Getting Old 2

Getting Old

People already love to judge the looks of interracial couples more than other couples and there can be extra scrutiny as we age. Caucasians in general seem to show the signs of aging earlier. There are plenty of jokes and memes online about the slower aging process of Asians but it is something you can start to see in your own life. Hugh still gets mistaken for someone 10 years younger than he really is, whereas I never would be. (Hugh is also older than me).

As with most comics this was a very real conversation we had in a lighthearted manner. The conversation continued with me lamenting my white genes, to which Hugh responded, “But you guys (white people) dominate everything, so don’t complain. That’s your punishment”. Hugh likes to get the white privilege jokes in haha.

I’ve been on some strong medication for health problems (Endo) which I feel is doing damage to my body and I feel like I can see it in my face. My mother looks amazing for her age so I hope I have some of those genetics to balance out what illness does to me.

For those also in interracial marriages: Do you get unnecessary comparison comments about your appearance?

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Eyesight 4



Boys are gross! Stay away from them!

Anyway I proved to him that I could definitely see everything. I’m long sighted as well so I can see things in the distance very well. Many times I’ll be like, “Oh there is our friend.” And he will say, “Where? Where? Where?” And doesn’t see the person until they are up close. I’m pretty sure he needs his eyes checked too, but he is avoiding it. If in a year or two when I’ve forced him to do it, and he is now wearing glasses, link him back to his page so I can be like, “I told you so!”

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Maybe I Am 24

Maybe I Am

Thanks husband!

I remember being a teenager and having a very flat stomach and older women telling me, “Enjoy it while it lasts”. I remember thinking, “Pshh I’ll always have a flat belly.”

Then I hit my 20’s and yeah… it doesn’t stick around, especially if you hate the gym like I do. Since I got married I’ve put on weight- I think that happens to most people. Now I’m on the verge of my 30’s and half the time I’m hoping I am just pregnant and it’s not just fat… hehehe. Actually none of my jeans fit now and I don’t have money for new clothes…so maybe I should do something about it.

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Relaxing 16

We are in my home town! At my parents’ house! There are lots of Koreans here!

The funny thing is, even though it’s rural Australia, there are 5 Koreans in this house and more next door. In this house, as well as my parents, there is a couple, my husband’s sister and her boyfriend and another friend from the same area in Korea.

We got up early to travel so we are really tired. I don’t have a proper comic today, just this drawing. Korean face masks are really cheap and used by everyone! We are going to have a few days relaxing so maybe we’ll do this as well. He actually uses this type of thing more than me.


We are planning on filming a lot while here so should be some new videos soon!

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Body Pump 20

Body Pump Class

That will teach him to not underestimate women. I remember he was sore for days after that.

Have you done a body pump class before? They sound like hell to me…. lifting weight in time to terrible music.

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I know 28

how much

Well no one likes to see vomit… but he really hates it. Usually when he sees vomit he gags and is like, “ahhhhhhhh!!!” If we are in the city at night and someone has puked on the street, I’ll tell him to close his eyes and guide him away so he doesn’t have to see it. So I really appreciate how much he takes care of me when I’m sick and doesn’t even flinch when I’m hurling my guts up.

One of the moments when I knew he loved me early on in our relationship was when I had really bad food poisoning. It was a war zone in the bathroom… you know how it is with food poisoning… but he came in and cleaned me up AND cleaned the bathroom.

I’m so happy that I’m well again. I was pretty sick for a while and I don’t know what I would have done without him. I didn’t realise how worried he was until now. I’ve run into a few of his friends while out and about and they all told me how worried and stressed out he was about me. He was very calm with me but freaking out to his friends on Kakao Talk I think.

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Bad Timing 21

Bad Timing

Oops… that was just bad timing. If I vomited every time he was naked I’d be vomiting an awful lot.

So this comic was supposed to be up yesterday BUT I actually got very very sick 🙁

We went to a medical centre and I was given an injection and some more medicine. Unfortunately I had a bad reaction to the injection and we ended up in the hospital emergency room. So most of yesterday was spent in waiting rooms while I was not well at all. My beautiful husband was so patient and caring and completely wonderful all of yesterday and I know this is sappy but I just appreciate him so much.

I’m feeling much better today as the bad reaction has worn off and the doctor says the virus that I have should be gone soon. So yeah, that’s why there was no new comic yesterday.

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Loopy 8

When he is a bit loopy from cold medicine it’s like dealing with a very big, very loud and very strong two-year-old. He has a bad cold again, so hasn’t been very happy. We went out last Sunday for some fresh air but he was a little bit…… not alright. My friend was like, “He’s a bit off today isn’t he?” Um….yes. It’s funny, but I do feel like I have to watch him carefully. I think it’s not just the medicine but also being light headed and sick just makes him do silly things.

Hopefully he’ll be feeling better soon and back to normal.

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Cures? 13

Liz asked on Facebook:

I’m sick now and I know you guys were sick a little while back. Are there any things that you think are better or that he thinks are better for curing illnesses? Or is it just the same stuff?

Well, when I tried to ask my husband this…

What a jerk! Actually it’s really funny because he is such a nice guy and is never like that, so he did it to be funny and to frustrate me. When I asked him again he couldn’t really think of many, besides from eating spicy food. That is something we actually did when we were sick recently; we ate spicy soup.

Another thing he mentioned was that people say to drink soju with chilli powder in it. Whether anyone actually does this is another matter…

So besides from eating spicy food we just do the usual things for when sick. However, I would be curious to hear from others with Korean partners if there are certain things your partner does that is different.

I have had some experience in Korea with Oriental medicine but mostly just drinking special tea because I have a ‘cold body type’.


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Heat Bandage 19

Have you seen those heat pad things that Koreans use when part of their body hurts? I’m sure other countries use them too but Koreans seem to use them a lot. They stick on like a giant sticker and then get really really hot.

He says I must have kicked him in the butt while I was sleeping and that’s why his butt hurts… but I don’t think so. More likely from working out at the gym.

Even when he came home from work and after he’d taken it off hours earlier he said his butt was still on fire. So I guess… don’t put them on your butt!

I was trying to ask them what the Korean name is for these things. They said something like “pass” or “parse” and I tried to get them to spell it in English but they were too busy talking and google didn’t really bring up anything. Ahh google you are no help these days!

What are these actually called in Korean?

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