in-law say, “안괜찮아!”

At least I made them laugh!

Many things to say 64

Mnay things to say

Today’s comic is a bit sad. I always have many things to tell my mother-in-law but it’s really hard because my Korean is so basic. I studied Korean part time for 1 year but it’s only now that I’m in Korea I’m studying hard and trying to put it into use. However, speaking casually with Korean friends and throwing in lots of English is very different from speaking with my parents-in-law where I have to be speaking at a higher politeness level, and they have no English at all. Also there is the problem of dialect. Although there are things I can say in Korean it is very hard and confidence is such an important aspect of speaking in another language. Even if technically I know how to say something, it can be hard to remember it quickly enough.

I really envy my husband’s level of English because although his English is not perfect, he can express himself really well in English. I want to be able to do that in Korean. I’m studying every day but it is very overwhelming.

My husband told his mother that I have many things to say but I can’t yet, and she said she is looking forward to when I can speak well because it will be fun.

Pay the Fine 22

pay the fine1

I still haven’t paid the fine and he is still trying to make me. Seriously, the point of the rule is to help with English, but English is my first language and I’m learning Korean! It makes no sense for me to not be able to speak Korean in the kitchen. My husband is refusing to budge though. Apparently that rule is for everyone…haha.

For those that may not be aware, we are currently at my parents’ house and they have a bunch of Koreans living with them.

Sick Day 23

Sick Day

Koreans say “Zombie” as “Jombie”.

Make sure you marry someone who still loves you on your worst days! Though I am possibly this sick because he opened lots of umbrellas inside! (Joking).

Spring colds are the worst! You know when you can’t speak because your throat is so sore? Or your nose is so runny all the can do is jam tissues up there to try and stop it? Ughhhhhh

Chai Lattes 21

Chai Lattes

If you are a Korean living in Sydney: Be careful. Mr Gwon is probably listening in to your conversation!

We were just grabbing some chai lattes to drink while we walked home so I was happy to just stand waiting for them. Mr Gwon overheard this conversation and at first stood near them and then sat down next to them like a creeper. It was something about the military and politics and one guy was a “know it all” so Mr Gwon was giggling to himself. I then dragged him away.

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