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Fitness Inspiration: Ben Mudge

Hugh says:

I met Ben in Spain (we were filming a TV show, that will be revealed later) and when I saw him he was really big so I was a bit apprehensive to talk to him. But actually he was my room-mate and we became good friends. He is a really sweet guy and really kind. He told me that he has some disease but I didn’t know what it was, I just saw that he was really strong and healthy. I researched on Korean sites and there wasn’t enough information about Cystic Fibrosis so I didn’t really understand what it really was. I had a really great time with him in Spain, when I left we cried. When I came back I talked to Nichola about CF and she told me more about it. I was shocked to see the life expectancy is 41 years. How can this strong healthy and amazing guy have this many years? But then I realised the life expectancy average is lower because so many children with CF die younger. Ben is an example of someone fighting back against the disease. For people with CF, time is really important, and yet he came to Korea to spend time with me, so I’m really thankful for his friendship.

He is inspiring to me because even with a disease he is stronger than the average person. So I was thinking, what was my excuse? It inspired me a lot and motivated me. The next step of my transformation is building muscle. I was really lucky to meet him as he is going to help me attain my goals.

When I met him in Spain a group of us were walking on the beach and he was picking up the rubbish on the beach and cleaning up. No one else was doing it like him, I was impressed, so I joined in and helped. I was really grateful to meet him. And yes, he looks like Thor right? Find out more in the video

Google Translating Articles about Hugh

So many articles about Hugh were in languages other than English or Korean. Besides from asking a few friends to translate, we are relying on Google Translate to see what they say. Unfortunately Google Translate can still be notoriously bad at translating!

In this video we Google Translate a bunch of article titles that end up being quite weird in English. I’m not sure if the “plastic” references are to do with plastic surgery (which Hugh definitely didn’t have).

As you can see in this video, online translating still has a long way to go.

Hugh’s new fame?


I was joking with Hugh about this because he has been collecting all the articles about this. So far there has been about 60 to 70 articles from all around the world. He has meticulously been putting links and titles into a word document and also Google translated the titles. Some of the titles end up being quite funny, so we will make a video about that soon.

Because there are still articles every day and he is still checking for them,  I’ve been jokingly warning him about what will happen when they stop. I imagine he will have withdrawal symptoms and told him it would be like that Hollywood trope of how far someone falls from fame.

I enjoy teasing him about his new found fame. But the attention is very motivating and gives him that extra drive to continue to maintain a healthy lifestyle. His confidence has grown a lot and he is starting to think about whether he will study nutrition or something that can be included in his life coaching goals. He has always wanted to help and inspire people and with this project he really managed to achieve that.

But it’s been an amazing experience. We never imagined that it would get this much attention. Western media focused a lot on the IVF aspect while Asian media focused on how he looked afterwards.

That main transformation video is approaching a million views too. Which is a first for us!

It’s about a month since Hugh did his big photo shoot and he is doing well with his lifestyle change. His goal is not to always have  6 pack of course, but to maintain a healthy weight and continue exercising. From now he may focus on building more muscle as well.

We plan to talk about IVF later, after the baby is born. We did vlog while going through IVF, so we’ll have a video about our journey. Make sure you are subscribed to YouTube to see that.

What did he eat? Exercise? Tips?

We got a lot of questions on Hugh’s transformation video about how he lost the weight. In this video we talk at length about what he ate and how he exercised. Rather than it being a strict diet and exercise plan, it was a flexible, healthy lifestyle change.

One of the things that motivated him to start this big journey is the fact that we had to go through IVF (In vitro fertilization) to have a baby. Actually, there was always the chance that we would never be able to have children. IVF is a painful and often lengthy process that is very difficult physically and mentally for the woman. Even before starting IVF I had been through a lot with Endometriosis. Hugh knew how much pain I had been through and now had to go through with IVF so he wanted to change his life to benefit both of us. Although I can’t fall pregnant naturally (his fertility is fine), him being healthier can also help the process. He started this big change after a failed round of IVF and within 2 months I had become pregnant with the next round of IVF. This really felt like a miracle as our chances hadn’t been great. So knowing that he is going to be a father motivated Hugh even more to get healthy.

It’s been overwhelming, not only how many comments are on the video, but how many friends immediately called Hugh after seeing the video. Several friends immediately got gym memberships. Everyone wanted to know what the “secret” was. There was no secret, just eating healthy and exercise. Hugh found the best way to do it was slowly over 6 months and to make good habits. He used to get slightly annoyed when I asked him to go for a walk with me but now he gets cranky when he hasn’t been to the gym in a few days! His body is so used to smaller meals and work outs now.

The only extreme diet he did was the final month for the photo shoot. These photo shoots are common in Korea and it was important for Hugh to prove he could do it, and document it. After getting his weight down that low he had a week off (we went on a road trip) and he gained a few kilos, which he intended to do, and has now maintained a healthy but slim weight since.

