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BB Cream 27

BB Cream

One of the things I really like about Korea is there isn’t the same obsession with masculinity as the West, and masculinity is often defined in a different way  to Western Culture. BB Cream is a great product in Korea and BB Creams here have many uses other than just a foundation and are usually an all in one product. Whitening, blemish treatment, serum, sunscreen, moisturiser, as well as coverage. Unfortunately most BB Creams from Western companies are just tinted moisturisers and don’t have the benefits of Korean BB Creams. Beware of those ones.

My husband wears BB Cream when we film videos and occasionally when we have to go to an event or something. He doesn’t wear it every day, and wears one designed for men. He is pretty lazy about putting it on, but luckily BB Creams tend to adjust to match skin tone. He should do it in front of a mirror though! He puts it on the same way Aussie guys slap on sunscreen at the beach. I think if it ever became really normal and socially acceptable for men to wear BB Cream in Australia they’d probably do it that way as well! Put some in their hands and then rub vigorously over the face for 5 seconds.

Many people comment on how great Korean people’s skin looks, especially Kpop stars. Korean people do take care of their skin and do a lot of treatments on their skin, but that’s only part of it. BB Cream and makeup play a huge role and Kpop stars wear a lot of makeup! Sorry to burst any bubbles there. Your oppas are wearing so much makeup… it’s not that they are completely flawless..

Behind Me 27

Behind me

There aren’t many white people here so I do get stared at a lot. It doesn’t bother me until…. it’s teenage girls walking behind me and laughing! That’s when I get paranoid. Is there something wrong with me? Do I have something on me? Are they just laughing because I’m different? Most likely it’s nothing to do with me, and they aren’t even as bad as Australian teenagers but there is still something unnerving about it. Also I don’t have the fluency in language to deal with it if something happened.

It’s so weird because of course I was once a teenage girl but the older I get the more annoying and scary teenagers get!

Is this milk okay? 13

is this milk okay?

This was so funny to my parents-in-law because I had been speaking to my husband and I used informal language, but because of the timing it sounded like I had replied to my father-in-law with informal language which is really rude! They knew that I hadn’t done that on purpose but because it sounded like I had, they laughed so hard. Especially because my father-in-law had softly said, “It’s okay” and then I had yelled, “It’s not okay!!!”

It’s been the running joke in the house for a few days. Every time I walk into the room my parents-in-law say, “안괜찮아!”

At least I made them laugh!

Unexpected 11


For Lunar New Year we went up a small mountain to visit my husband’s family’s ancestral graves. It was quite serious and solemn, so it was completely bizarre to see that squirrels have been using one of the burial mounds as a place for their nuts! There was a hole with small pieces of branches around it, which my father-in-law had to fix.

We were in the middle of the woods up a mountain in winter and even though I knew we weren’t far from the town it still felt very isolated. It didn’t help that I started thinking about the Barrow-wights in the Fellowship of the Ring (the book not the movie) when I saw the hole that had been made. I’m great at freaking myself out.

How to get a Korean Boyfriend 33

Sophie and I tackle a question that we see being asked quite a bit.

So we want people to look at the reasons why they want a Korean boyfriend and what their expectations are. It’s fine to be attracted to Korean guys and be interested in them, but when it comes to a relationship, make sure you really like them and aren’t just dating them because they are Korean.

Our advice relates to meeting guys in similar situations to how we met our husbands. We can’t give advice on dating other types of Korean guys, such as Korean American guys, simply because we don’t have that experience. Our husbands grew up in Korea and came to Australia as adults on temporary visas with no intention of settling down in Australia. There are many other things to talk about in regards to this which is why we will talk more about it in other videos.


Comic on DramaFever 7

I have a comic on DramaFever today CLICK HERE.

Anyone who watches Korean dramas probably knows this feeling. There have been so many episodes leading up to the kiss… so much tension… so much waiting and then FINALLY THEY KISS! But what is this? Why are her eyes open? Why are their lips not moving? Are they really standing like statues for 5 mins as we view them from every angle?

Koreans get just as frustrated at these scenes as international fans do.

TV Channels 18

TV Channels

Ughhh! He doesn’t see the difference between classic literature and 90′s TV shows. Actually he probably does and is just riling me up on purpose.

I was never a huge fan of those shows and Friends is a TV show that a lot of Koreans watch to improve their English. I’ve been made to watch a lot of episodes with Korean friends before and I find the humour can date pretty quickly…. and it’s been a long time since Friends finished. I just don’t have much interest in watching any more episodes and I cringe when it’s on TV.

I’m asking Mr Gwon about this right now – about why so many Koreans watch such an old TV show when there are plenty of newer and better ones. Now he is questioning why I still watch MASH when it’s on tv. Okay can’t win this argument!

Chai Lattes 21

Chai Lattes

If you are a Korean living in Sydney: Be careful. Mr Gwon is probably listening in to your conversation!

We were just grabbing some chai lattes to drink while we walked home so I was happy to just stand waiting for them. Mr Gwon overheard this conversation and at first stood near them and then sat down next to them like a creeper. It was something about the military and politics and one guy was a “know it all” so Mr Gwon was giggling to himself. I then dragged him away.

Big Tough Guy 11

Big Tough Guy

(Selca is Konglish for taking a self portrait).

This happened the other night when we were at a Korean restaurant. There was a couple sitting next to us and the guy seemed to be putting on a show about his masculinity, but as soon as the girl left to go to the toilet he pulled out his phone and was taking cutesy selcas! Tough guy image destroyed. She never saw it though because he was back to his masculine self when she came back.

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