I do get quite a few emails from people wanting to do a guest post or want us to promote them somehow on the blog and the majority I turn down. We only really promote things we really like and we want our blog readers to trust us when we recommend something.

Last night I got an email from a guy called Henry and it was such a nice thoughtful email! I’ve had my share of copy paste emails of people wanting promotion so it was such a pleasant surprise to see a personal email from someone who is obviously following the blog.

Henry is an American musician who moved to Seoul in September. He was motivated by his positive experiences with Koreans while at Berklee College of Music and, like me, ended up having Korean friends and being interested in Korean culture.

This is his new music video which is so cute and fun. As soon as we saw it we knew it was something we would be happy to share with you guys. You can definitely see the Korean influence right?

We really liked the song and video and Hugh was singing along after just one listen.

You can check out Henry’s website here.

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