Are We Moving? 8

We’ve mentioned this on the blog, but a lot of viewers on YouTube don’t actually read the blog, so we decided to talk about what we have been up to and the fact that we will move to Seoul. Now, those that like seeing videos of us in the countryside, don’t worry! We’ll still be back in the countryside regularly to visit. Seoul will be a much better environment for us work wise. Constantly going back and forth between here and Seoul really takes it’s toll. We have a stack of videos we haven’t had time to edit (videos sitting there waiting for the Nicholalala channel too) so living in Seoul will mean that we can get so much more work done and have our own space to do it. As well as having all the contacts we need for work much closer. We’ve never wanted to be only YouTubers, and the blog started with comics and I now make a living making comics, which is great. But YouTube helps with other areas too. It will also play a part in Hugh’s consulting business as well. We are slowly paving the way for what we want to do in the future. That’s also why, for us personally, we don’t have a Patreon (a Patreon is where fans can donate money every month), we aren’t comfortable with that because we have these long term plans. Patreons can be great for some people and works well for them, but it’s not for us. A kickstarter we would maybe consider if it was something that benefited all our readers and viewers.

The move could happen sooner or later than expected but it will be in the coming months. It’s been good to be with Hugh’s parents and after being away for so many years, he is glad that he spent this time with them. He found that he reconnected with his parents and developed a closer relationship with them. We helped them in lots of ways, not just with farm work, but slowly replacing things like TV and fridge… still trying to get them to use a smart phone though! The time we’ve spent in the countryside has been really valuable, even if to some outsiders it seems like a waste of time.

We’ll be looking into studio space as well. I think 2016 will be an interesting year!

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Hey Eonni 0

As we’ve mentioned before in this video Hugh is now running the online store ‘Hey Eonni‘ that sells Korean products. Here is a comic that explains how it works:



You don’t have to call Hugh ‘Eonni’… haha. For those unfamiliar with Korean terms, ‘Eonni’ is a term used by girls to girls older than them and means ‘older sister’. As Hey Eonni was started by Mikyung (who is the wife of Hyunwoo from Talk to Me in Korean) ‘Hey Eonni’ makes sense as a name! But it is actually pretty funny that Hugh is now running it and he is clearly not an Eonni. If you are younger than him (and female) you can call him “Oppa” and if you are younger than him (and male) you can call him “Hyung”.

I did find it amusing that Hugh had to fill several orders of EXO ramen this morning.


Hey Eonni products

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Korean Stuff Haul and Fan Mail 1

We show you some of the things available on Hey Eonni and also open up some amazing fan mail!

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Hey Eonni Announcement 2

The Hey Eonni store is very much Hugh’s project. He has taken over it from our friend Mikyung and has lots of plans for it. We also have a subscription box in the works. There will be gradual changes made to the store over the next few months, so please give suggestions!

We are trying to sell products that are hard to get internationally, also with cheaper shipping because most sites charge a lot for shipping. Eventually we want to be sourcing some products from artists and artisans in Korea who want to reach a larger market. I’ll also be selling some of my own paintings and prints there as well.

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Can You Help Us? 0

We always need help with subtitles and YouTube has made it a lot easier for anyone to submit subtitles! People often ask us if we have a Patreon (that’s where people can donate money monthly) but we don’t and we don’t feel that it’s the right route for us. It works for other YouTubers, but we aren’t only YouTubers and earn money in other ways too. The best way for people to support us to share our videos and submit subtitles if they are able to.


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Happy Lunar New Year 0

Lunar New Year

새해복 많이 받으세요!


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We are in Australia! We flew Japan airlines first to Japan, and then down to Australia. We had a great experience with them so we will definitely fly with them again. We arrived in Sydney a few days ago and have just been catching up with friends before we go down the coast to the holiday house where we will have Christmas with my family.

I’m really unsure if I’ll have internet access while we are there for a week, but we’ll see.

I am loving the summer heat! I know people are already sick of it, but compared to horrible humidity in the Korean summer, this feels so much better to me. I can handle the drier heat. I can’t wait to go to the beach too!

We are in Australia for 6 weeks, so we’ll spend a lot of time in my hometown as well.

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Our Busy Week 0

The past week has been quite busy for us. Those that follow us on Instagram would have seen what we’ve been doing but I’m also going to update here.

Hugh’s sister got married. Here I am with her before the wedding:


We headed to Seoul for the wedding reception of friends who had been married in the US but were doing some wedding celebrations in Korea. Korean weddings don’t usually have receptions, so it was lovely to go to a big dinner like this. Here we are all dressed up:


In Seoul we also caught up with Megan Bowen aka Chonunmigooksaram on YouTube.

With ChoNunMigookSaram

We then headed to Ganghwa with our friends visiting from the US to hang with them while they got more wedding photos taken. Where we stayed over night was super cute and there is a video about it coming soon!

