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Cat-sitting Meemers 0

I have bronchitis so doing a bit less work at moment. We thought we’d upload this video instead of one that involves a lot more editing. So please enjoy this quick video of our most favourite cat in the world: Meemers! And sorry to the farm cats here… we do have cats on the farm but they aren’t as cool as Meemers.

(For those that don’t know, Meemers belongs to Simon and Martina from Eat Your Kimchi).

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So White 4

So White

Being in an intercultural marriage means that you are comfortable talking about race and cultural differences and cultural identity. But some days you just have conversations like this… haha.

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Hotteok Bite 5

Hotteok Bite

um…. thanks??? Who would be poisoning me? Oh yeah, it’s just an excuse to eat some of mine.

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What is life? Collab with Kkebong 0

Kkebong has some Korean internet fame because of funny photos of him desperately wanting the human food on the table. Click here for Korean site. Click here for my Tumblr post.

Kkebong actually belongs to Hugh’s sister’s sister in law so we have visited them in Busan before. We were hoping to make a cute video of him looking at food, but when we looked at our footage we ended up with this video instead… haha. Also because Hugh is sick at the moment, we needed to make a short video as we can’t work on our long videos at the moment.

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Boys Late 11

Sometimes in our videos we show other couples like Han and Sophie, and Daniel and Chloe, this comic features both of them:

Boys Late

Korea has such a late night drinking culture! This can be really frustrating if you don’t want to go out late or can’t. There are so many factors like who they are with, if there are hyungs (older friends) there, if the drinking is to do with work or if it’s friends they rarely see. All these things can cause late nights. The concept of what is late can differ from what you are used to as well. Many many people stay out until the sun is coming up. Hugh in particular, is such a social butterfly while I’d rather stay in. This comic was actually something that happened last year with all our friends, I vaguely remember it being put on social media as well. The boys made sure we weren’t too annoyed at them staying out late by wearing ahjumma pants (floral pants favoured by middle aged women).

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Trend in Korea 9

Trend in Korea

Haha… I thought there was room for some lighthearted fun at the expense of some of these sites… I still follow them and check what they report on, but I love making fun of ridiculous clickbait titles and articles.

So watch out… the next “trend in Korea” they report on, it might have been created by me!

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Hair Model 6

Hair Model

It was my birthday yesterday! One of my presents was a new straightener/styler but because it’s monsoon season I can’t really do much at the moment. The humidity is so bad in Korea at the moment and my poor white girl hair can’t handle it. It frizzes immediately. So instead I used it on Hugh’s hair and gave him wonderful Kpop hair.

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Crossed Wires 8

Crossed Wires

I’m used to kilos, so seeing a weight in pounds makes no sense to me and I definitely can’t convert that in my head! (Thank you Google).

In normal conversation we don’t really have trouble understanding each other, but when either of us is muttering there can be some interesting interpretations.

For those that don’t know, we are in Seoul for a month house-sitting (and pet-sitting) for our friends (Eat Your Kimchi) while they do a tour in North America. Which is why Hugh is sitting on a sofa and I was randomly weighing myself, because we don’t have scales (or a sofa) at home.

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Double Tap 8

Double Tap

He has over 4,000 followers… I’m sure one of them will like his photos…

He also gets obsessed with how many followers he has and if people have unfollowed. Not in a serious way but enough that it annoys me! Instagram numbers change a lot due to bugs, glitches or Instagram cleaning out fake accounts so it’s pointless to look at numbers too closely, but he’ll be like “4 people unfollowed me”. Meanwhile I’ve got no idea how many people are following the main blog instagram…

If you do want to boost his numbers you can follow him HERE. haha…

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Tea Please 9

Tea Please

Well I learned something… think I might just ask in English from now on though.

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Really Bad Timing 8

Bad Timing

Wonderful married life conversation there…

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Photography 19


Here is one difference between how Hugh and I take photos of ourselves for Instagram. I take a photo, might put a filter on it and add some stickers… that’s it (occasionally I might just erase a blemish). Hugh takes lots and lots of photos and then picks the best one. He goes to the beauty editor in an app and fiddles with it, turning up the brightness and smoothing everything out. He goes through with the concealer brush tool as well. He sometimes even slims down his face and makes his eyes bigger. THEN he’ll put a filter on it. Yes he is more of a teenage girl than me. I know it’s common all around the world to change how you look in photos, but it’s a big thing in Korea.

I’m always surprised at how photoshopped many Koreans’ passport photos are. We don’t even really have that option in Australia if you do it the normal way. You go to the post office, they take your photo. It looks terrible, but that’s normal, and then you put it into your application right away. When you get your passport the photo now looks even more terrible, but is probably an accurate representation of how you look getting off a 10 hour flight anyway.

I’ve heard that some Korean people have actually had trouble getting through customs because their passport photo had been photoshopped too much.

Do you think people just expect online photos to be photoshopped now? And that of course people look great online and it’s not surprising when you meet people in real life and they don’t look anywhere near as good? Will our minds just adjust to that?

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Stupid Brain 4

Stupid Brain

This happens sometimes… Actually I always have back up comic ideas but it still has to be the right time or fit into our schedule. For example, a comic that takes half an hour to draw is fine, but one that is a more complex idea and needs more panels and backgrounds, that can take several hours and may not fit into our schedule on that day.

That’s the way inspiration can be sometimes. In one day I can have many comic ideas and other days there is tumbleweed blowing across my mind.

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Forgetful 9


He likes to think I’m such a baby and so helpless so it’s funny to turn it back on him.

Also it’s not just about being forgetful, it’s because once I’ve got my shoes on, I can’t go back inside! I’m not Korean and haven’t mastered the getting shoes on in 2 seconds thing. It’s such a hassle having to take my shoes off again, go back inside and get whatever I forgot and then put my shoes back on.

In Sydney we had a no shoes inside rule as well, but we’d ignore it if we had to run and get something quickly. I’ll get in big trouble if my inlaws see me do that though.

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Flies 9


As I’ve mentioned before, Hugh’s sister is back from her working holiday in Australia. It’s normal for women to live with their parents until they get married in Korea. Hugh’s sister gets married in a few months so he only has a little bit more time to torment her at home, but he is making the most of it.

All the bugs are back now that it’s getting warmer. I hate it! They are just so annoying. I swear that Korean flies and spiders and bugs are just way more annoying than Australian ones.

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