For the Kpop fans:

With these types of vlogs I hope to show international fans the whole experience of Kpop concerts in Korea. There isn’t any lining up from morning as all the floor tickets have a number and people line up according to that number. My ticket number was standing section A 288 and I was about 3rd row in that section. I could see really well, except for when they were on the middle stage. All the fans around me were really lovely and it was no where near as pushy as other concerts I’ve been to in Australia.

So why am I this into iKON? I didn’t expect to like another Kpop group this much again, especially at my age. I have been a BIGBANG fan for many years and was interested when YG Entertainment started talking about debuting new groups a few years ago. I remember watching WIN: Who is next TV show before we moved to Korea and was impressed by Team B (iKON before they were iKON) the most. One of the reasons why I tend to like YG artists is because they have to be part of music creation, while other Kpop companies rely on other songwriters. Back then as Team B they were still kids but showed amazing talent. Even though Team A (the YG group Winner) won back then, it still made an amazing chapter in iKON’s origin story. And that’s one of the things that gets me more excited about iKON rather than BIGBANG these days, I became a BIGBANG fan in 2010 and was a bit late to the party, but with iKON I know I’ve been there from the beginning and seen them develop. YG is very good at creating a narrative around his artists. So of course I’ve followed them through the MIX & MATCH show and Bobby and B.I through Show me the Money, the rap elimination show, and then was blown away at their first ever debut concert. Around that time I had some pretty serious health issues and received some bad news about my long term health so listening to music and getting excited about something actually really helped me focus on the positive instead of the negative. So I’ll always be really thankful for that.

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