Update and vlog 0

Hey guys, I’m resting my arm today because it’s quite sore, so no comic today. Sorry :(

Here is yesterday’s vlog though. Make sure you subscribe to the vlogging channel so you can see vlogs as soon as they are uploaded.

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Update and Fun Stuff 13

Here is today’s vlog, though it’s more of just an update.

So since I’ve been so busy and a bit sick, some lovely people have been helping me out.

First up we have a drawing from Chloe. (For those that don’t know: Chloe is Daniel’s girlfriend who is in our Ask Korean Guys and is one of my good friends). She draws awesome funny stuff. Her Instagram and her (new) Facebook Page.

Chloe Artwork

Also, there are still kiwis available if you want to order organic kiwis from the farm! Just contact us!

One of our super fans Magdalena also drew something for me! This is about the cultural differences with the word “cute” and the way Korean guys can embrace being cute and want to be cute!

wanna be cute

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Update and Vlog 1

Hey guys. There won’t be a comic today because I’m spending some time painting instead. I have a few commissions backed up. (For those interested in buying a painting or commissioning me to paint something just send me an email.)

Check out yesterday’s vlog though!

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Update and Vlog 3

Today’s vlog:

As we said in the video, we are going to the Iksan Chrysanthemum Festival this weekend!

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Update and Vlogs 4

So I took a few days off because I wasn’t well, but feeling better now. Because Hugh was in Seoul we didn’t have time to edit a Wednesday video but we have TWO vlogs today.

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Update and Vlog 2

Hey guys, I’ve got problems with my arm again so unable to draw right now, that’s why there wasn’t a comic today and there may not be one tomorrow. But there is a vlog!

Also, Wednesday video may be up on Thursday instead due to the large amount of editing required. I will try to vlog tomorrow though.

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Happy Hangeul Day 0


Happy Hangeul Day!

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Update 0

There won’t be a new comic today because I need to rest my arm again… Sorry guys!

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Update 0

Hey everyone. Sorry there was no comic today. We were in Seoul overnight for some meetings and stuff. We also weren’t able to film a Mr Gwon Time but we will try to have Ask Korean Guys up tomorrow night. We are in Seoul next week as well, but our schedule should be normal then.

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You Are Here Cafe Opening 17

So as most of you know, we went to Seoul for the opening of the You Are Here Cafe. We went to support Simon and Martina (Eat Your Kimchi) because they are our friends and it’s a huge thing opening a cafe! Wow, we realise now how stressful it is! The You Are Here Cafe is not just Eat Your Kimchi but also Talk to Me in Korean (and also third party investors). So we got to meet Hyunwoo and some of the other Talk to Me in Korean people, which was great because we’ve known each other online for a while but hadn’t had a chance to meet yet.

We really really respect Simon and Martina for all the work they put in for this cafe. Those that were there on Saturday would have seen how busy they were all day. They didn’t have much sleep the night before, got to the cafe early in the morning and I think it was after midnight when we left. Then they had a meeting with Soo Zee and Leigh into the early hours of the morning. But it all turned out amazing! I heard there was over 1000 people there on Saturday. I can’t believe how many people were lining up! Some people waited 4 hours to get in? It was amazing just how excited people were about this.

It was great for us as well. We got to see some of you guys and we really appreciate everyone that said hi to us. What is really cool about the cafe is that it is a space for creative people to come together as well. In our video you’ll see a bunch of other bloggers. Often it’s hard for bloggers to meet up just because there isn’t anywhere good to hang out, but the You Are Here cafe is perfect for this. It also means it is easier for us to see you guys as well. When we are in Seoul we can let you know on the social media if we are going to be there and anyone who wants to see us can just come by.

Simon and Martina are so involved in this as well. They didn’t just leave everything for other people to do. Things like, some of the recipes are Martina’s own recipes, both of them are so involved in what goes on the menu (and it’s difficult catering to both international and a Korean customers), and even down to mundane things like it was so rainy on the Sunday when we went into the cafe, both Simon and Martina were out on the front lawn at different time putting away chairs and putting down lawn umbrellas in the rain and the mud. No matter how successful and popular they get, they are still just down to earth people.

On the Friday night there was the smaller, private opening which was really fun. We got to meet Brad from Busker Busker and his lovely wife. Hugh was too shy to talk to him for half the night because Busker Busker is huge in South Korea. But later they had a good chat.

We also invited Prince Mak from JJCC who I’ve been chatting to for a little while because we are both Aussies. Yay Aussies in Korea! Kpop stars’ lives are very very busy but he managed to get the night off and came and hung out. JJCC are going to be doing something very soon I think…. so make sure you check them out.

And now here are some photos (most of these are from Instagram):

you are here cafe

Prince mak and nichola

You Are Here Cafe

hugh and daniel


my korean husband eat your kimchi

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Update 2

Hey guys, we are heading to Seoul today for a meeting so there won’t be any comics or videos today or tomorrow. There will be comics and videos on the weekend though to make up for it ^^

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Interview with K-Music K-Radio 1

We recently did an interview with K-Music K-Radio.


It was fun to talk about Aussie things. Mr Gwon even got quizzed on his Australian knowledge!

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Back to Painting and Update 16

Back to painting

This month is going to be really busy so there will probably be more of these quick comics. My usual comics can take hours to do but these ones can be done in 10 minutes. Sorry, you’ll have to put up with more of these for a while.

So I’ve started painting again! For those that don’t know I used to work as an artist and paint, mostly realism and mostly landscapes. I gave it up years ago. When I wanted to do something creative again I turned to blogging and comics and forced myself to learn how to draw digitally. That was pretty hard but I got used to it. Now I’m going back to painting I’m realising just how useful it is to be able to undo! So now I’m trying to get used to traditional art again. I’m continuing making comics almost every day, I’ll just be making other artworks as well.

Another great advantage of digital art however, is that we can easily make lots of prints! We are slowly working towards having an online store and probably the first thing available to buy will be signed prints of comics. When we did the giveaway, where the prizes were signed comics, a lot of people expressed interest in being able to buy prints of comics. I have hundreds and hundreds of comics so we’ll need to figure out which are the most popular ones and which ones people want to buy. So please let us know in the comment section! Which ones are your favourite?

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Update 6

Sorry there was no comic today. We were busy cleaning out a storage room that we are transforming into a (very small) studio.

Here is a page from an old note book of Mr Gwon’s…

mr gwon notebook

Some things have changed, some things have not changed at all…

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Update 3

Hey guys! Sorry there wasn’t a comic yesterday. There isn’t one today either, we are about to leave for Seoul. We have been super busy filming with Han and Sophie while they have been here and now we are travelling to Seoul together. See you all Monday!

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