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The Laundry 11


This is how he pranks me… as far as pranks go, it’s not too bad!

He has more free time than me so it’s his job to do stuff like laundry. He is so bad at acting on camera but for some reason he is an amazing actor when he wants to fool me. He has done it in a variety of ways like pretending to forget to buy the things I needed, or refusing to make me ramen when I’m stressed and busy, and then at the last moment, when I’m starting to get angry, he will say “Surprise!” And he has actually done whatever it is he was supposed to do. Much better than not doing it at all I guess.


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Old Photos 10

Old Photos

Looking at these older photos has really helped motivate him to get in shape again. But really, I’m pretty happy and don’t need a refund haha!

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Choice 5


A bit of alcohol usually improves his English. A little bit more… doesn’t seem to help at all. He was terribly embarrassed at the silly things he said last night. I think that “You can’t choice my life” was the best one though.

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New Look 25

New Look

Even drawing his facial hair, I can’t make it not look creepy! Actually it looks quite good in real life, but when it’s just a moustache………errr…. not great.


We also filmed the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge today. Unfortunately we aren’t at home in the countryside right now so couldn’t do it outside or in an interesting way. But here it is:


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Foreign Girls 8

Foreign girls

He was supposed to say, “No, you are not annoying!”

One of the interesting things about meeting his old friends is seeing what their perception of him was, and also their perceptions of themselves. They always thought there was no way that Mr Gwon would be the one to live in another country, marry a foreign woman, speak English well, and travel that much. But he was the one to do it. This friend in particular hadn’t seen him for 14 years and was so shocked to hear him speaking English naturally with me. This friend didn’t do any of that and settled down in Korea with a Korean woman (though I’m sure he is happy too).

On the topic of marrying foreign women, we have another friend who wants to marry someone who is foreign. Now there are lots of reasons why a Korean man wants to marry a foreign woman and before I’ve talked about foreign brides for older men, or men who can’t find wives. Those are arranged marriages that are supposed to benefit both the man and the woman who is usually from a developing country. This is nothing like that.

I think many people can jump to the conclusion that a Korean man interested in foreign women is motivated by some fantasy of foreign women, especially western women, that is influenced by the media. That is not always the case. A lot of it just comes down to culture. For example, this friend finds it difficult to find the traits he wants in a partner in Korean women because of Korean culture and Korea being an Asian, community orientated society. He wants a wife that shares his passions and interests (as he is an outgoing adventurous, wanting to be different, type of guy) and personally he has found it harder to meet someone who also wants to break away from what society expects in Korea. It makes sense that he may find what he is looking for if he looks for a woman who is from an individualistic culture (Individualistic cultures include the U.S., Australia, Great Britain, Canada) rather than a culture with more of a group mentality. Usually it’s not about looks at all. It’s about people finding the best match for them. Hopefully he will be able to meet the right person for him.

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Bad Side 5

Bad Side

Because I’m the one making the comics it is usually showing the funny or annoying things Mr Gwon does. Every time I do something annoying or stupid I tell him to make a comic but he doesn’t because he hates drawing. I showed a situation where I’m annoying him this time though.

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Haven’t left the house 11

Haven't left the house

He sure knows how to sweet talk me! My only competition was his mother!

Actually one of Mr Gwon’s pet peeves is when girls try to get their boyfriends/husband to say they are the prettiest girl in the world. He is much more logical and like “Out of all the women in the world, how could you possibly be the most beautiful?” When he worked at a casino in Australia he saw a lot of very beautiful women and was very honest with me about it but he always made the point that even though of course they are very beautiful, they can’t compare to me, simply because they aren’t me and I’m the one he wants. So I guess that is kinda romantic in itself?

So we never try to manipulate each other into saying things about being the most handsome or the prettiest. We both think we got a pretty good deal with who we married. He knows he can’t compare looks-wise to someone like GD, but he doesn’t have to because he is already with me.

So since we are open about those types of things he likes to have fun with it, like in the comic above. Or sometimes he likes to sing Flight of the Conchords lyrics to me, like “You’re so beautiful. You could be a part-time model…But you’d probably have to keep your normal job”.


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Love Hurts 6

Love Hurts

Love is not easy…

Meemers is Simon and Martina’s cat (Eat Your Kimchi) and is famous in his own right. Whenever we stay with them Meemers comes into our room early in the morning and wakes Mr Gwon up. Only Mr Gwon! He seems to know I’ll keep sleeping but Mr Gwon always gets up and plays with him.

We were in Seoul for the weekend for the very cool You Are Here Cafe opening. It was so nice to see so many of you guys there!


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Carrying Watermelon 6

Carrying Watermelon

Should have known that would happen…


The reason why we missed 2 comics this week is because I got “tennis elbow” from too much drawing and painting and had to rest it for a few days.

Mr Gwon Time will also be up very soon and we are editing another video that will be up instead of Ask Korean Guys later today.

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Don’t want to 15

Don't want to

This happens all the time. He can be so stubborn about watching certain movies and always thinks he won’t like them, but always does. Because I know him well! Also a hypocrite when he says some movies are for babies, but still has “Do you want to build a snowman” as his ringtone.

I don’t know if there will be a comic tomorrow. Even this one was hard to draw because I’m starting to get “tennis elbow”, so my elbow is quite sore and I need to rest it. I’ve done too much work lately and have damaged it. Sorry guys!

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Getting a Plate 5

Getting a plate

You’ve probably seen this in Korean dramas. The scene where the guy comes up behind the girl to help or get something and it means their bodies can get really close! Ohhh tension!

Not so sexy when parents-in-law are right near you.

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Iron Man 11

iron man suit

Wow…. I can’t wait…

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Owl Watching 31

Owl Watching

I really hope no one in our village was outside at that time and saw his naked dance.

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Save as 6

save as (800x800)

Well this doesn’t even make sense.

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Cranky Pants 10

Cranky Pants

(For those that don’t speak English as a native language, “cranky pants” just means a person who is grumpy or irritable. It’s a funny way of saying it).

My residence cranky pants didn’t get any sleep at all because of the World Cup…

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