Okay so why would someone ask something like this? Because it actually happens a lot here. A lot of fake marriages for visas happen. Of course my husband was offended that his co-worker assumed that his marriage was fake, because there are lots of love matches too where people end up with residency as well.

When we were putting our visa together we had to have soooo much evidence, it was very invasive and time consuming. And while we were doing it I was constantly reminded that we had to show so much evidence because of the people who have fake marriages.

So why do people do it? Some people just desperately want to live in Australia and some people just will do anything for money. A friend of mine knew a guy who was in his 20’s but paid a 40 year old Australian woman to marry him. We know  of lots of other incidents as well. It makes me angry and frustrated that those people who do it just make it harder for everyone that is in a genuine and committed relationship.

Because immigration has the huge job of sorting through partner visa applications, trying to decide which is real and which is fake, it takes longer for everyone and basically those with genuine relationships have their lives are on hold while they wait.

I honestly don’t know how people manage it. You get reviewed after 2 years and have to prove you are in a committed and ongoing relationship, but somehow people manage to fake it.

In conclusion, it’s not nice when people assume that because I’m an Australian woman that my husband must have paid to marry me and our marriage is a sham.

I hope anyone who has seen our blog can see our relationship is very real 🙂

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