The Way You Are Saying it 32


The Way You Are Saying It

At least he tells me things maybe a teacher wouldn’t! My Korean study somewhat stalled because of how busy we have been. I’m not at a conversational level where I can learn just by talking and listening, especially when everyone around me is speaking dialect quickly. It’s also hard to get my husband to speak to me in Korean as he always just naturally defaults to English all the time. I’m not giving up though and want to study every day. We are going to have to have days where no English is allowed.

Upstairs 13


Stupid things said when paying too much attention to a phone screen…

We go to Seoul today for a meeting with the publishing company. I’m not sure if there will be a comic tomorrow, it just depends on time. The next month or so may be a bit difficult in regards to producing the same amount of comics because I will be working on the book. I’ll do my best but please be understanding if I’m not producing 5 comics a week.

Okay I better go finish packing! And I guess Seoul is technically above us on a map…

Music and Attention 4

Woah this is way late! To make up for this lateness I have 2 comics.

Music Taylor

The other thing he calls her is Ciley Myrus…

Most of you have probably seen Han in some recent videos… well he is in this comic as well.

Attention Seeker

My husband is a bit worried about Han being funnier than him. Han is very funny. But he is also such an attention seeker! I guess he got what he wanted… a comic with him in it.

For anyone wondering what happened with Best of Korea Facebook page stealing my comics and creating a fake My Korean Husband facebook page: update here.

Moving to Korea 31

At the moment the plan is to live in Korea for 2 years but that is flexible.  It’s something we’ve been thinking about ever since we started dating because I really want to have this experience, and it will be good for my husband to be near his family. We’ll be staying with them first before finding our own place. Still not sure if we will move somewhere near Seoul or Busan.

We will be blogging full-time, which is hard to explain to some people. A lot of people aren’t that aware of how bloggers make money. Also a lot of people can be quite dismissive about our book deal as well. Oh well, if we’d listened to people in the beginning we’d never have started a blog, but now look how far we’ve come. We’ve got money saved up so we can survive for quite a while as well.

It’s something we’ve really thought about too. In Australia my husband had a pretty easy job with good pay but if he works in Korea for a company he will be working twice as much for only half the pay. He’d be away from me all the time as well even though I’d be in Korea too. If he had to do that we probably wouldn’t be moving to Korea.

Hopefully we’ll have some interesting videos coming up. My husband’s family lives in a very rural area and don’t speak any English. I’ve done about 1 year of Korean study and am constantly hearing Korean, but I’m still very much a beginner. It’s going to be hard for me.

I have a feeling my husband may get some reverse culture shock as well. He has been in Australia for a while. But it’s still all very exciting!

Eat Your Kimchi Interview – Part 2 23

Part 2 of our interview with Eat Your Kimchi! We talk about advertising, what their families think and they answer a few questions from readers!


Click here for the first part of this interview.

nicthumb (80x32)How do you feel when people use adblock or tell other people to use adblock?


simonthumb1 (80x29)It’s something we understand from a consumer’s perspective because ads are very obtrusive and they do ruin the experience and it’s something that I wish wasn’t necessary-

martinathumb (90x30)Well okay, we’re trying to think of a way… because I understand that. I read a lot of manga online and it has obnoxious ads everywhere and I’m like “I shouldn’t but…” and I’ll block them so I can actually read it. But we’re trying to think of something now, which we saw from another YouTube website, where it allows you to remove the ads and stuff from our website but people have to pay once per year – like $5 or $10 or something.

simonthumb1 (80x29)I know that it sucks, like I’d rather offer everything for free but you can’t operate that way, so we are trying to find a way to create a better user experience for people.

martinathumb (90x30)But it gives them a choice-


simonthumb1 (80x29)If they are interested. Like a premium version.


martinathumb (90x30)Like if they don’t mind ads and it doesn’t bother them then go for it: it’s free. And we are actually very careful with our ads, like we don’t want ads coming up like “Date sexy Korean girls”. So we know our advertisers and we are trying to think of a way to help people that don’t want the ads.

simonthumb1 (80x29)And some people have complained about some of the ads that are generated. Like some of them are generated ads and we have an advertiser manager and when we hear a complaint we are like “Well this ad was offensive can you remove that ad?” Because we can’t see every single ad, every country has different ads. So we understand you (to the fans)… we just wish you didn’t…. *laughs*


Kpop Comments – VIXX Hyde 18

Kpop comments

This is a new segment on our YouTube channel! My husband doesn’t watch much new Kpop, so in these videos he watches a new release music video and makes some comments on it! Often when I’m watching new Kpop he makes very quick judgements like “They are stupid”, but by sitting him down and forcing him to watch the videos I think he may discover that he actually likes some songs…

First up we have VIXX with Hyde.

If you have a suggestion, leave a comment on here or any of the social media.

Vlog 7 – Working on Farm 14

We’ve been trying to help my husband’s parents as much as we can on their farm. Usually it’s just the two of them and everything takes a long time. When there are four people working things get done a lot faster.

So many of the elderly women in the town would walk by and tell me that I shouldn’t be working. They would criticise my in-laws for “forcing” me to work. One tried to tell my husband that they should be paying me. But marrying into a Korean family, I should be helping! My parents make my husband help with stuff when we are in my home town, so of course I’ll help his parents.

Camera Men 21

EBS camera men

Yup, this happened.

Tomorrow should be our last day of filming and then I can go back to being a boring person who spends most of her time on the internet and not pretending to always be out doing things.

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