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My brother bucket drumming (and Alice)

While we were in Sydney last month I stopped by Pitt Street Mall with Sophie and Alice to see my brother busking.

You can see the interview I did with him here:

Interview with the Drummer Gordo

Yes… this is actually my brother! So you might have seen him in that video that went viral, which as we mentioned in the video, isn’t online anymore unfortunately. But you can go check out his YouTube Channel here.

We filmed this early in morning and didn’t have proper lights, so I apologise for the quality.

Here is a commercial he is in:

Since it was a long interview we did have to cut some bits. Some more things related to the saga of the guy who profited off the viral video, he also tried to claim ownership of the bucket drumming in this commercial! Unbelievable right? All he did was upload a video of my brother (as did many other people) and yet he believes he owns everything my brother creates. While having a viral video sure gave my brother a big boost, it’s unfortunate that it also created these problems.

If you have some more questions for my brother, you can leave them here and next time I see him we can do a follow up video!

Rachael White and K-pop Dance

Mr Gwon interviews Rachael about K-pop dancing and tries out some moves himself.

Interview with Typhoon – Part 2

Here is the second part of the interview with Typhoon who has been living with my parents out in rural Australia. I filmed a little bit of him every time I went back home.

To just expand on what he was talking about in regards to other Koreans: It’s something that frustrates my husband a lot too. Many Koreans go back to Korea and tell others, “Don’t go to Australia. I didn’t learn any English there. It’s not a good place to learn English.” The reality usually is that these people went straight into the Korean community, got a job with only Koreans, lived with Koreans and only met Koreans. That’s fine if that’s what they want to do, but not so good for improving English, which is usually their goal. Having large Korean communities in Australia is a great thing, but can also mean that some Koreans don’t ever step outside of their comfort zone. The same thing happens in The Philippines. Many people go there to learn English but instead just party with other Koreans and not go to English class. Bit hard to learn English that way! Typhoon wants to encourage others to try new things and step outside of their comfort zone.

What Typhoon and his girlfriend did was travel to a more rural part of Australia right away, which is why they made lots of Australian friends, experienced different things and why Typhoon plays soccer on Australian teams.

We are hoping to do a few more interviews like this with other Koreans that are living in Australia.

Interview with Typhoon

So we’ve talked about Australian working holiday visas before and Koreans in Australia. Now we have an interview with a Korean guy who is in Australia on a working holiday. Here is part 1:

Interview with AU Review

We did an interview with the AU Review recently.


Eat Your Kimchi Interview – Part 2

Part 2 of our interview with Eat Your Kimchi! We talk about advertising, what their families think and they answer a few questions from readers!


Click here for the first part of this interview.

nicthumb (80x32)How do you feel when people use adblock or tell other people to use adblock?


simonthumb1 (80x29)It’s something we understand from a consumer’s perspective because ads are very obtrusive and they do ruin the experience and it’s something that I wish wasn’t necessary-

martinathumb (90x30)Well okay, we’re trying to think of a way… because I understand that. I read a lot of manga online and it has obnoxious ads everywhere and I’m like “I shouldn’t but…” and I’ll block them so I can actually read it. But we’re trying to think of something now, which we saw from another YouTube website, where it allows you to remove the ads and stuff from our website but people have to pay once per year – like $5 or $10 or something.

simonthumb1 (80x29)I know that it sucks, like I’d rather offer everything for free but you can’t operate that way, so we are trying to find a way to create a better user experience for people.

martinathumb (90x30)But it gives them a choice-


simonthumb1 (80x29)If they are interested. Like a premium version.


martinathumb (90x30)Like if they don’t mind ads and it doesn’t bother them then go for it: it’s free. And we are actually very careful with our ads, like we don’t want ads coming up like “Date sexy Korean girls”. So we know our advertisers and we are trying to think of a way to help people that don’t want the ads.

simonthumb1 (80x29)And some people have complained about some of the ads that are generated. Like some of them are generated ads and we have an advertiser manager and when we hear a complaint we are like “Well this ad was offensive can you remove that ad?” Because we can’t see every single ad, every country has different ads. So we understand you (to the fans)… we just wish you didn’t…. *laughs*

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