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Getting a Plate 2

Getting a plate

You’ve probably seen this in Korean dramas. The scene where the guy comes up behind the girl to help or get something and it means their bodies can get really close! Ohhh tension!

Not so sexy when parents-in-law are right near you.

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Iron Man 11

iron man suit

Wow…. I can’t wait…

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Owl Watching 31

Owl Watching

I really hope no one in our village was outside at that time and saw his naked dance.

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Save as 6

save as (800x800)

Well this doesn’t even make sense.

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Cranky Pants 10

Cranky Pants

(For those that don’t speak English as a native language, “cranky pants” just means a person who is grumpy or irritable. It’s a funny way of saying it).

My residence cranky pants didn’t get any sleep at all because of the World Cup…

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So Handsome 13

This is VERY quick little comic today because got a bunch of stuff we’ve gotta do.

So handsome

He sure knows how to ruin a mood! Shorts pulled up to the crotch area. What a lady killer!

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Those Plants 16

Those plants

That moment where I don’t know if he is going to scold me or go along with my dumb joke.

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The English 39


The english

I think I was trying to ask if it was dubbed… because dubbed movies are the worst and we can’t go see a dubbed movie, but then I confused myself…

Movies in English… I don’t need subtitles! Yay!

There are many Korean movies that I want to see at the cinema but I can’t because I need English subtitles. The choice of movies in English is quite limited here so I’m always excited to go see a decent movie.

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Hiding 19


Sometimes I come downstairs and find myself part of a game of hide and seek without realising it. Actually my husband just hears me coming down the stairs and tries to hide for fun but the severe lack of furniture hinders that.

That’s not to say that he is bad at hide and seek though, he is pretty awesome at it. Last Christmas when we were at the holiday house he hid on the balcony and then when people checked the balcony he hung off it just holding onto the ledge with his hands, dangling there until the seeker went back inside.

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Poking 34


Okay, if you have a Korean partner you have probably experienced this. It’s a silly thing that Koreans start doing as children and something that many adults continue to do, much to the annoyance of others. The hands are placed in a certain way… and the butt is the target. There is a reason that one of the first things I learnt how to say in Korean was “똥꼬 안돼!”


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Brat 10


And then he called me a rat for the rest of the day. My parents-in-law do spoil me rotten though.

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Green Shirt 9

Green Shirt

His imagination….

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This Window 15

This window

Good thing it’s not a video game! It’s just real life……….oh..

Actually we don’t have windows like this in Australia so I couldn’t see that it had to be twisted several times and then pulled out to unlock the window. That’s the thing about moving to another country, even little things like this can be confusing.

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Don’t Forget To 4

Don't forget to

Anyone that does YouTube probably knows how important it is to tell people to subscribe to your channel. It makes a big difference and YouTube always recommends to do it (it’s called a ‘Call To Action’). Because we say it in almost every video it has sometimes leaked over to real life.

In case you were wondering- is Mr Gwon actually bossy and telling me what to do like this? Yes, he very much acts as my manager and reminds me what emails I have to reply to, what things I should be doing.

Don’t forget to subscribe!

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Popcorn 23

We are resuming comics from today but we are not yet sure when we will start videos again.


He doesn’t like popcorn! Who doesn’t like popcorn?! I love popcorn but didn’t get it all the time in Australia because it’s ridiculously expensive at the cinema. It’s cheaper in Korea so I always want it. He hates it and gets dried squid instead. Popcorn is obviously not a high priority for him when we are rushing to go see a movie.

He has also become interested in fashion that is a bit “younger” than what his countryside friends wear which is why he was stopping to look at snapbacks. When he sees his friends here they comment that he still looks like a university student. Meanwhile his friends have settling into more middle aged style of clothing and have aged more due to heavy smoking and drinking.

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