how much

Well no one likes to see vomit… but he really hates it. Usually when he sees vomit he gags and is like, “ahhhhhhhh!!!” If we are in the city at night and someone has puked on the street, I’ll tell him to close his eyes and guide him away so he doesn’t have to see it. So I really appreciate how much he takes care of me when I’m sick and doesn’t even flinch when I’m hurling my guts up.

One of the moments when I knew he loved me early on in our relationship was when I had really bad food poisoning. It was a war zone in the bathroom… you know how it is with food poisoning… but he came in and cleaned me up AND cleaned the bathroom.

I’m so happy that I’m well again. I was pretty sick for a while and I don’t know what I would have done without him. I didn’t realise how worried he was until now. I’ve run into a few of his friends while out and about and they all told me how worried and stressed out he was about me. He was very calm with me but freaking out to his friends on Kakao Talk I think.

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