How to hire a bike in Seoul

This is a service Hugh uses a lot, so when they reached out to us to do a sponsored video we were happy to do it. Hugh uses this several times a week to ride around the neighbourhood but also if he has had a big night out and the subway has stopped running, and there are no taxis, it’s super convenient for him to just ride home. There are bike stations everywhere so there are a few very close to where we live.

In this video we also participated in the Seoul Bike Ride/Parade which is an annual event. We had never done it before but definitely want to do it again next year! We could only do some of it, due to me being pregnant and then also for the filming. It gives you a different view of Seoul that you usually only see some inside a car. With all the cars off the road there is the feeling of a much wider space and it’s easily to appreciate the buildings and the city in a different way. Hopefully we can do it again next year.

For more information about bike hire when visiting Korea click here.


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