No Comic Today 3

We have been following the news about the Sewol ferry sinking closely. It’s really distressing and our thoughts and prayers go out to all involved. We are praying that there will be more survivors.

Road to Life 2

Hey guys, we were contacted about helping promote this event. Something I find bizarre about living in South Korea is knowing that North Korea is so close and that people there are living such different lives. Those that escape North Korea usually have a very risky and difficult journey but their hardship doesn’t end once they are on South Korean soil. It must be difficult to fit into South Korean society after living in North Korea, and I can’t even begin to understand the challenges they must face.

This is the information we’ve been given:

“Road to Life”: An International Rally for North Korean Freedom is happening on Saturday, April 26th as part of North Korean Freedom Week.

The rally is in support of all North Korean refugees who make it to South Korea and are in need assistance setting up a new life in here, coping with the loss of loved ones left behind and trying to obtain an education, as well as advocating North Korean refugees who have made it elsewhere, and the liberty of those still in the north.  The event will begin in MyeongDong, Seoul where there will be a stage showcasing speakers, both former refugees and advocates of North Korean liberty.  We will also be incorporating a flashmob, and encourage all those interested to participate.  We have a prepared song mix, which will be available soon, and volunteers are preparing choreography.

 The event is being co-hosted by the Mulmangcho Center for Human Rights and the Freedom Factory Co. Ltd., organized by Casey Lartigue from FreedomFactory.co.kr, and in conjunction with Professor Park Sun-Young, a professor of constitutional law at Dongguk University.

Click here for more information.

To the Airport 4

We are heading to the airport soon! The big move to Korea. The next update will be from Korea!

Summer Holidays 2

We are at a holiday house with my family right now! We are here for Christmas. Of course Christmas is in summer in Australia so it’s nice to have a beach Christmas. We’ll be here for about a week. I will trying to keep a normal posting schedule while here but the internet is quite patchy.


Here is Mr Gwon with some Kangaroos at the front of the holiday house.

Mr Gwon and kangaroos

This is NOT normal in Australia, we just happen to be in a small coastal town surrounded by bushland. The kangaroos like to eat people’s lawns in the evening. You don’t usually see scenes like this in Australia.

Just to answer some people’s questions on the social media:

They are wild kangaroos but somewhat used to people. You can’t really pat them because if you come too close they will hop away. But they are a less timid than other wild ones since they move through residential areas every evening. They don’t mind people if you stay a respectful distance.

They are NOT dangerous. Kangaroo attacks for no reason are very rare so there really isn’t anything to fear. Even though there was one in the news recently – it’s still really rare. Also most of the kangaroos here are females, younger ones or joeys. We only saw 1 bigger male today. Kangaroos aren’t going around kicking and fighting. That behaviour is by males and only at certain times.

Anyway we are enjoying the sun and the beach before moving to Korea next month!

How did we get… 5

How did we get

When we moved back to Sydney last year we both just came with suitcases but now we have this huge pile of stuff we have accumulated. We have sent a few winter things to Korea but we’ll only be taking to Korea what we can take on the plane. We aren’t shipping anything there. I look at all our stuff and wonder how we managed to get it all…

I’m going to keep on schedule with the comics for the next few weeks but it may be difficult with moving back to my home town for a month and because it’s the holiday period.

Mr Gwon is going to Melbourne 14

Just Mr Gwon! I was originally going to go but……. very expensive dental work popped up and our original plans don’t really fit into the budget now. However, Mr Gwon, who has backpacked around Asia and Australia is going to have a Melbourne backpacking trip.

He has never been to Melbourne before and isn’t even sure what he is going to do there, so it will probably be an adventure. He will be arriving on the 21st and leaving on the 25th (November).

If you’d like to see him, hang out with him, show him something, get in contact!

mr gwon

I’m not going… just him!

Back in Sydney 2

We are back in Sydney safely. Really need to sleep though. Not just from travelling but because we were pretty busy for the whole 3 weeks we were away. I’ll upload a new comic or video tonight.

There are a lot of comments I need to reply to but I’ll do it later when I’m not so tired so they won’t just be gibberish like this jafboafohnafnafnafbabcabvjaka.

Okay sleep time!

The Meet Up Was Great! 13

We had a really great time at the meet up. Thank you to everyone who came. We expected only a few people but I think it ended up being about 20 people. Everyone was so nice and we had an awesome time. There are a few photos on Facebook mostly from the second place we went to. We started at the cafe, then moved on to a restaurant and then some of us went to a bar and then finally another restaurant. So much talking!

I haven’t done a comic yet for today but I’ll try to do one later. I’m typing this while still in the hotel bed- I’m exhausted but trying to wake up properly because we need to go out and have EBS film us some more.


Going to Seoul Today 2

We go to Seoul today!

We are going to a publishing company that has offered me a book deal. I’m still not 100% certain that I will sign the deal yet, but we’ll see how things go.

We also have the Seoul Meet up tomorrow!

We’ll hopefully have another video uploaded later today, so check back!

In other news, if you’d like us to be invited to KCON this year please tell the KCON organisers. KCON is a Kpop convention in California. I’m not sure if we fit the type of panelists they are looking for as we aren’t completely about Kpop- but we do some Kpop stuff. You can recommend us on their Facebook Page or Tweet them @KCONUSA with the #kconfeedback tag/.

Seoul Meet Up Details 11

Hey guys, we will be at A Twosome Place Cafe near Sinchon Station (신촌역) at 4pm on Saturday (4th May). Sinchon is near Hongdae.

EBS may not be able to film inside (because it’s a chain coffee shop), but we might film a little bit on our camcorder, but there probably won’t be like a camera in your face, so don’t worry.

We will stay there for about one hour and then at 5pm probably go somewhere else, so whoever is still around can come (then EBS will film more).

We will be updating social media- the Facebook, his Facebook and Twitter and let you know if anything changes.

We look forward to meeting people who read the blog!

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