Even while Hugh was on his strict diet we tried to still go out on dates. This was filmed during the last month of his diet. We headed to The Beastro in Hongdae for their amazing lunch menu. Sometimes on cheat days Hugh would go all out and eat anything he wanted, but this was the last month of his transformation so it was extra strict. He still managed to be healthy on his cheat day.

Unfortunately right after uploading this video we found out The Beastro will be closing down in Hongdae. Their Instagram said to keep an eye out for future projects but at this point we don’t know if they will open something similar somewhere else. There is only one week left to eat this delicious food!

Hongdae has been changing for years and unfortunately not for the better. Lots of big businesses moved in and we heard they are tourist zoning it. So all the charm and individuality is rapidly disappearing. That’s why Hapjeong and Mangwon areas are becoming more popular and where great restaurants are popping up.


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