Dream GD

He is feeling a bit better about GD now because dream GD was nice to him!

If you are a new reader to my blog, or don’t know anything about Kpop: G-Dragon (or GD) is a very famous, very talented Kpop star and I’m a huge fan.

GD has the same family name as us, which is why my husband tries to say that he is the from the same family. Yes technically we can check to see how we are related but we are probably only very distantly related. In Korea there aren’t many family names so it is very common to know many other people with the same family name as you.

Korean Genealogy is very interesting and it’s amazing to me that my husband’s family have the family register dating back to the 15th century but in my family, my grandfather who likes to research family history, struggles to find records and dates from just 200 years ago.

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