Korean Dramas

I finished a drama the other day and yet again was disappointed with the ending. Why aren’t things properly resolved??? I think it’s no surprise that my favourite dramas are usually the ones that resolve everything at the end and tie up all the loose threads. Too many just don’t though. There may literally be 5 hours footage of the guy and girl staring at each other in the drama, but apparently there is not enough time to resolve everything?

If you haven’t watched a Korean drama before, please don’t think they are so bad. They aren’t all like that. There are some really great ones and there are lots of good points about them, just too many end in a really an unsatisfying way. (I put this comic up on Tumblr first and saw some interesting theories about Korean dramas being allegories for Korea and the hardships Korea has faced).

Also, unlike TV dramas in Western countries, Korean dramas tend to be about 20 (long) episodes and then just finishes forever, unlike ongoing dramas in other countries that have many seasons, so the story and episode structure is very different in Korean dramas.


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