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Really Bad Timing 7

Bad Timing

Wonderful married life conversation there…

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Photography 19


Here is one difference between how Hugh and I take photos of ourselves for Instagram. I take a photo, might put a filter on it and add some stickers… that’s it (occasionally I might just erase a blemish). Hugh takes lots and lots of photos and then picks the best one. He goes to the beauty editor in an app and fiddles with it, turning up the brightness and smoothing everything out. He goes through with the concealer brush tool as well. He sometimes even slims down his face and makes his eyes bigger. THEN he’ll put a filter on it. Yes he is more of a teenage girl than me. I know it’s common all around the world to change how you look in photos, but it’s a big thing in Korea.

I’m always surprised at how photoshopped many Koreans’ passport photos are. We don’t even really have that option in Australia if you do it the normal way. You go to the post office, they take your photo. It looks terrible, but that’s normal, and then you put it into your application right away. When you get your passport the photo now looks even more terrible, but is probably an accurate representation of how you look getting off a 10 hour flight anyway.

I’ve heard that some Korean people have actually had trouble getting through customs because their passport photo had been photoshopped too much.

Do you think people just expect online photos to be photoshopped now? And that of course people look great online and it’s not surprising when you meet people in real life and they don’t look anywhere near as good? Will our minds just adjust to that?

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Stupid Brain 4

Stupid Brain

This happens sometimes… Actually I always have back up comic ideas but it still has to be the right time or fit into our schedule. For example, a comic that takes half an hour to draw is fine, but one that is a more complex idea and needs more panels and backgrounds, that can take several hours and may not fit into our schedule on that day.

That’s the way inspiration can be sometimes. In one day I can have many comic ideas and other days there is tumbleweed blowing across my mind.

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Forgetful 9


He likes to think I’m such a baby and so helpless so it’s funny to turn it back on him.

Also it’s not just about being forgetful, it’s because once I’ve got my shoes on, I can’t go back inside! I’m not Korean and haven’t mastered the getting shoes on in 2 seconds thing. It’s such a hassle having to take my shoes off again, go back inside and get whatever I forgot and then put my shoes back on.

In Sydney we had a no shoes inside rule as well, but we’d ignore it if we had to run and get something quickly. I’ll get in big trouble if my inlaws see me do that though.

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Flies 9


As I’ve mentioned before, Hugh’s sister is back from her working holiday in Australia. It’s normal for women to live with their parents until they get married in Korea. Hugh’s sister gets married in a few months so he only has a little bit more time to torment her at home, but he is making the most of it.

All the bugs are back now that it’s getting warmer. I hate it! They are just so annoying. I swear that Korean flies and spiders and bugs are just way more annoying than Australian ones.

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Shave 16


Sometimes I don’t notice things…

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Comic Tomorrow 4

Comic tomorrow

So that happened… I had problems with my laptop yesterday that took a long time to fix and it’s really frustrating when you don’t have the money to buy a new laptop yet. It’s okay now I think, but I got really behind in all my work and then Hugh reminded me about the comic for the next day and asked what I was going to draw. I snarkily said, “You butt” and decided to go with that!

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Present for me? 4

Present for me

What a lovely present! He usually does the laundry so there was no point giving me his dirty socks. I was just glad to see him though.

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Bridesmaid 6


He admitted that he might have really thought the word was “bride’s mate” instead of “bridesmaid”. Which is completely understandable! The bridesmaids are the friends of the bride and in Australia we use the word “mate” for friend.

Is there a word that you have been saying wrong and then one day just finally realised?

We are now at my parents’ house so are settling back into a somewhat normal schedule for the next 2 weeks. We have been super busy in Seoul, then travelling to Australia and then with wedding stuff in Sydney. I don’t know if videos will be on our normal schedule but we will putting more up from now.


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Annoying 11


We live on a farm, in the middle of nowhere… sometimes annoying me is his only entertainment. I often give a good reaction as well. If you watch our vlogs and see him harassing me I’ll do the “Nooo! Don’t!!” and give him a good response to his teasing. I’ve gone through times where I’ve done the blank face and ignored it (because really I don’t mind that much) but it doesn’t matter if I give a reaction or not, he will still do it. He just genuinely likes annoying me, so I might as well make him laugh by reacting to his antics.

However! His sister has just arrived from Australia, where she was for 2 years. She came home yesterday and already they have been bickering, so I think I don’t have to bear the brunt of his antics now.

Don’t judge him too harshly, I definitely have my hyperactive moments of being super annoying and harassing him. He just doesn’t make comics about it.

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Bath and Food 16

Bath and Food

Why not indeed?

He would need to hashtag it like #bathtime #sexy #hotteok #lovinglife #metime #sexypose #bath #relaxing #sexylegs

What other hashtags would he need? haha

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Quickly Unpack 25

Quickly Unpack

I’ve definitely talked about this before. We are complete opposites with this. When I get home from travelling I want to do nothing. I just to just lay there and relax. Unpacking is too much effort. Mr Gwon, on the other hand, gets all pumped up when he comes home and wants to unpack right away and do laundry and everything. I don’t mind if he unpacks my stuff, but I’m completely happy with leaving the bag there for quite a while.

Are you a quick unpacker or a leave the suitcase for days type of person?

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Missing Sister 11

Missing Sister

I think for most of their adult life Mr Gwon’s sister has had more money than him. She was always working in Korea while he travelled around Asia and Australia. Right now she is in Australia, but working hard. She comes back soon though, so I think Mr Gwon is envisioning many presents and things bought for him when she moves back. Luckily for him she is a very nice sister.

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Magic Doors 9

Magic Doors

Well…. he was embarrassed…

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Flower in my hair 15

Flower in my hair

So apparently if a girl is acting silly or strange and she has a flower in her hair, Koreans will say things like, “Oh yeah, she has a flower in her hair, that’s why” because those type of strange girls are likely to put flowers in their hair. I’d never heard that until I came to Korea but apparently it’s from a few movies.

Also, I want to thank everyone for supporting me in the Line Webtoon Contest. Although I didn’t win anything, people seemed to like this new series so I will be continuing it on the webtoon publishing platform over there. I also still have the chance to be a featured Line Webtoon featured artist if I get enough support.

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