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We’ve seen this happen before right? He will be really disdainful about something I like, sometimes even making fun of me. And then at some point he realises actually it’s really good! Then he starts liking it even more than me.

He was really dismissive when I was watching ‘WIN: Who is next?’ last year. For those that don’t know, that TV show was YG Entertainment trainees put into 2 teams to compete against each other. The winning team became WINNER, the group who have just debuted. Bobby was in Team B which is the team that didn’t win. So I’ve liked him since then, but Mr Gwon has suddenly become a fan since he has been on ‘Show Me the Money’. He didn’t care about him at first because like others, he just dismissed him as an Kpop idol who can’t rap…….but he was wrong.

He listens to his songs from Show Me the Money over and over again. Like so much that I’m kinda sick of them now.


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This One Song

This One Song

Oh he only likes one song… obviously much cooler than me! haha

We have a new video up on our bonus channel! We try some of the food you guys sent us.

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YG Biased

YG Biased

Some people might not get this comic… Basically YG is the Entertainment company of huge groups like Big Bang and those that like one group in YG tend to like everyone in YG.

Winner is the new group debuting and Mr Gwon was making fun of me always favouring YG artists, but then proceeds to listen to a song by Bobby, that he did on the TV show ‘Show me the money,’ who is also in YG Entertainment! So he is a hypocrite. Makes fun of me listening to YG artists and then immediately goes and listens to someone from YG.

Actually he just likes to rile me up. I am listening to Winner right now and he is like, “What’s that? Winner? That’s why it sucks.” He hasn’t even listened to anything properly, he is just trying to get a reaction.

Did you watch Winner’s debut music videos? What do you think?

Usually it’s not hard to stay up… usually I’d be still working at midnight, but I’m still recovering from the weekend in Seoul.

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Walking in Busan

Walking in Busan

I then added, “A very androgynous guy!”

When you are so used to a different version of masculinity and androgyny in Kpop you can forget how different things are in Western media. I sometimes forget how androgynous G-Dragon can be.

My brother and sister are visiting Korea for a week which is why there have been less comics. We are in Seoul right now and doing lots of stuff! Things will be back to normal soon.

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Our 90’s Music Experience – Korea vs Australia

We talk about what it was like to be a hardcore fan in the 90’s. How is it different from today? What differences were there between Korea and Australia?

If you want to play along you can answer the questions too.

Who was your favourite band/group in the 90’s?
Who was your favourite member?
How did you get your music information?
How did you see new music videos?
Did you buy magazines just for posters?
Did you make mix tapes?
What did you use the internet for back then?

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It’s here! The G-Dragon Summer Lookbook! Now you know what to wear this summer!


We always have a really fun time shooting with Han (and Sophie). Did you see mine and Sophie’s cameos in our ahjumma clothes?  Actually almost everything GD (coughHancough) was wearing was ahjumma clothes.

Fun Fact: Hugh didn’t open a roller door properly and Han walked into it right before filming. In some shots you can see the big bump coming up on his forehead.

(We were also poking fun at a lot of ‘lookbooks’ on YouTube with this video. Search lookbook on there and you’ll see what I mean).

If you like this video please share it!

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Taeyang’s MV

Taeyang MV

Big Bang inspiring him to work out again! Taeyang’s new music video was released at midnight so this happened after midnight. We really like the song and music video so we’ve been listening to it all day. And it was not surprising that Taeyang had his shirt off for the whole video…

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