Cheese Smell

So he can be really lazy putting lids back on kimchi properly and doesn’t care about there being a strong kimchi smell, but suddenly he doesn’t like there being a strong cheese smell! The couple we are living with bought some fancy cheeses (if you guys are reading this, don’t worry! I don’t mind the cheese smell and it’s funny to see him react to it) and he complains every time he opens the fridge.

Anyone who has lived with Koreans probably knows that eye-watering kimchi smell every time they open the fridge. I don’t mind a bit of a smell but sometimes it can be too much. Is that why there are special kimchi fridges in Korea?

The reason is comic is up late is because I’ve had some problems with my tablet (Bamboo manga pen and touch) and the program I use Opencanvas. A driver was updated I think and since then I can’t scroll using the tablet, it zooms instead. It’s not a massive problem but it’s annoying and makes drawing harder… and it shouldn’t happen! With another program there doesn’t seem to be a problem but with opencanvas and opencanvas lite it’s doing it. I’m not sure if it’s the program or the tablet or both causing it. My tablet is getting old. We tried for hours searching for a solution but couldn’t find much and nothing worked. If you know how to fix this please tell me!

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