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Hey guys! This post is just for sharing a few things with you. I might make it a regular thing. For this one I’m showing you a blog, music and food. All have something to do with Korea.

First up, check out the blog Dom & Hyo.

Dom & HyoThis is a blog featuring fun webtoons about an American guy and Korean gal and their experiences as a multicultural couple. They have been together for a little over 3 years and have plenty of fun stories to tell. Dom has been living in Korea for almost 5 years and met Hyo while trying to learn Korean in his second year of living in the country. They also do fun and comics about Korean life, language, culture, and food. Check them out!

We’ve also met them before and they are lovely!

Next up: New music! Check out Henry Bloomfield’s new music video:

This is what Henry had to say about this MV: “I shot it with “Roll the Dice Pictures,” a film company based out of Seoul (director Nick Neon, producers Raoul Dyssell and Allan Choi). I made “Ms. Mary” with them as well. We shot it close to Ewha University in an abandoned neighborhood. The location was beautiful and haunting, with so many left-behind items from used-to-be homes strewn about everywhere. The song, which explores the notion of leaving a place that feels like paradise so that its “perfect” image will forever be preserved, seemed to echo very naturally within this place that was so clearly ripe with memories.”

And finally, food!

You’ve heard me complain about bread in Korea. There are too many bakeries in Korea that use something French in their title but only sell gross sweet or tasteless bread. Charlotte, who you might have seen in some videos, let us know about this bakery Paul and Paulina and it is amazing! We’ve been to the one in Hongdae but I think there are a few other locations in Seoul. Some of the best bread I’ve ever had. When I bring this bread back to the countryside I have to ration it carefully. Right now I’m all out 🙁

What things are you recommending at the moment? Let us know in the comment section!

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Zebra Backpack

Zebra backpack

I have never owned a designer handbag or been interested in one, but I do have one weakness… G-Dragon. It was very smart of the brand J.ESTINA to get GD is promote their bags – which are for women. Check out some photos on BigBang Updates.

I was interested in this backpack but I knew it would be expensive, so I didn’t want Mr Gwon to see how expensive! Now if I was able to buy it myself I wouldn’t be able to hide the price! Damnit.

Though, to put it in perspective, it was still about a third of the price that Mr Gwon’s friends’ wives spend on one designer handbag.

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Mr Gwon’s Drawings


On Mr Gwon’s site What a Nice he shares funny things from about the internet, but he has also started drawing! He is still getting used to using a tablet to draw but it’s a great way for him to express himself and a way for you to see another side of him.

Most of you know that he is not a big EXO fan…. he still really hates Wolf… but it’s funny because people in real life are now asking him about it! Oh you EXO fans…. so…passionate!

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Supanova Sydney 2013

This is our video of our Supanova experience! We didn’t have much time as my husband had to work that night and my brother was only in Sydney for the day. It was really crowded inside, even more so because people couldn’t hang around outside as much due to the rain. I’d really like to see it in a bigger venue next year (though we are unlikely to go as we’ll be in Korea).

We really liked seeing the Game of Thrones costumes. My other favourite was the Futurama ones. It’s always cool seeing the effort people go to.

It would be nice to see more areas for people to sit and talk to others. People are forced to sit on cold cement up on the second level walkway. Also an area for children is needed as well I think, there seems to be more children every year and it would make it easier for them and their parents if they were catered for too.

Overall it’s still a really cool experience and we enjoyed it, even though we were functioning on only 4 hours sleep.

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Simon and Martina

I’m a big fan of Simon and Martina from Eat Your Kimchi. So much so that sometimes I tend to talk about them like I know them personally… (because they are so awesome).


I also mention Simon and Martina to my parents sometimes. Luckily my parents know who I’m talking about now. Because my husband and I are planning on moving to Korea at the beginning of 2014 sometimes we are discussing our plans at the dinner table and I’ll say “Simon and Martina said…. blah blah blah.”

Oh and their kitten is so cute!

Is there anyone that you talk about or mention in conversation like you know them but actually don’t?

Also: I’ve added a FAQ section.

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