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Nice and Cosy

The first comic with our baby Yul Theodore!

I do have lots of comic ideas, which I will do later, but right now we are still in those hectic early weeks of having him home. After being in the NICU at the hospital for a month it is lovely to have him home though.

When he does like to be swaddled there can be times he squirms and then gets upset when his arms come out. We are better at swaddling now as well, it can take some practice. For the first week I think it was a bit confusing for him because he was used to the nurses in the NICU. Now he is really comfortable with us and hopefully realises we are his mummy and daddy.

Hugh’s parents have come from the countryside to see him and my parents are currently in Seoul to see him and spend time with us as well. He is the first grandchild on both sides of the family so everyone is so excited. Also he is a miracle baby. As long time followers of us know, we may not have been able to have children but with some luck and modern technology we know have this special little guy.

We update more about him on Instagram. Follow the blog Instagram here.


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Pregnancy and Responsibility

Pregnancy and Responsibility

Thank you everyone for all the comments and messages! As we mentioned in our video, we didn’t know if we would ever be in this situation. We didn’t want to hope too much because we were trying to avoid disappointment. That meant not thinking too much about actually having a baby and the responsibility that comes with that. Letting us hope too much was a risk. It’s also why we asked people to not ask us when we were going to have a baby. Now that I’m actually pregnant we realised we have to be responsible adults!

Once the elation of finding out that I’m pregnant calmed down a bit, that was my next thought. Oh no… now we have to care for a real living baby! I’ve killed at least a third of my house plants before… Wish us luck!

We’ve been enjoying starting to look at baby stuff and make decisions, things that we couldn’t allow ourselves to do before. We are in a good apartment, and in a wonderful area full of other young families so it’s an ideal time for us. This is one of the main reasons why we moved to Seoul. I needed to be near a major hospital for this to happen. When we first moved there were sometimes comments like, “Why did you move from the countryside??? The countryside is so nice!!!” Yeah, the countryside is nice, but not convenient. There are always things going on in a person’s life that others aren’t aware of. I love the countryside, but Seoul is great too. Not only it is better to be here for health/pregnancy reasons, but it’s opened up a lot more opportunities career-wise.

I still have morning sickness at the moment, which I’m not sure is fading or if I’m just getting used to it. I’ve been told it just disappears one day. Looking forward to not feeling sick all the time!

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This is just one of the mistakes I’ve made in Korean! It’s hard learning a second language and not knowing how words are related or not related at all. At least Hugh got a good laugh out of my dumb assumption.

Our audience can be quite fragmented. We have people who only read the comics, people who only watch our videos and some who only follow the Nicholalala webtoon. This new series is a way of showing the comics to the YouTube audience and to discuss them further as a couple.

When I posted this comic there were people who said they thought the same thing, so I felt a little less dumb! Let us know what other comics you’d like us to revisit in a video!

Original comic is here.

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Nicholalala Webtoon episode: Doll


Nicholalala is a fictional ongoing series on WEBTOONS.

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Sorry that latest posts have disappeared

They will be back up soon.

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Busking in Seoul

My brother visited for a weekend and went busking in Hongdae. Unfortunately we had torrential rain for most of the weekend, but it cleared up enough for him to go busking for a short time. He has performed in many countries but this was the first time in South Korea. A lot of people commented later saying they wish they had known he would be playing, but until the last minute we really were not sure if he would be able to. He will come back sometime though. My brother is a full time drummer (and also plays real drums of course), he plays in bands but also regularly does bucket drumming. A video of him playing went viral a few years ago and since then he has been invited to play at events around the world. He also does a lot of live streaming now where he teaches some drumming techniques or streams his busking.

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Korean Jumping Spider

Just a little video about these types of jumping spiders in Korea. I’ve shown these spiders in the Nicholalala Webtoon before.

The more I filmed him, the more I thought he was cute, so I carefully put him outside.

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