Trying weird height up band/ shoe lifts?

We’ve wanted to make some videos like this for a while and saw the opportunity with this product. For years there have been these shoe inserts that people put in their shoes in Korea, but they were a type of foam one. This silicon one called “Height Up Band” seems to be a new type and we wanted to try it out. Instead of it just sitting in a shoe, it attaches to the foot and is hidden inside the sock.

We also decided to try a cheaper version of this product to see how different it was. The brand we saw advertised sells the product for about $30, but the cheap version is $6.

Are they really worth it? Do they make you appear that much taller? Hugh tried both and you can see his reaction in the video!

The obsession with height can get a bit ridiculous. I’ve always told Hugh that I prefer to be able to look him in the eye easily and wouldn’t want him to be taller. There are much more important things in a relationship!

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