The message Hugh wanted to give was that we can make changes in our lives from right now. It doesn’t need to be extreme, even just smaller changes towards a healthier lifestyle.

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Hey guys, Hugh here.

I hope you enjoy this video. I really wanted to share it with you guys. I made many promises that I’m going to do and I didn’t continue but this time I really wanted to show that I can do it.

I chose to do this over 6 months so it would be a whole lifestyle change. Eating habits and exercise, change so many things. At first, I changed eating habits and did regular working out, at least 3 times a week. So many people asked me ‘what is the secret?’ There is no secret, just keep doing it.

Having a trainer is a good thing but you are the one who should have a passionate to achieve your goals. The trainer is helping you out but if you are not ready you won’t have a great result.

This wasn’t an easy journey but it was worth it. Not only losing weight but getting healthy has so many benefits. I now have confidence with my appearance. When I go shopping I can buy so many clothes. Before I had to wear XL or XXL but now I can get small or medium size.

I do exercise regularly, even though I finished my project because it’s my habit now. It’s my daily routine. I also have motivation when I look at the before and after photos. Knowing I could do it. I never thought I could change my body type to be lean like this.

The biggest thing is being healthy because when I was chubby I had more problems with my skin because I ate so much unhealthy food and drank a lot. It also caused problems with throat and nose. My stamina was terrible so I couldn’t run, and I had knee problems. I had a bigger body but weaker than now. I have a smaller body but stronger than before.

I want to do something for my wife and baby, so they can be proud of their father and husband. I still have some more goals like running a marathon and doing a backflip and other tricking moves.

Getting the photoshoot is not the end, just documenting it. It reminds me that I can have a body like that so I can have more motivation to make that body again. Thank you for supporting me. If you have a health problem because of weight, I want to recommend you to start doing something now. Make good habits. Because sometimes “later”, becomes “never”. I did it, you can too.

Shorter video:

Body Changes and 24 Hour Gyms in Korea

24 Hour Gyms in Korea

Hugh’s latest update about his “Last Chance” transformation. He has come so far! Last night he was looking at some old videos and realised how different he looks now. He has gained a lot more confidence and is feeling much healthier. Calling it his “last chance” has really worked motivation wise and it’s much better for him to make these changes now rather than in his 40’s.  The earlier the better. In this video I ask him questions about his progress and he shows the inside of Korean gyms… in the middle of the night!

It has helped having a 24 hour gym nearby. Usually Hugh and Yoojin, his trainer, go in the evening but one time when they both fell asleep before going. I was just in our office working on stuff and when I came out I saw Yoojin asleep on the sofa and Hugh passed out on our bed. I figured they just weren’t going to the gym, but they both woke up at about 11:30pm and headed to the gym. I think going to the gym that late makes them a little bit crazy.

As we mentioned in the video, we almost weigh the same now! I’m always shocked when they check my weight at my hospital appointments because I have never been this heavy in my adult life. I have to remind myself that I’m pregnant. I don’t think I’ve ever seen Hugh this lean in all the time I’ve known him either. He really has been changing his body shape. It’s also good timing with the baby on the way.

The last month will be the hardest as now his diet will be more restricted and he will be building muscle to get the special profile photo that is popular in Korea. Once he has done that he can relax. The photoshoot will also be his reveal of how much his body changed and he is very excited to show everyone.

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Hugh’s weight loss – big changes!

Hugh updates you on his transformation progress!

Although we haven’t made a video about Hugh’s journey for a while and he doesn’t post much about it on social media, he has been quietly working away. He works out almost every day and does high intensity work outs which are really paying off. He has dropped so much weight that all his clothes are too loose and baggy right now. Time to go shopping!

It’s been amazing to see his confidence grow as he becomes slimmer and healthier. For a long time he believed that his body type would always be bigger, even if he lost weight, that he would still look bulky. But he has slimmed down so much and made such big lifestyle changes that his body shape is changing. His trainer Yoojin getting him on focus on exercise that made him drop weight instead of just bulking up has helped a lot. Now he knows how to exercise by himself at home and how to be motivated to do it.

For me however, I’m just expanding with pregnancy! One of us is getting smaller and the other is getting bigger! I’ve started wearing his big tshirts. I’ve also made it difficult for Hugh with my morning sickness. I haven’t been able to cook and needed a lot of delivery food, but he has been very strong and made his own meals.

Also, Hugh WON’T be doing a naked a photo shoot. But he will be doing one in his underwear. There is a trend in Korea where people get professional photos done when they get into great shape. He has already met with a photographer and makeup artist that will do his photo shoot in 2 months time. In the final video of his transformation he will reveal those photos.


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