Green Mango 1

Green Mango 2

While our friends are getting their photos taken:

My Korean Husband

We also went past the Ganghwado mudflats:


To see more photos follow the My Korean Husband Instagram.

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KIWI HARVEST – Order kiwis from us if you live in Korea 1

ONCE A YEAR KIWI HARVEST! YOU CAN BUY OUR KIWIS! (If you live in Korea). Just for the next week!


We sell kiwis by the box (10kg) and price depends on the size of the kiwi fruit.
키위 시즌이네요. 키위 사실분 있으시면 연락주세요.
개인적으로 카톡으로 연락주셔도 되고, 페이스북으로 메세지 주셔도 되요.
부모님께서 키운 키위입니다.

국내산 참다래(Kiwi fruit)

+사이즈(Size)\가격(Price)+ (한박스10kg)
*특ㅡ 30,000원 Box of extra large size kiwis: ₩30,000
*상ㅡ 25,000원 Box of large size kiwis: ₩25,000
*중ㅡ 20,000원 Box of medium size kiwis: ₩20,000
*하ㅡ 15,000원 Box of small size kiwis: ₩15,000
+택배비+ 4000원 Postage is ₩4000
But there is also the pick up option if you are in the area. (We also usually put an extra kilo of kiwis in the box for “service”).
부모님께서 1~2키로 더 넣어 드린다네요.

이렇게라도 해서 부모님좀 도와드릴려고 합니다. 감사합니당^^
페이스북 메시지 주세요^^

You can message Hugh on Facebook. https://www.facebook.com/MrHughGwon/ or email him sunhonggwon@gmail.com to place an order. (Email address was wrong for a while so please send an email again if you didn’t receive a reply!)
We can only send to addresses in Korea! (Also these kiwis are just harvested so are still firm, meaning they will stay fresh for several weeks. To ripen you can put some in a bag with an apple or banana and that will ripen them up ready for eating).

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What we are up to and fan mail! 2

It feels like it’s been so long since we’ve filmed with this background! We were in Seoul for so long, and we also left our tripod in Seoul so we didn’t film anything inside until we’d picked it up again. We talk about my health, the Webtoon, Hugh vlogging and we open some packages.

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Happy Birthday! 4

Happy Birthday

Today is Hugh’s birthday! We celebrated his lunar birthday earlier this week in Seoul with friends, but today is his actual birthday. Happy Birthday!

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A quick video update:

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Update: Operation 15


Hi everyone, just need to update you. I won’t be able to post much on the blog for the next week because I’ll be in hospital for an operation. Ongoing problems have become too bad and I can’t carry on unless I have surgery. I spent most of today having many tests done because the pain became too much. I think they have ruled out extreme things like cancer, but it’s still bad enough for the doctor to say I need urgent surgery.

Hopefully I’ll make a good recovery and be able to return to making comics and videos. The LINE Webtoons will be the only comics still going up at this point. I’ll update on social media while in the hospital.

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Back in Korea! 1

Unfortunately we haven’t had nice weather here yet. I can see that it’s spring and it will be very pretty but it’s been raining since we got back.

As we mentioned in the video, I’ve just easily gone back to our normal life here while Hugh has felt a bit weird and maybe some reverse culture shock again. He was the one that fitted easily back into Australian culture, so it’s interesting how that works out.

Link to the Nicholalala Webtoons here.

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Back from Australia: Pics post 0

We are back in Korea! We did film some things in Australia and have a few more vlogs to upload, but mostly it was a holiday for us. We have a bunch of photos to show you (mostly food) and then we’ll be back to normal schedule!

20150318_211352 (600x800)20150319_221404 (600x800)20150324_181256 (800x600)20150401_143727 (600x800)

20150324_185852 (800x600)20150326_212834 (800x600)20150327_105733 (600x800)20150327_231924 (800x600)

20150328_182547 (600x800)20150401_185117 (600x800)20150402_181813 (600x800)20150402_204225 (600x800) 20150403_110101 (800x600) 20150403_162658 (600x800) 20150405_113859 (800x600)20150408_143214 (600x800) 20150409_121916 (800x600) 20150409_123202 (800x600) 20150409_123212 (800x600) 20150409_123224 (800x600)20150409_140528(1) (800x600) Nichola Gwon Nichola Gwon SBS POP ASIA IMG_20150417_204339(1) KakaoTalk_20150417_232155490 (800x600)KakaoTalk_20150417_232202315 (800x600) KakaoTalk_20150417_232205001 (800x600) KakaoTalk_20150417_232353353 (800x600) KakaoTalk_20150417_232354181 (800x600) KakaoTalk_20150417_232356775 (800x600) KakaoTalk_20150417_232358206 (800x600) KakaoTalk_20150417_232400188 (800x600) KakaoTalk_20150417_232402305 (800x600) KakaoTalk_20150417_232430404 KakaoTalk_20150417_232430413 KakaoTalk_20150417_232433733 KakaoTalk_20150417_232753374 (800x533)


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