Hugh says:

I met Ben in Spain (we were filming a TV show, that will be revealed later) and when I saw him he was really big so I was a bit apprehensive to talk to him. But actually he was my room-mate and we became good friends. He is a really sweet guy and really kind. He told me that he has some disease but I didn’t know what it was, I just saw that he was really strong and healthy. I researched on Korean sites and there wasn’t enough information about Cystic Fibrosis so I didn’t really understand what it really was. I had a really great time with him in Spain, when I left we cried. When I came back I talked to Nichola about CF and she told me more about it. I was shocked to see the life expectancy is 41 years. How can this strong healthy and amazing guy have this many years? But then I realised the life expectancy average is lower because so many children with CF die younger. Ben is an example of someone fighting back against the disease. For people with CF, time is really important, and yet he came to Korea to spend time with me, so I’m really thankful for his friendship.

He is inspiring to me because even with a disease he is stronger than the average person. So I was thinking, what was my excuse? It inspired me a lot and motivated me. The next step of my transformation is building muscle. I was really lucky to meet him as he is going to help me attain my goals.

When I met him in Spain a group of us were walking on the beach and he was picking up the rubbish on the beach and cleaning up. No one else was doing it like him, I was impressed, so I joined in and helped. I was really grateful to meet him. And yes, he looks like Thor right? Find out more in the video

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