Korean Hospitals are Fancy 1

We’ve been in Seoul since last week and have been pretty busy, so haven’t been able to upload much. BUT we are filming a lot of stuff while here.

Also while here I had some hospital visits and filmed this quick video about restaurants in Korean hospitals.

Not all Korean hospitals are like this, but they are definitely different to Australian ones.

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Traditional Wedding – 전통혼례 가마 5

Traditional korean wedding

I made this comic quite a while ago but it was never posted because it was supposed to go in the book (for the Korean market). Since we are now changing the format of the book a lot (one of the reasons why it’s taking so long) I can post it on here.

Traditional weddings are rarely done these days in Korea unfortunately, but I’m glad we had one. We were carried in ‘gamas’ by our friends, which gave Hugh’s friends the chance to complain about how heavy he is!

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There is also a regular episode up. This episode was actually the first Nicholalala episode I ever drew, for the Challenge League on LINE Webtoon before I became a featured artist:

Nicholalala moth


Thank you everyone for your support! By liking, sharing, commenting or rating you are directly helping artists continue to do this as a career: which also means they can continue to make free content for you! This is because of sites like LINE Webtoon. Make sure that if a webcomic is on LINE Webtoon, that you read it on there and not other sites. Sites like MangaBay or MangaFox etc are illegal sites that steal all their content. Not only do they steal content but they chop up webcomics and place panels on separate pages to maximize their advertising revenue from dubious ads while not caring about the reader’s experience. LINE Webtoon pays artists for their work and displays it in the best way possible, all while making it free and accessible to you. Support the sites that support the artists.

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This is what we did on my birthday. We just planned to go for a wander and ended up walking through these parks, World Cup Park and Haneul Sky Park. Wonderful place for couples to go on romantic dates because the area is so large, it’s not crowded at all. LOVE IS THE MOMENNNTTT!!! (That’s from a cheesy song from the ridiculous Korean drama The Heirs).

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KOREA: Dating and Marriage 11

We get many many emails from girls from around the world who have started relationships with Korean guys online and have expected a serious relationship and are distraught when it doesn’t turn out like that. We also get worrying emails from girls who say their online boyfriend – who they have never met – is usually sweet to them but sometimes he makes her uncomfortable or pressures her (with sexual questions) or is bad in some way. To Hugh, it’s very obvious that the Korean guy is just messing with the girl and doesn’t view it seriously at all, but it’s very hard to answer this emails and know that the girl’s heart is probably breaking. So that’s why we want to just warn people in the first place. We always want to make positive videos about international relationships, but we also need to stress that not every relationship is healthy, especially ones with someone they have never met and where the glossy, glitzy world of Kpop and Kdramas has blinded someone from seeing the truth. It got to the point where we needed to address it in a video. I also get messages from girls asking how they can find a Korean husband and the guy being Korean is the most important to them. Hugh secretly frequents chatrooms and conversations online where people from around the world are interested in Korea and sees a lot of people with very idealized views of Korean men and this can manifest in bad ways like hating Korean women and then getting into bad and sometimes dangerous relationships.

It’s very difficult to talk about the stigma of single mothers in Korea… because it sucks… it’s very slowly changing, but it can be very confronting when you realise how deeply ingrained this stigma is. As the world changes and Koreans travel more and live in other countries, there are a lot more babies born out of wedlock but unfortunately the women can be unaware of how it is viewed in Korea. That’s why we want to urge people to be so careful. In Korea it’s still so important to do things the traditional way of getting parents’ approval before getting married and being married before any pregnancy takes place. As Hugh has mentioned before, there is a lack of sex education in Korea, so don’t expect a guy to have protection. Be careful in situations that could lead to an unexpected pregnancy. It could end up being way more difficult than you imagined.

I do also get asked questions from single mothers who are interested in a Korean man in particular and are concerned because they already had children. It depends on the individual, but the social stigma can play a big part, even if they are not in Korea. So in general it’s much harder for single mothers to pursue relationships with Korean men unfortunately. It wasn’t that long ago in western culture that there was a huge stigma as well and to this day there is so much inequality in regards to single parents. Think about how single fathers are lauded for trying so hard for their children and are forgiven for mistakes, while single mothers have terrible assumptions made about them and are held way more accountable. Before judging Korea too harshly we can look at the problems in our own cultures too.

