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Can’t Sleep 19

Can't Sleep

Okay I have Tumblr, I know there are many people like this. Hands up all you light sleepers! When you lay next to someone who just falls asleep effortlessly don’t you just want to punch them in the face?

I have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome too so I NEED lots of sleep but it’s so hard to get. I don’t always think about embarrassing moments when trying to sleep but I have been lately. Stress maybe?

I try to have good sleep hygiene but it’s hard when we work, film and sleep in the same room. And blinking lights!!! All the blinking lights! Meanwhile my husband can fall asleep with even the main lights on.

I have very very vivid dreams as well so it’s hard to feel rested. I did read recently that people who remember their dreams in detail are people who wake up a lot through the night so what they were dreaming sticks in their memory. If you have trouble sleeping, Korea can be hard sometimes, there is a lot of noise, even in the countryside. Also the bedding situation may not be exactly what you are used to. Sleeping areas aren’t as designated as in Western culture. It can be hard to have that perfect place where all you do is sleep.

Don’t Believe 35

Don't Believe

He was fooled by a headline saying The Avengers filming had moved from Seoul to Japan… I got through the whole day not believing anything! And then I got to 1am and stupidly thought something was real… damnit.

Did you fall for anything yesterday? Were you fooled?

Beauty Guru 18

Beauty Guru

These type of emails are annoying because they aren’t exactly spam so don’t go into a spam filter and they waste your time. Unfortunately actual proposals and opportunities look very similar so I still need to check. I can see right away that they didn’t do any research and just sent this email off to a bunch of people because it wouldn’t take very long to realise that the only videos where we have used makeup is where we have abused it.

Not to mention the name of our channel and our email address… At first I was annoyed that they expect me to waste my time replying when they didn’t spend any time checking who we are, but the thought of Mr Gwon being a beauty guru made me laugh. If it wasn’t some dodgy “partnership” we have to sign up to maybe I would get him to review products!

Zebra Backpack 36

Zebra backpack

I have never owned a designer handbag or been interested in one, but I do have one weakness… G-Dragon. It was very smart of the brand J.ESTINA to get GD is promote their bags – which are for women. Check out some photos on BigBang Updates.

I was interested in this backpack but I knew it would be expensive, so I didn’t want Mr Gwon to see how expensive! Now if I was able to buy it myself I wouldn’t be able to hide the price! Damnit.

Though, to put it in perspective, it was still about a third of the price that Mr Gwon’s friends’ wives spend on one designer handbag.

Bird Love 7

Bird Love

How to annoy your husband: Ask questions that have no right answer.

Still organising our stuff here. I spent most of yesterday sleeping because we’ve had about a month of being super busy and my body just finally crashed. It’s been hard to draw comics as well because we don’t have a desk. We’ve ordered a long one where we can sit side by side and work together. It still feels like we are just on holiday though.

Folding Up 5

Folding Up

Rachael wasn’t ready when he yanked it like that.

If you aren’t sure who Rachael is, we’ve interviewed her before:

Big thank you to everyone who came to the meet up! Was so nice to see everyone.

There may not be as many comics this week because we are very busy preparing for our move to Korea. We are also filming as much stuff as we can, like the Ask Korean Guys videos because we won’t be able to see Han and Sophie for several months.

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