Last year we stayed with my husband’s parents for a month. They live in a very rural area of South Korea and their house is surrounded by rice fields. At night we could hear the frogs singing loudly but one night I was surprised to find one in our room. I have no idea how it got inside the house, especially as our room was upstairs.

It’s true I have zoo keeper training, but I don’t work in the industry at the moment. However, I knew what I was talking about, though my husband had ideas of his own…

I let him catch the frog for his male pride (I’m always the one to catch things like spiders) but he then refused to listen to me and tore apart the room for 20 minutes trying to find this frog. Of course it was just hiding while he heaved things around. I don’t know what his parents thought we were doing… it was late at night and there was a lot of banging and crashing.

Eventually after we did exactly what I said to do we saw the frog, grabbed him, and then he went back outside again.


Who knows the word for ‘frog’ in Korean?

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