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Get Your Crayon

So I watched the preview before subtitles were added. Apparently he means “get your crazy on” or like “lets get crazy” and made a compound word. (Koreans love doing that).

HOWEVER, if someone is singing about a cylindrical object, I may just assume things… I’m not sad at the end of the comic because I want G-Dragon to be singing about something like that… just that I got a mini lecture about how things are in Korea again. Sometimes I still have trouble wrapping my mind around the extent of censorship.

That’s not to say that’s it’s good that so many western songs are so sexual or have thinly disguised sexual meaning, it’s just I’m surprised when Koreans, because of their culture, don’t see the same sexual innuendos.

So anyway, sorry G-Dragon.. haha.

P.S. I love you.

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GD Socks

Well it is true that all my socks get holes in them. Poor sock GD.

Notice that I’m sitting on a chair and he is on the floor? That’s how it usually is. I prefer chairs, he prefers the floor.

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Selective Hearing

Though I do try to listen to a lot of Korean conversation, there are times I have to tune out because it’s too taxing on my brain to try and decipher everything.

But my brain always alerts me when things interest me in the conversation.

If you aren’t into Kpop and don’t know what YG is, it’s a major record company. Big Bang belongs to it. My husband’s friend was giving him a hard drive that has a YG Family concert on it. A huge concert featuring all the artists from YG.


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