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Kiss Me Oppa 5

Kiss Me Oppa

He refused to play along. Kissing in public is still pretty embarrassing for him, even though the younger generation is changing. Has anyone really experienced this kiss before? haha

And new vlog:

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No Makeup 11

No makeup

Dumb game I play: to see if he will say I’m pretty when I make hideous faces.


He doesn’t…

I remember being young and people saying if you make faces, the wind will change and it your face will stay that way forever. Do you have a saying like that in your country?

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Where do they live? 5

Where do they live?

Just a quick comic today! We all say silly things like this sometimes. Check out Grace’s blog Texan in Tokyo!

I’m kinda worried that Hugh was getting some ideas on how to annoy me more after seeing what Ryosuke was doing in some of the comics… oh no.

And our latest vlog!

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Leave the plastic on 38

Leave the plastic on

This has been an ongoing argument. Even though I ripped it off, he has now stuck the crumpled plastic back on the heater. Oh look how new it is again! I’m sure we can sell it for full retail price!!!………….. not.

What type of person are you? My hands itch to take the plastic off things, but Mr Gwon always wants to leave the plastic on as long as possible. I can’t stand how untidy it looks having plastic on things but he insists it will stay new if the plastic is left on.

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Bazillion 16


Thanks for making me seem like a bad person!

Actually when we went there was NO ONE. We had the cinema to ourselves until one guy came in late. We also vlogged about it in yesterday’s vlog:

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Dumb challenge but so fun!

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Singing What 8

Singing What

Now I REALLY want to make guacamole… but avocados are too hard to get in Korea.

Often these moments aren’t because of English being his second language, it’s just that he can’t remember a name. He knows if he says a word that maybe sounds like it that I will most likely guess it.

Like when people say things like, “You know the guy? He’s in that thing? You know the thing with a guy? And then there is that person?” And if someone is good friends or married they know what the person is talking about.

(And yes he was singing Thrift Shop).


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The Sink Incident 27

The Sink Incident

So this really happened! Simon and Martina have recently moved to a new apartment and when we came to stay they wanted Hugh to check the ondol heating because it wasn’t working. We ended up getting the apartment guy to have a look and there was a problem. While he had his head under the sink, this gross brown water suddenly started spurting up. But it wasn’t poo! Don’t worry. It was rust water. Apparently the previous owner had never cleaned out this thing. It was pretty bad. The sink was about to overflow and the dishes in the sink were getting covered by rust water and the animals were waiting to get fed. But while all this was happening, Simon was in the living room uploading videos. Now, he could see us, and he could hear us, but he ignored it all! And then finally when we wanted a reaction from him, he was more excited about finding the remote under the sofa cushion. You are no help at all Simon!

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Roller Door 2

Roller Door

Pride comes before a fall…. or a hit on the head from a roller door.

I’ve hit my head on this door several times. Han did it right before we filmed that G-Dragon fashion video as well, you can actually see a bump coming up in some shots.

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Reach for the Stars 11


Reach for the stars

This was one of those late night conversations where I’m very tired but still need to work and my brain thinks of weird things.

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Watching Vlogs 31

I do watch a lot of YouTubers and I do enjoy watching vlogs. That’s one of the reasons why we started a vlogging channel because I find many vlogs really interesting and thought maybe our viewers would like to see more of the every day stuff that we do.

While I know some people like the Aussie accent (though my own accent makes me cringe), Mr Gwon does have a fondness for pretty girls with cute accents so he will often come have a look if I’m watching Zoella with her British accent or CutiePieMarzia with her Italian accent. He is not so interested in someone like Flula though…


Speaking of accents, I had a really weird message the other week and I think it was from a Korean person. They informed me that I should teach my husband the difference between F and P, as well as D and TH and that my husband should speak English properly. It was really quite derogatory and completely missed the point because if you can understand Hugh/Mr Gwon – it doesn’t matter that he has a Korean accent. I like his Korean accent! He knows the difference between those sounds in English, he can pronounce them no problem, he just doesn’t always bother or feel the need to. Language is about communication and if someone can communicate fine, well nitpicking at things like that just makes it harder for people to gain confidence. Unfortunately there is an attitude among many Koreans of being extremely judgmental of someone’s English skills. Many Koreans, with a high level of English, are confident speaking English around native English speakers but freeze up if they have to speak English in front of Koreans.

Anyway, that’s my rant. I will be extremely happy if my Korean skills ever reach the level of my husband’s English skills.

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Not Cuddling 8

Not Cuddling

He has been trying out Jiu-jitsu with a friend and I could feel him mentally going though the moves instead of actually cuddling me.

In other news: I have quite a lot of stuff to do for the book in the next few weeks. The good news is that it should be released soon. The bad news is that comics will be quite sporadic for a little while. Sorry guys!

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Watched You 8

Watched You

And that’s how to creep on your husband.

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Where he sits 9

Where he sits

I am constantly stepping over him! He sits on the floor, usually in the middle of the room and usually really spread out so that it’s hard for me to move around the room. One day I’m going to end up stepping on his laptop.

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Lighter 12


I sure showed them!

I can use a lighter… it was just a hard one and I have delicate fingers. Hugh couldn’t find his jacket, so I had been telling him all day that I had burnt it.

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