Cheese and Vegemite 10

Cheese and Vegemite

He says “ew” but I’m pretty sure he has eaten this before and liked it.

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Why is the book not published yet? 0

You might be wondering why the comic book is not published yet.

I stressed in the video that it’s a book in Korean for the Korean audience because I don’t want people to be disappointed about it not being in English. If you don’t know Korean you still can read the book because there will be English subtitles next to comics, but it’s not set up for English speakers. Many of the comics are ones that have already been on the blog too.

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Switch 28


I think I’ve mentioned it before, even though he is taller, my legs are longer. So we switched our new pj pants and he now wears the bright pink ones.

I really don’t like my feet and ankles getting cold when I sleep. Are you a cold feet person that needs long pjs and socks? Or are you the type that needs their feet naked and free all night?

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Number 1 Son 17

Number 1 Son

Hierarchy in Korean families is much more obvious. I always wonder what Hugh would be like if he had a brother older than him, or even one younger than him. He only has one younger sister (who he is very bossy to).

I’m the eldest out of my siblings but it doesn’t mean much in Australian culture. I never really feel older or that I have any power over my siblings.

Being the only son of course automatically means he is “Number 1 Son” which is a position in Korean society that has a lot of benefits and it’s normal for his mother to dote on him. So when he wants to eat something in particular – he gets it! I notice a big drop in the quality and quantity of dinner when he is not at home. When he goes out with friends, his mother doesn’t bother too much and we just eat ramen or some rice and side dishes. Sometimes it bothers me that his parents don’t eat as well when he isn’t there because I think they deserve nice food as well, and need to look after their health. But it’s so normal here for parents to put their children first. Even their adult married sons.

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New Webtoon 3

I have a new webtoon up for the Line Webtoon Challenge League Contest.

Webtoon Nicholalala


It also helps me out if you share the webtoon with the Twitter and Facebook buttons on the page. Also you can give my webtoons are rating here.

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New Webtoon 2

Hey guys! I have a new webtoon up for the Line Webtoon Challenge League contest. (Warning: if you let young kids read these please exercise caution for this one in particular).

Ghost webtoon


I’ll be continuing this series after the contest finishes as well, but for now it helps me out if you click the Facebook and Twitter share buttons on the page and give me a good rating here. I hate to keep asking people to rate me because I know so many of you have already given good ratings, but unfortunately when comics appear in the top 5 of categories they get spammed with 0/10 scores, I’m guessing from other competitors? Anyway luckily only 10% of the judging is by the public. Hope you guys like these webtoons. I’m having fun doing them.

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No Makeup 12

No makeup

Dumb game I play: to see if he will say I’m pretty when I make hideous faces.


He doesn’t…

I remember being young and people saying if you make faces, the wind will change and it your face will stay that way forever. Do you have a saying like that in your country?

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What vlogging camera? 0

We get asked this a lot. Some people are interested in buying a vlogging camera for themselves and others notice the reactions in our vlogs on our vlogging channel and are curious about what it looks like.

Some people might wonder, why don’t you use your other camera for vlogging? Why did you buy another camera? Well, there is a whole psychological element to vlogging that people don’t realise. If you had something that was very clearly a camera and you walked down the street clearly talking into it while people stared at you, how comfortable would you feel? Having something small that hardly even looks like a camera, gives a level of comfort while vlogging and allows you to relax and be yourself. That’s one of the reasons why we like this camera.


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Pepero Day 7

Pepero Day

No one told me that I didn’t have to eat them ALL on Pepero Day!…..just kidding. I did manage to eat about 4 boxes though…

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Kiwi Fruit! 6

Hey guys, we just harvested our kiwi fruit and this year we are giving people the opportunity to buy directly from us (if you in Korea). We harvest once a year, so once these ones are gone, no more until next year. (Also they are organic!)

Kiwi Fruit2

Kiwi Fruit1

Kiwi Fruit4Kiwi Fruit3

We sell kiwis by the box (10kg) and price depends on the size of the kiwi fruit.

Box of small size kiwis: ₩15,000. Box of medium size kiwis: ₩20,000. Box of large size kiwis: ₩25,000. Box of extra large size kiwis: ₩30,000. Postage is ₩5000 but there is also the pick up option if you are in the area. (We also usually put an extra kilo of kiwis in the box for “service”).

Email Mr Gwon if you’d like to buy some (email is on contact page) or you can Facebook message him.

We can only send to addresses in Korea! (Also these kiwis are just harvested so are still firm, meaning they will stay fresh for several weeks. To ripen you can put some in a bag with an apple or banana and that will ripen them up ready for eating).

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Do Something Interesting 6

Do Something Interesting

Just a quick comic today… about nothing. I always have some comic ideas but when I need something that won’t take long to draw, I do rely on him sporadically doing something that can be easily made into a quick comic. Because his face is still healing from his plastic surgery falling down the stairs, we haven’t gone anywhere or done anything, so not much inspiration.

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Spider in Bathroom 12

Spider in Bathroom

There are just so many spiders here that unless they are jumping on my face, I just ignore them. But I am comforted by the thought that they will all disappear when winter comes.

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Win Tickets to EarthyGo Village Festival! 7

We have 2 tickets to give away for the EarthyGo Village Festival! Just leave a comment here to win! We will choose a winner tomorrow. If you win, you can choose if you want a 1 day, 2 day or 3 day pass.

Check out the Facebook page here.

A place where the vibrancy of the present and the simplicity of the past meet: EarthyGo Village Festival.

From September 26 to 28, 2014, the sleepy Fairy Rock Beach in Incheon will come to life as EarthyGo Village. For three days, EarthyGo Village will be remixing Korea’s traditional flavors, colors, and style for today’s contemporary times.



• Why EarthyGo?In Korean, “Eolssi-go” is a traditional way of saying “Oh, yeah!” We want to provide an “Oh, yeah!” awesome time as we harmonize the past and present through a modern reinterpretation of Korean tradition. Let’s say it together! “Eolssi-go, chotah!” Oh yeah, good stuff!

• Why Village? Before modernization, the local village, or maeul, was the epicenter of Korean life – we work, we eat, we party! The village became an extended family full of jeong – Korean care and affection. Nowadays, what with the big city hustle-and-bustle, it’s hard to experience that village feeling. So, for three days we will bring it back to life.

• What is Incheon Fairy Rock Beach? On the coast of the West Sea, near Incheon International Airport, there is a little seaside town famous for its beautiful rocks and beaches. We will turn the little town into a festival venue, dance through night with sand in our toes, fall asleep on the beach, and splash in the water.



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Proposal Day 9

Proposal Day

You win this round husband….

So today is apparently proposal day in Korea because it’s 100 days until Christmas or something…

Did anyone get a proposal today??

(I’m still resting my arm a bit today, so this is just a quick comic. These ones take only like a few minutes to do but normal ones can take hours…)

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Update 6

We are heading to Seoul today. We hope to see some of you guys tomorrow at the You Are Here Cafe opening!

We will keep you updated through the day on Twitter and Facebook for those that want to find us.

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