The countryside guy

Isn’t it funny the type of comments people will make about you when they barely know anything about you at all? Mostly the response to the news article about us was very positive but my sister-in-law, who has been keeping an eye on everything online, warned my husband to not read all the comments because some were just criticizing him. Basically because he is from the countryside, so must be a stupid loser right? So how did he get a cool glamorous Australian wife? It’s not fair! Hahaha. The assumption that I’m some great prize is pretty ridiculous right?

Actually I’m from the countryside too! Just in Australia instead. I avoid telling people my home town because often people laugh. So actually, we are pretty perfect for each other. Both from the countryside.

We expected those kinds of comments so it doesn’t bother us. Actually my family and  friends think my husband is a pretty good catch. My parents love him and think he is great for me. One time when I was taking to my Mum about how nice and sweet he is, she added, “And he doesn’t put up with your crap either.” Thanks Mum! What she meant was that my husband can deal with my artistic temperament. He doesn’t let me walk all over him either.

Anyway, that’s what is important for a good relationship, you don’t want an uneven relationship where someone loves the other more or one feels like the other is out of their league. The best relationships are when both people think they got a pretty good deal.

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