Lighter 11


I sure showed them!

I can use a lighter… it was just a hard one and I have delicate fingers. Hugh couldn’t find his jacket, so I had been telling him all day that I had burnt it.

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Do Something Interesting 6

Do Something Interesting

Just a quick comic today… about nothing. I always have some comic ideas but when I need something that won’t take long to draw, I do rely on him sporadically doing something that can be easily made into a quick comic. Because his face is still healing from his plastic surgery falling down the stairs, we haven’t gone anywhere or done anything, so not much inspiration.

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Spider in Bathroom 12

Spider in Bathroom

There are just so many spiders here that unless they are jumping on my face, I just ignore them. But I am comforted by the thought that they will all disappear when winter comes.

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Win Tickets to EarthyGo Village Festival! 7

We have 2 tickets to give away for the EarthyGo Village Festival! Just leave a comment here to win! We will choose a winner tomorrow. If you win, you can choose if you want a 1 day, 2 day or 3 day pass.

Check out the Facebook page here.

A place where the vibrancy of the present and the simplicity of the past meet: EarthyGo Village Festival.

From September 26 to 28, 2014, the sleepy Fairy Rock Beach in Incheon will come to life as EarthyGo Village. For three days, EarthyGo Village will be remixing Korea’s traditional flavors, colors, and style for today’s contemporary times.



• Why EarthyGo?In Korean, “Eolssi-go” is a traditional way of saying “Oh, yeah!” We want to provide an “Oh, yeah!” awesome time as we harmonize the past and present through a modern reinterpretation of Korean tradition. Let’s say it together! “Eolssi-go, chotah!” Oh yeah, good stuff!

• Why Village? Before modernization, the local village, or maeul, was the epicenter of Korean life – we work, we eat, we party! The village became an extended family full of jeong – Korean care and affection. Nowadays, what with the big city hustle-and-bustle, it’s hard to experience that village feeling. So, for three days we will bring it back to life.

• What is Incheon Fairy Rock Beach? On the coast of the West Sea, near Incheon International Airport, there is a little seaside town famous for its beautiful rocks and beaches. We will turn the little town into a festival venue, dance through night with sand in our toes, fall asleep on the beach, and splash in the water.



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Proposal Day 9

Proposal Day

You win this round husband….

So today is apparently proposal day in Korea because it’s 100 days until Christmas or something…

Did anyone get a proposal today??

(I’m still resting my arm a bit today, so this is just a quick comic. These ones take only like a few minutes to do but normal ones can take hours…)

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Update 6

We are heading to Seoul today. We hope to see some of you guys tomorrow at the You Are Here Cafe opening!

We will keep you updated through the day on Twitter and Facebook for those that want to find us.

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Ask Korean Guys – Korean Hierarchy 21

Han and Hugh talk about the Korean hierarchy system and what they do when in Australia, how they get out of using it sometimes, and what level of politeness they use with each other.

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My Choice 21

My Choice

Soooo not really my choice then? I’m usually showing my husband when he is quite happy and silly but like anyone he can be moody. Moody and bossy usually go together as well. Occasionally we get comments on videos where someone feels the need to say that I “obviously wear the pants in the relationship”. Not really fair to judge from videos where he is shyer on camera (but more outgoing in real life) and we are speaking my native language, not his. But you know what YouTube is like… not many people think out comments before posting haha.

He can be so bossy! Actually we both can, so we even each other out. You know when some people’s moods dramatically dip when they start to feel hungry? He is definitely one of those people. There are plenty of times where I know he is hungry before he knows it simply because his mood suddenly changed for no reason. Are you one of those people? Do you get HANGRY?”

In this incident his mood went from, “Oh please choose where we can sit baby, anywhere is fine. I don’t mind.” To 10 seconds later where it was, “I want to sit right here and I’m going to be stubborn about it and you should come here now because I’m not going to move *evil laugh*”.

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Imagine 22


Western furniture is something I really miss while in Korea. A lot of homes have barely any furniture, especially out in the countryside. My husband’s parents have a decent sized house for Korea but there is no sofa, no dining table. There are a limited amount of chairs and there is 1 single bed in the spare room. His parents sleep on the floor and we sleep on a mattress (I miss having a real bed too).

Meals are eaten on small tables (밥상) which are put away between meals. I understand why people don’t have much furniture because the space is used in a different way and traditionally Korean houses and furniture are very different to what we are used to in western countries. Furniture is also very expensive in Korea. There is not much range and it’s often quite bulky. While we now have space for a sofa technically, it would still have to be small one. Easy and cheap to get in Australia… not so easy or cheap in Korea.

My body really misses being able to relax on a sofa and I always take the opportunity to sit on them when we visit friends who have sofas. If you watch a lot of Korean dramas and Korean commercials it looks like Koreans have lots of western furniture, and houses and apartments are well furnished but that is not an accurate representation at all! It’s slightly more realistic when they are showing very wealthy families in dramas, but commercials that are supposed to be showing an average family but the average family lives in a huge apartment with lots of furniture?! Lies!

So I’m just stuck with my imagination now. Maybe if I wish really hard and believe… one will magically appear?

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Exploring 26


I’m a terrible singer, so just remember that as you read this comic…

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Gross Thing 21

Gross thing

I have a fascination with morbid stuff and weird gross stuff in nature is always cool. Even if I do gross myself out by looking at that stuff. Mr Gwon always wants to just avoid looking at it altogether. More than once I’ve tried to force him to look at something cool/gross. He doesn’t give in to peer pressure!

If you are curious about that photo you can go google it :)

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The Way You Are Saying it 32


The Way You Are Saying It

At least he tells me things maybe a teacher wouldn’t! My Korean study somewhat stalled because of how busy we have been. I’m not at a conversational level where I can learn just by talking and listening, especially when everyone around me is speaking dialect quickly. It’s also hard to get my husband to speak to me in Korean as he always just naturally defaults to English all the time. I’m not giving up though and want to study every day. We are going to have to have days where no English is allowed.

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When that ad plays 14

When that ad plays

It’s a shortened version of this commercial that sometimes plays before videos on YouTube:

The shots of Sydney always get me! I have a few tears in my eyes… but then I’m fine again.

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Forgot Phone 30

Forgot Phone

I am seriously not making this up. Yes he picked up a Kit Kat instead of his phone. We had to go back and get his phone.

So speaking of Kit Kats we made a video over on our bonus channel where we tried some more!

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Upstairs 13


Stupid things said when paying too much attention to a phone screen…

We go to Seoul today for a meeting with the publishing company. I’m not sure if there will be a comic tomorrow, it just depends on time. The next month or so may be a bit difficult in regards to producing the same amount of comics because I will be working on the book. I’ll do my best but please be understanding if I’m not producing 5 comics a week.

Okay I better go finish packing! And I guess Seoul is technically above us on a map…

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