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It’s been a little while since I’ve done anything on my Nicholalala channel so I thought I’d answer some questions! I asked you guys for questions on Instagram and answered as many as I could.

I talk about how my favourite Korean food changes a lot more now that I live in Korea, compared to living in Australia. What Korean fashion do I not like? What do I miss about Australian culture and how do I survive without an oven in Korea?

A lot of these questions were still very Korea related, but since it’s just me answering questions I’m very happy to answer questions that are more personal or related to other stuff since this is for the Nicholalala channel. They don’t have to always be about Korea 🙂

If you do have any questions you can ask them here or over on YouTube. Also subscribe to this channel!


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Another short vlog up on the Nicholalala channel. Heaviest snow we’ve had so far this winter! We made sure we went outside to enjoy it. Subscribe to the Nicholalala YouTube channel here (it’s different to the MyKoreanHusband one).

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Another Snapshot of my Day video on the Nicholalala channel. Just a winter day.

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‘Snapshot of my day’ video up on the Nicholalala channel. Busy day filming!

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Nicholalala Webtoon: Decisions

Nicholalala webtoon

New Nicholalala webtoon episode is up! READ FULL EPISODE HERE.

This is the next part in this mini story within the webtoon. Please like and share!

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Snapshot of my day – Hapejong Life

Snapshot of my day video up on the Nicholalala YouTube channel. These videos are small glimpses into a normal day for us.

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Snapshot of my day: Chuseok

I filmed a snapshot of my day video on Chuseok. We traveled back to the countryside for it. There was the ancestral rites memorial for deceased family members in the morning, then lots of food, relaxing and visits from family. I put on my hanbok to do a big bow to Hugh’s parents and we took the opportunity to take some photos in a field of flowers near the village.

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