I also wanted to clarify that when we talked about prostitution, we don’t want to put down sex workers because we realise how much sexism and inequality lead to this huge industry. We are definitely of the opinion of legalising and better conditions for sex workers and that Korea should be addressing and stopping sex trafficking and all the problems that are in this huge industry that people turn a blind eye to.

Many many topics come under the broad umbrella of Dating and Marriage, so please let us know if there is one you want us to talk about in particular.

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Forgetful 9


He likes to think I’m such a baby and so helpless so it’s funny to turn it back on him.

Also it’s not just about being forgetful, it’s because once I’ve got my shoes on, I can’t go back inside! I’m not Korean and haven’t mastered the getting shoes on in 2 seconds thing. It’s such a hassle having to take my shoes off again, go back inside and get whatever I forgot and then put my shoes back on.

In Sydney we had a no shoes inside rule as well, but we’d ignore it if we had to run and get something quickly. I’ll get in big trouble if my inlaws see me do that though.

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Comic Tomorrow 4

Comic tomorrow

So that happened… I had problems with my laptop yesterday that took a long time to fix and it’s really frustrating when you don’t have the money to buy a new laptop yet. It’s okay now I think, but I got really behind in all my work and then Hugh reminded me about the comic for the next day and asked what I was going to draw. I snarkily said, “You butt” and decided to go with that!

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Mr Gwon does Motorkhana! 3

If you are wondering what Hugh does with my brothers while in Australia… well here is one thing!

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Cheese and Vegemite 10

Cheese and Vegemite

He says “ew” but I’m pretty sure he has eaten this before and liked it.

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Why is the book not published yet? 0

You might be wondering why the comic book is not published yet.

I stressed in the video that it’s a book in Korean for the Korean audience because I don’t want people to be disappointed about it not being in English. If you don’t know Korean you still can read the book because there will be English subtitles next to comics, but it’s not set up for English speakers. Many of the comics are ones that have already been on the blog too.

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Switch 28


I think I’ve mentioned it before, even though he is taller, my legs are longer. So we switched our new pj pants and he now wears the bright pink ones.

I really don’t like my feet and ankles getting cold when I sleep. Are you a cold feet person that needs long pjs and socks? Or are you the type that needs their feet naked and free all night?

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Number 1 Son 17

Number 1 Son

Hierarchy in Korean families is much more obvious. I always wonder what Hugh would be like if he had a brother older than him, or even one younger than him. He only has one younger sister (who he is very bossy to).

I’m the eldest out of my siblings but it doesn’t mean much in Australian culture. I never really feel older or that I have any power over my siblings.

Being the only son of course automatically means he is “Number 1 Son” which is a position in Korean society that has a lot of benefits and it’s normal for his mother to dote on him. So when he wants to eat something in particular – he gets it! I notice a big drop in the quality and quantity of dinner when he is not at home. When he goes out with friends, his mother doesn’t bother too much and we just eat ramen or some rice and side dishes. Sometimes it bothers me that his parents don’t eat as well when he isn’t there because I think they deserve nice food as well, and need to look after their health. But it’s so normal here for parents to put their children first. Even their adult married sons.

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No Makeup 12

No makeup

Dumb game I play: to see if he will say I’m pretty when I make hideous faces.


He doesn’t…

I remember being young and people saying if you make faces, the wind will change and it your face will stay that way forever. Do you have a saying like that in your country?

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What vlogging camera? 0

We get asked this a lot. Some people are interested in buying a vlogging camera for themselves and others notice the reactions in our vlogs on our vlogging channel and are curious about what it looks like.

Some people might wonder, why don’t you use your other camera for vlogging? Why did you buy another camera? Well, there is a whole psychological element to vlogging that people don’t realise. If you had something that was very clearly a camera and you walked down the street clearly talking into it while people stared at you, how comfortable would you feel? Having something small that hardly even looks like a camera, gives a level of comfort while vlogging and allows you to relax and be yourself. That’s one of the reasons why we like this camera.


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