We got a lot of questions on Hugh’s transformation video about how he lost the weight. In this video we talk at length about what he ate and how he exercised. Rather than it being a strict diet and exercise plan, it was a flexible, healthy lifestyle change.

One of the things that motivated him to start this big journey is the fact that we had to go through IVF (In vitro fertilization) to have a baby. Actually, there was always the chance that we would never be able to have children. IVF is a painful and often lengthy process that is very difficult physically and mentally for the woman. Even before starting IVF I had been through a lot with Endometriosis. Hugh knew how much pain I had been through and now had to go through with IVF so he wanted to change his life to benefit both of us. Although I can’t fall pregnant naturally (his fertility is fine), him being healthier can also help the process. He started this big change after a failed round of IVF and within 2 months I had become pregnant with the next round of IVF. This really felt like a miracle as our chances hadn’t been great. So knowing that he is going to be a father motivated Hugh even more to get healthy.

It’s been overwhelming, not only how many comments are on the video, but how many friends immediately called Hugh after seeing the video. Several friends immediately got gym memberships. Everyone wanted to know what the “secret” was. There was no secret, just eating healthy and exercise. Hugh found the best way to do it was slowly over 6 months and to make good habits. He used to get slightly annoyed when I asked him to go for a walk with me but now he gets cranky when he hasn’t been to the gym in a few days! His body is so used to smaller meals and work outs now.

The only extreme diet he did was the final month for the photo shoot. These photo shoots are common in Korea and it was important for Hugh to prove he could do it, and document it. After getting his weight down that low he had a week off (we went on a road trip) and he gained a few kilos, which he intended to do, and has now maintained a healthy but slim weight since.

The message Hugh wanted to give was that we can make changes in our lives from right now. It doesn’t need to be extreme, even just smaller changes towards a healthier lifestyle.

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