New Webtoon Up 3

I have a new webtoon up for the Line Webtoon Challenge League Contest.

Nicholalala Underwear


It’s the last few days on this contest so it would help me out if you give me a good rating and share my comics. Whatever the outcome I will be continuing this series once a week.

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New Webtoon Up 2

New webtoon up for the Line Webtoon Challenge League Contest. I will be continuing this series after it as well, if people like it.

Cat Webtoon


MORE INFO – After you’ve read it: So the first part of this webtoon happened… a white cat froze like that and pretended we couldn’t see it. I have also been thinking about the big feral male cats around here and what they get up to. They are so big and ugly. One of the reasons why I’m so surprised at the cats we have now – because they are so nice and friendly and I can pick up the mother cat easily. Every other cat around here is hardened and scary, so I imagine these males cats smoking, drinking and gambling. So I wondered how the dumb white cat fit in with them and decided that he doesn’t.

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New Webtoon – Foreigner Card 4

So as I mentioned before I’m entering the Line Webtoon Challenge League Contest. This prompted me to start a new series called Nicholalala (also the name of the vlogging channel). While the My Korean Husband comics focus more on our relationship and cultural differences, this new series is more about my imagination and how I see things.

Nicholalala Webtoon

To see more of this webtoon click HERE.

While the decisions are mostly made by judges, a small percentage is public vote, so if you like this new series, please give me a good rating here.

Whatever the outcome, I’ve already got so much great feedback with this series that I will continue it as a once a week webtoon as well as the normal My Korean Husband comics.

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New Comic Series 2

Hey guys. So I decided to enter the Line Webtoon Challenge League Contest.

I didn’t want to just put the My Korean Husband comics on there, so I created a new series. It is still us and our life but the longer form of webtoons allows me to tell more of a story and use some ideas that never fitted the My Korean Husband comics.

Whatever the outcome is, I will continue this series because I’m excited about it and I have so many ideas for it. It will give you more of an insight into my very very strange mind and imagination. So right now I’m doing them for this contest and was prompted by the contest to start these comics, but my long term goal is to work on this series no matter what (as well as the My Korean Husband comics too).

A percentage of the judging is a public vote so it would be great if you could rate and comment and share the comics.


I have two up at the moment and will have several more up next week.



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A quote from Mr Gwon 7

Happy New Year!

Today instead of a comic, we have a very special quote from Mr Gwon about something that is very dear to his heart.

Mr Gwon Quote

So deep.

In other news, the comic schedule will be changing in 2015. You might have noticed it was hard for me to keep on top of everything in recent months with the book stuff and other things taking up time. So in 2015 it will only be 3 comics a week, likely Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Video schedule will be the same though with videos on Monday, Wednesday and Friday and sometimes extra videos on other days.

The publishing company is currently saying 23rd of January for the book release! For those that don’t know, this is a book of comics from the blog and new ones for the Korean audience. It’s in Korean with some English subtitles as well. Once we have a confirmed release we will post links where to buy it, will have a giveaway and start planning a book signing in Seoul.

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Merry Christmas 2

Merry Christmas

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Update and vlog 0

Hey guys, I’m resting my arm today because it’s quite sore, so no comic today. Sorry :(

Here is yesterday’s vlog though. Make sure you subscribe to the vlogging channel so you can see vlogs as soon as they are uploaded.

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Update and Fun Stuff 16

Here is today’s vlog, though it’s more of just an update.

So since I’ve been so busy and a bit sick, some lovely people have been helping me out.

First up we have a drawing from Chloe. (For those that don’t know: Chloe is Daniel’s girlfriend who is in our Ask Korean Guys and is one of my good friends). She draws awesome funny stuff. Her Instagram and her (new) Facebook Page.

Chloe Artwork

Also, there are still kiwis available if you want to order organic kiwis from the farm! Just contact us!

One of our super fans Magdalena also drew something for me! This is about the cultural differences with the word “cute” and the way Korean guys can embrace being cute and want to be cute!

wanna be cute

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Update and Vlog 1

Hey guys. There won’t be a comic today because I’m spending some time painting instead. I have a few commissions backed up. (For those interested in buying a painting or commissioning me to paint something just send me an email.)

Check out yesterday’s vlog though!

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Update and Vlog 3

Today’s vlog:

As we said in the video, we are going to the Iksan Chrysanthemum Festival this weekend!

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Update and Vlogs 4

So I took a few days off because I wasn’t well, but feeling better now. Because Hugh was in Seoul we didn’t have time to edit a Wednesday video but we have TWO vlogs today.

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Update and Vlog 2

Hey guys, I’ve got problems with my arm again so unable to draw right now, that’s why there wasn’t a comic today and there may not be one tomorrow. But there is a vlog!

Also, Wednesday video may be up on Thursday instead due to the large amount of editing required. I will try to vlog tomorrow though.

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Happy Hangeul Day 0


Happy Hangeul Day!

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Update 0

There won’t be a new comic today because I need to rest my arm again… Sorry guys!

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Update 0

Hey everyone. Sorry there was no comic today. We were in Seoul overnight for some meetings and stuff. We also weren’t able to film a Mr Gwon Time but we will try to have Ask Korean Guys up tomorrow night. We are in Seoul next week as well, but our schedule should be normal then.

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