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Nichola talks to things a lot. And I understand because we don’t have a pet so plants are her pets. That’s weird but cute. But eats mint… poor mint…

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Farm Work

Farm Work

Hugh says:

“Nichola usually doesn’t work on the farm, because she does work inside. I told her to have a rest but she just didn’t, so it’s her own fault! haha. But everyone was quite happy with what she did. She just talks to herself a lot and she thinks her muscles have feelings…”

(I do enjoy doing stuff outside but I have to spend a lot of time inside usually. Even though my body hurt afterwards, it felt good. Those leg muscles don’t know what hit them though!)

My Australian Wife: Tree


Hugh says:

“My wife talks to trees. She talks to things a lot of times, not only trees. Sometimes I thought she was talking to me but she was actually talking to a thing. And it was quite strange. Actually sometimes it is quite cute.”

(I just think out loud a lot!)

My Australian Wife: Diet

My Australian wife

(I actually said ‘biscuit’ but we changed it to “cookie” so Americans wouldn’t get confused haha).

Hugh says:

“Nichola doesn’t usually gain weight, even if we eat the same, I’m the one that gains weight. I don’t think she really understand what a diet is because she hasn’t had to do it much haha. Sometimes I envy people who don’t gain weight. It’s really easy for me to gain weight so I need to watch what I’m eating. Because we live with my parents I can’t control what I eat, my mother always wants me to eat a lot. If I don’t eat much she will complain and want me to eat more. If I get fat she will point out that that I got fat. This is Korean mother style.”

Our eating habits haven’t been that good lately because we were in Seoul for a week with no cooking facilities and had to eat out all the time and also it’s strawberry season on the farm, which means less home cooked meals. Because everyone is busy working during this time, we aren’t eating the normal healthy meals. It ends up being fried chicken or cup ramen. Living with inlaws, I try to tread carefully when making my own food, because it can cause offense if my mother in law has prepared dinner and then I’ve made my own, but because meals are so sporadic at the moment and often not healthy, I’m trying to cook my own with lots of vegetables. But maybe I still want a biscuit with a cup of tea…

My Australian Wife: Screaming

My Australian Wife

Hugh has resurrected his My Australian Wife comics! He will aim to do one once a week. He designed the characters (hence his 6 pack and big muscles) and draws the comics (I just do the final line art on my tablet).

Hugh says:

This happened the other night. I just walked in the living room and hit the table with my leg. It really hurt, I was rolling around on the floor. Nichola just look at me and was worried about me and told me to scream and I couldn’t because it was too painful. So screamed she instead of me. Then I laughed. So it helped.

My Australian Wife #6



Mr Gwon’s turn….

Okay yes… I do like to inform bananas about what is going to happen to them. And I did make delicious muffins.

You can see the honey banana muffins I made on Mr Gwon’s What a nice site.

My Australian Wife #5

My Australian Wife ep 5

Movie references at inappropriate times.

(I loved The Chronicles of Narnia books so much when growing up. My siblings and I definitely pretended to go through a wardrobe into Narnia.)

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