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Present for me? 4

Present for me

What a lovely present! He usually does the laundry so there was no point giving me his dirty socks. I was just glad to see him though.

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Bridesmaid 6


He admitted that he might have really thought the word was “bride’s mate” instead of “bridesmaid”. Which is completely understandable! The bridesmaids are the friends of the bride and in Australia we use the word “mate” for friend.

Is there a word that you have been saying wrong and then one day just finally realised?

We are now at my parents’ house so are settling back into a somewhat normal schedule for the next 2 weeks. We have been super busy in Seoul, then travelling to Australia and then with wedding stuff in Sydney. I don’t know if videos will be on our normal schedule but we will putting more up from now.


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Annoying 10


We live on a farm, in the middle of nowhere… sometimes annoying me is his only entertainment. I often give a good reaction as well. If you watch our vlogs and see him harassing me I’ll do the “Nooo! Don’t!!” and give him a good response to his teasing. I’ve gone through times where I’ve done the blank face and ignored it (because really I don’t mind that much) but it doesn’t matter if I give a reaction or not, he will still do it. He just genuinely likes annoying me, so I might as well make him laugh by reacting to his antics.

However! His sister has just arrived from Australia, where she was for 2 years. She came home yesterday and already they have been bickering, so I think I don’t have to bear the brunt of his antics now.

Don’t judge him too harshly, I definitely have my hyperactive moments of being super annoying and harassing him. He just doesn’t make comics about it.

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Bath and Food 15

Bath and Food

Why not indeed?

He would need to hashtag it like #bathtime #sexy #hotteok #lovinglife #metime #sexypose #bath #relaxing #sexylegs

What other hashtags would he need? haha

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Quickly Unpack 25

Quickly Unpack

I’ve definitely talked about this before. We are complete opposites with this. When I get home from travelling I want to do nothing. I just to just lay there and relax. Unpacking is too much effort. Mr Gwon, on the other hand, gets all pumped up when he comes home and wants to unpack right away and do laundry and everything. I don’t mind if he unpacks my stuff, but I’m completely happy with leaving the bag there for quite a while.

Are you a quick unpacker or a leave the suitcase for days type of person?

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Missing Sister 11

Missing Sister

I think for most of their adult life Mr Gwon’s sister has had more money than him. She was always working in Korea while he travelled around Asia and Australia. Right now she is in Australia, but working hard. She comes back soon though, so I think Mr Gwon is envisioning many presents and things bought for him when she moves back. Luckily for him she is a very nice sister.

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Magic Doors 9

Magic Doors

Well…. he was embarrassed…

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Flower in my hair 15

Flower in my hair

So apparently if a girl is acting silly or strange and she has a flower in her hair, Koreans will say things like, “Oh yeah, she has a flower in her hair, that’s why” because those type of strange girls are likely to put flowers in their hair. I’d never heard that until I came to Korea but apparently it’s from a few movies.

Also, I want to thank everyone for supporting me in the Line Webtoon Contest. Although I didn’t win anything, people seemed to like this new series so I will be continuing it on the webtoon publishing platform over there. I also still have the chance to be a featured Line Webtoon featured artist if I get enough support.

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Date Night 4

Date Night

I was just joking and knew there was no Jinju Tower… maybe one day there will be!

This is what we really did for our date night. We finally had some time off and went into Jinju for dinner and a movie. You can see a bit of it in our vlog:

Subscribe to our vlogging channel if you want to see more videos of our daily life.

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Had for Dinner 6

Had for Dinner

For the record it was samgyupsal.

I showed him being very sweet last comic so time to show him being annoying!

Actually he isn’t feeling that well today so I’m not sure if we will have a video up today.

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Triplets 33


This is his thing at the moment…. obsessed with the idea of having triplets. Can’t say that I’m too keen on the idea. The reason why is because he has been watching the tv show Return of Superman where there are some adorable triplets.


Also check out the latest vlog and please subscribe to the vlogging channel.

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Stu 4


Wow, so smooth!

I do the emailing myself, “ooh I have a new email!” thing all the time though…

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What Beer?? 13

Sex Beer

Oh second languages… This one came out of nowhere. It took me so long to understand what he meant. But I have noticed how he can get very lazy with his English with me, because I’m his wife. He will have flawless English with other people but when just with me he expects me to decipher his mumbles, and then gets annoyed when I have no idea (some other wives of Korean guys have said the same thing too haha). So for us, it’s not only deciphering the normal male grunts and mumbles, but we have the added difficultly of it being a second language combined with laziness. Oh well, when I speak more Korean I’ll be able to get him back with my mumbling Korean.

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A quote from Mr Gwon 7

Happy New Year!

Today instead of a comic, we have a very special quote from Mr Gwon about something that is very dear to his heart.

Mr Gwon Quote

So deep.

In other news, the comic schedule will be changing in 2015. You might have noticed it was hard for me to keep on top of everything in recent months with the book stuff and other things taking up time. So in 2015 it will only be 3 comics a week, likely Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Video schedule will be the same though with videos on Monday, Wednesday and Friday and sometimes extra videos on other days.

The publishing company is currently saying 23rd of January for the book release! For those that don’t know, this is a book of comics from the blog and new ones for the Korean audience. It’s in Korean with some English subtitles as well. Once we have a confirmed release we will post links where to buy it, will have a giveaway and start planning a book signing in Seoul.

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Deodorant 37


Whenever I talk to other Caucasian women married to Korean men often the conversation eventually comes around to ‘What deodorant do you use? Which one is best?’

For those that don’t know, the majority of Korean and Japanese populations have a genetic mutation that means they don’t get the bacteria in their arm pits (because less of a certain sweat gland) that causes BO (body odour) that the rest of the world gets. So they don’t have to wear deodorant and never ever get that smell. That’s why when you do get the (very normal) BO smell and are married to a Korean person you have to be super careful because that smell will be even more offensive to them. Like it sucks in Australia when there are stinky people right? But we are pretty used to that smell even though it’s still gross. Imagine what it’s like for someone that rarely ever has to be around that smell and is suddenly bombarded with it.

Being in Korea means that lately I’ve rarely had to be overwhelmed with that type of body odour because I’m pedantic about not having it myself and I’m just always around Koreans, so when I do come across it in Seoul – wow it’s a shock! I forgot what it’s like. It lingers too. We have got into taxis and there has been a lingering smell and it’s like, “Foreigners have been in this taxi”. It’s something to consider when visiting or living in Korea and Japan – will your body odour cause some problems?

Mr Gwon saying “eww” at me putting deodorant on is just running joke between us. It’s something we always joke about. I am seriously jealous of Koreans not needing deodorant.

Some additional points: I recommend Dove or Rexona Clinical Care deodorants. They are a little bit more expensive but work so much better than normal deodorants. Also, Korean people can still get odours like anyone else- bad breath, feet smell etc, BUT they won’t get that universal BO smell from the armpits that everyone else gets. A few days without showering will produce a milder sour smell rather than the gut-wrenching, kill me now, smell that people can get!

We also joke about whether our kids will inherit the no smell Korean gene or be stuck with the stinky white gene. It’s a lottery and can go either way. I guess we will find out when they hit puberty and we sit them down and be like, “Congratulations!” or “I’m very sorry. You stink. Here’s some deodorant”.

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