What we are up to and fan mail! 2

It feels like it’s been so long since we’ve filmed with this background! We were in Seoul for so long, and we also left our tripod in Seoul so we didn’t film anything inside until we’d picked it up again. We talk about my health, the Webtoon, Hugh vlogging and we open some packages.

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Happy Birthday! 4

Happy Birthday

Today is Hugh’s birthday! We celebrated his lunar birthday earlier this week in Seoul with friends, but today is his actual birthday. Happy Birthday!

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A quick video update:

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Update: Operation 15


Hi everyone, just need to update you. I won’t be able to post much on the blog for the next week because I’ll be in hospital for an operation. Ongoing problems have become too bad and I can’t carry on unless I have surgery. I spent most of today having many tests done because the pain became too much. I think they have ruled out extreme things like cancer, but it’s still bad enough for the doctor to say I need urgent surgery.

Hopefully I’ll make a good recovery and be able to return to making comics and videos. The LINE Webtoons will be the only comics still going up at this point. I’ll update on social media while in the hospital.

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Back in Korea! 1

Unfortunately we haven’t had nice weather here yet. I can see that it’s spring and it will be very pretty but it’s been raining since we got back.

As we mentioned in the video, I’ve just easily gone back to our normal life here while Hugh has felt a bit weird and maybe some reverse culture shock again. He was the one that fitted easily back into Australian culture, so it’s interesting how that works out.

Link to the Nicholalala Webtoons here.

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Back from Australia: Pics post 0

We are back in Korea! We did film some things in Australia and have a few more vlogs to upload, but mostly it was a holiday for us. We have a bunch of photos to show you (mostly food) and then we’ll be back to normal schedule!

20150318_211352 (600x800)20150319_221404 (600x800)20150324_181256 (800x600)20150401_143727 (600x800)

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20150328_182547 (600x800)20150401_185117 (600x800)20150402_181813 (600x800)20150402_204225 (600x800) 20150403_110101 (800x600) 20150403_162658 (600x800) 20150405_113859 (800x600)20150408_143214 (600x800) 20150409_121916 (800x600) 20150409_123202 (800x600) 20150409_123212 (800x600) 20150409_123224 (800x600)20150409_140528(1) (800x600) Nichola Gwon Nichola Gwon SBS POP ASIA IMG_20150417_204339(1) KakaoTalk_20150417_232155490 (800x600)KakaoTalk_20150417_232202315 (800x600) KakaoTalk_20150417_232205001 (800x600) KakaoTalk_20150417_232353353 (800x600) KakaoTalk_20150417_232354181 (800x600) KakaoTalk_20150417_232356775 (800x600) KakaoTalk_20150417_232358206 (800x600) KakaoTalk_20150417_232400188 (800x600) KakaoTalk_20150417_232402305 (800x600) KakaoTalk_20150417_232430404 KakaoTalk_20150417_232430413 KakaoTalk_20150417_232433733 KakaoTalk_20150417_232753374 (800x533)


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Collecting Questions 11

We are filming this week with Han and Sophie before we go back to Korea.

If you have any questions for the Ask Korean Guys videos, please ask them there! They can be about Korean culture, Korean dramas, or about Han and Hugh’s lives.

Sophie and I will be filming some videos too, so if you have any questions please ask us too! We will be talking about dating and marrying into Korean culture and raising a child to be bi-lingual.

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Sunday Sydney Meetup details 0

Thank you everyone who came! Was so nice to see everyone!

The meetup will be on Sunday (12th) at Darling Harbour next to the water in front of the IMAX at 3pm. Just a casual meetup for meeting us and other blog readers. See you there!

(Han, Sophie and Alice will drop by too).

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Sydney Meetup – Postponed 5

Update- Due to the rain tomorrow (and some health reasons) we are going to postpone the meet up until possibly Sunday. Will update when we know. Sorry everyone!



Hey guys, we are just having a casual meet up in Sydney this Saturday afternoon (11th April) at 2pm in Hyde Park. We will most likely be somewhere near the pond that is near the war memorial. Come say hi! If anyone has some picnic blankets that would be great! It will just be super casual.

We will update and post any changes on the social media.


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Nicholalala Webtoon 4


The Nicholalala Webtoon starts 7th April! Links will be posted when it’s up!

A few people have been confused because the webtoons are no longer on the Challenge League on Line Webtoon. That’s because the webtoon will be starting as a featured webtoon. The Challenge League is where people post their work in hopes of being selected. Again a big thanks to everyone who liked, commented and shared. You had a big part in helping me become selected. Once the webtoon starts, it still really helps me out if you like, comment and share as well.

If you do comment on webtoons a lot you have a chance to win an iPad!

There is a ‘Comment to Win’ competition at the moment!

For those that followed all the webtoons on the Challenge League, you will see some you have seen before, but I’ll be mixing new ones in as well.

Also, the My Korean Husband comics won’t be going anywhere and will always be on the blog here.

You can follow the Nicholalala Twitter as well!

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Announcement: Line Webtoon Featured Artist! 6

We have an exciting announcement! I am going to be a featured artist on Line Webtoon for my Nicholalala webtoon! Thank you so much to everyone who liked and commented and shared it, you really helped me become selected. Some people might be wondering why my Nicholalala webtoons disappeared, but it wasn’t because I had given up, it was because I had been told that I had been selected so I no longer needed to post on the Challenge League page, but wasn’t allowed to tell anyone yet. But now the secret is out! There will be Nicholalala webtoons once a week on Line Webtoon.

This new webtoon schedule won’t affect the My Korean Husband comics too much and they will still be 3 times a week, as well as our usual videos.

Thanks again everyone!

Here is the vlog update:

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Going to Australia 1

Also the other reason why it may be hard to upload videos in Australia is because of the terrible terrible internet speeds….

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Update and Vlog 3

We’ve been quiet this week because we’ve been super busy getting ready to go to Australia, as well as dealing with some health problems (everything is fine, don’t worry) and we had some visitors!

Subscribe to the vlogging channel! More than just vlogs will be coming to this channel soon. And an announcement soon! Stay tuned!

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I’ve been sick 4


Just letting you know that I’ve been sick lately and that’s why we missed a comic yesterday and videos have been delayed. It’s an ongoing health problem, nothing really bad (I’m not dying or anything!) but will get some tests next week.

Since I was feeling much better today we pushed ourselves and got some videos done. Bit worried that Hugh is coming down with a cold now and if he does, I will too…. fingers crossed that doesn’t happen.

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Montage and Vlog 3

Quick montage for our YouTube Channel:

We also have a new vlog up on our vlogging channel:

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