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When will Big Bang do their Military Service? 5

Something we didn’t mention in the video was WHY Korean men have to do compulsory military service but I think most people are pretty aware of North Korea. South Korea and North Korea are still technically at war because a formal peace treaty was never signed. With such an unpredictable and unstable threat right across the border, South Korea needs a very large military force. If there wasn’t compulsory service they wouldn’t have the manpower. The issue of ending compulsory service does comes up, but with provocations every now and then from North Korea it’s very hard to even just scale it back a bit. However, the Western media always blows up the North Korea issue, so don’t think North Korea is going to launch huge attacks or anything like that.

It is interesting how people’s perceptions and views are formed by the country they grow up in. Many people understand the need for the military but there are others from countries that have no military and have a very negative view of the military that are critical of anyone who does military service. I think it’s very unfair to judge those that have to do compulsory service and it’s best to have a balanced view. Korean men that do their service don’t necessarily agree with all decisions made by the military, it doesn’t mean they agree with war, but it’s their national duty.

You get very used to the military presence in South Korea. Everywhere there are men in uniform and military vehicles and get a bunch of Korean guys together and inevitably the topic of military service will come up. Men that don’t do their service become excluded from these conversations, can find it hard to connect to other guys and can even not be hired for jobs because they didn’t do it. When the majority of the male population have given up 2 years of their life for their country, it’s important for them to see that Kpop idols are doing it too.

So what we said in the video was just our guess about Big Bang – that at least some members will likely enlist after their comeback (“comeback” in the Kpop sense of the word).

My brother the drummer 15

Recently someone filmed my brother busking with his bucket drums and that video got over a million views.

This video:

I’ve been bugging him to make a YouTube channel for a while and he finally did.


Those those curious about him. He is a drummer and plays in several bands as well as busking (street performance) in Sydney. He uses buckets to simulate the sound of real drums. You can also like him on Facebook here.

Also, if you are Japanese or speak Japanese, you can write him a message in Japanese as he speaks it well (he studied at the Tokyo School of Music).

Crayon Pop 13

Crayon Pop

He did this TWICE! We went to two signing and both times he was so overwhelmed by their cuteness that he couldn’t say much. I got a CD signed one time and just said ‘hello’ and ‘thank you’ in Korean, but assumed that my husband could have a bit of chat with them since he is Korean…. nope… he was almost speechless.

Crayon Pop are just so overwhelming cute. My husband doesn’t even really like aegyo and doesn’t like when Korean girls are really putting it on (or doing gwiyomi) but Crayon Pop were just so naturally aegyo. I think it’s also really nice that their image is so cute and funny. I’m not really a fan of the girl groups that are very sexual or the ones with too much fake aegyo. Crayon Pop is just something so different, and they appeal to a wide audience too. There were people of all ages at their events. Even when my husband was editing our video about them, there were times he had to stop because he burst into laughter at their adorable cuteness.

We’ll be giving a signed Crayon Pop CD away a bit later :)

Runaway 22



He is so jealous of GD that he already had his backup plan in case I do leave him for GD! He was going on about this while I was doing some other stuff so I wasn’t really paying attention. But then realised what he had said! I thought he would be like, “I’m going to runaway with Miranda Kerr or Emma Watson!” Instead he chose TOP. For those that don’t follow K-pop, TOP is in the same group as GD and sometimes they do stuff as a duo, which makes his choice extra funny.

When I told him I was going to make a comic about what he said, he gave me directions! “Draw us in Paris! Then draw us in the arctic! And then…”

Looks like he has it all planned. Should I be worried now?


One Direction 10

One Direction

Those that follow us on Facebook might have noticed a few photos of him with One Direction cardboard cut outs. There have been some around for promoting concerts and their movie and he always wants a photo with them.

I think he is a bit hypocritical. He can be negative about Kpop groups that are marketed at teenagers and easily dismisses them, but he enjoys One Direction! Not a big fan or anything, but likes some songs and we’ll sing them at noraebang (karaoke).

I think it was a One Direction money box or something.

Seungri 7


Haha just joking. But I think “I’m a horseman” has replaced the KARA song for what he sings when dancing around and annoying me.

Here is the Kpop Music Monday where this misheard lyrics comes from:

AND Seungri’s music video Gotta Talk to You:

You can never unhear it!

K-pop Dance Contest 8

Kpop Dance Contest

Sorry EXO fans! His dislike of EXO grows more and more. I’m starting to warm up to them though. I really like ‘Growl’.

He is not a huge fan of VIXX either but he really likes that song (it was the first one we did a Kpop Comments on).

So this Kpop Contest was yesterday and finalists were decided for the Kpop festival in Gangwon. We filmed a bit, so video coming soon! 4Minute were the judges! Though… no comment on their judging skills!

X Factor 13

X Factor

“Take a sickie”, “Chuck a sickie”, “Throw a sickie” is Australian slang for pretending to be sick and not going to work but still getting paid. My husband used to be a hard worker until he was corrupted by the Australian workplace! He saw how much other people take sickies when they just want a day off and started questioning why he was working so hard.

He loves shows like the X Factor and there is a Korean girl this time so he’s been following it. But because he works at nights he will be missing a lot of it. He can just catch up later though. I’m not letting him stay home from work just so he can watch the X Factor!

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