Announcement: Line Webtoon Featured Artist! 6

We have an exciting announcement! I am going to be a featured artist on Line Webtoon for my Nicholalala webtoon! Thank you so much to everyone who liked and commented and shared it, you really helped me become selected. Some people might be wondering why my Nicholalala webtoons disappeared, but it wasn’t because I had given up, it was because I had been told that I had been selected so I no longer needed to post on the Challenge League page, but wasn’t allowed to tell anyone yet. But now the secret is out! There will be Nicholalala webtoons once a week on Line Webtoon.

This new webtoon schedule won’t affect the My Korean Husband comics too much and they will still be 3 times a week, as well as our usual videos.

Thanks again everyone!

Here is the vlog update:

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Going to Australia 1

Also the other reason why it may be hard to upload videos in Australia is because of the terrible terrible internet speeds….

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Update and Vlog 3

We’ve been quiet this week because we’ve been super busy getting ready to go to Australia, as well as dealing with some health problems (everything is fine, don’t worry) and we had some visitors!

Subscribe to the vlogging channel! More than just vlogs will be coming to this channel soon. And an announcement soon! Stay tuned!

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I’ve been sick 4


Just letting you know that I’ve been sick lately and that’s why we missed a comic yesterday and videos have been delayed. It’s an ongoing health problem, nothing really bad (I’m not dying or anything!) but will get some tests next week.

Since I was feeling much better today we pushed ourselves and got some videos done. Bit worried that Hugh is coming down with a cold now and if he does, I will too…. fingers crossed that doesn’t happen.

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Montage and Vlog 3

Quick montage for our YouTube Channel:

We also have a new vlog up on our vlogging channel:

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New Webtoon 2

I have a new webtoon up on the Line Webtoon publishing platform.

Nicholalala Octopus Webtoon


It also helps me out if you like and share because then I have more of a chance of becoming a featured artist.

You can also give me a rating HERE. (During the competition period many artists got their ratings spammed with 0/10 ratings and my rating is still trying to recover. If you want me to be able to continue these webtoons, I appreciate it if you can give me a good rating, thanks!)

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New Webtoon 0

I have a new webtoon up over on the Line Webtoon publishing platform.

Nicholalala Painting

CLICK HERE FOR FULL WEBTOON. If you like these webtoons and want me to continue please like and share them. You can also give me a rating here.

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Middle of the Night – New webtoon 1

I have a NEW WEBTOON up over on the Line Webtoon publishing platform.


It really helps me out if you share, like and comment on it.

You can also give me a rating here. Thanks!

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New Webtoon Up 1

I have a new webtoon up over on the Line Webtoon Publishing platform.

Hair Webtoon


It helps me out if you rate me on the Nicholalala main page and like and share this webtoon- only if you like it of course.

Once you’ve read the webtoon you can come back here for more info!

I think many foreigners in Korea can relate to this. I try to get my hair done in Seoul at a hairdressers that is for foreigners, but occasionally I need to get a trim out in the countryside and I always dread it. Hairdressers look in dismay at my fine, brittle hair that easily knots. I think my hair is pretty normal in Australia, but in Korea I feel like it’s the worst hair ever. Hairdressers look at it in horror. I always have to stop them from using the thinning scissors too. It’s almost like they do it on auto-pilot because they do it for everyone, but I’m thinking, “My hair is so thin, why would you think I need it thinned???” But I guess it’s just a normal part of cutting someone’s hair in Korea. If you have the same problems in Korea, I hope you think of this webtoon the next time you get your hair cut!

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New Webtoon Up 3

I have a new webtoon up for the Line Webtoon Challenge League Contest.

Nicholalala Underwear


It’s the last few days on this contest so it would help me out if you give me a good rating and share my comics. Whatever the outcome I will be continuing this series once a week.

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New Webtoon Up 2

New webtoon up for the Line Webtoon Challenge League Contest. I will be continuing this series after it as well, if people like it.

Cat Webtoon


MORE INFO – After you’ve read it: So the first part of this webtoon happened… a white cat froze like that and pretended we couldn’t see it. I have also been thinking about the big feral male cats around here and what they get up to. They are so big and ugly. One of the reasons why I’m so surprised at the cats we have now – because they are so nice and friendly and I can pick up the mother cat easily. Every other cat around here is hardened and scary, so I imagine these males cats smoking, drinking and gambling. So I wondered how the dumb white cat fit in with them and decided that he doesn’t.

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New Webtoon – Foreigner Card 4

So as I mentioned before I’m entering the Line Webtoon Challenge League Contest. This prompted me to start a new series called Nicholalala (also the name of the vlogging channel). While the My Korean Husband comics focus more on our relationship and cultural differences, this new series is more about my imagination and how I see things.

Nicholalala Webtoon

To see more of this webtoon click HERE.

While the decisions are mostly made by judges, a small percentage is public vote, so if you like this new series, please give me a good rating here.

Whatever the outcome, I’ve already got so much great feedback with this series that I will continue it as a once a week webtoon as well as the normal My Korean Husband comics.

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New Comic Series 2

Hey guys. So I decided to enter the Line Webtoon Challenge League Contest.

I didn’t want to just put the My Korean Husband comics on there, so I created a new series. It is still us and our life but the longer form of webtoons allows me to tell more of a story and use some ideas that never fitted the My Korean Husband comics.

Whatever the outcome is, I will continue this series because I’m excited about it and I have so many ideas for it. It will give you more of an insight into my very very strange mind and imagination. So right now I’m doing them for this contest and was prompted by the contest to start these comics, but my long term goal is to work on this series no matter what (as well as the My Korean Husband comics too).

A percentage of the judging is a public vote so it would be great if you could rate and comment and share the comics.


I have two up at the moment and will have several more up next week.



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A quote from Mr Gwon 7

Happy New Year!

Today instead of a comic, we have a very special quote from Mr Gwon about something that is very dear to his heart.

Mr Gwon Quote

So deep.

In other news, the comic schedule will be changing in 2015. You might have noticed it was hard for me to keep on top of everything in recent months with the book stuff and other things taking up time. So in 2015 it will only be 3 comics a week, likely Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Video schedule will be the same though with videos on Monday, Wednesday and Friday and sometimes extra videos on other days.

The publishing company is currently saying 23rd of January for the book release! For those that don’t know, this is a book of comics from the blog and new ones for the Korean audience. It’s in Korean with some English subtitles as well. Once we have a confirmed release we will post links where to buy it, will have a giveaway and start planning a book signing in Seoul.

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Merry Christmas 2

Merry Christmas

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