Hey everyone! No comic today because it’s my 30th birthday and I having the day off. A big thank you to everyone who has left birthday wishes on Twitter, Facebook and his Facebook page.

Mr Gwon told me last night that he hasn’t got my present yet so I was a bit disappointed, but he was just lying! So when I woke up there was a present there for me and a very lovely card.

It’s tradition in Korea to have seaweed soup on your birthday and we follow that tradition even when we are in Australia. So I expected seaweed soup but my husband actually cooked japchae for me as well and set out the table like this.


He doesn’t like cooking so I was really really impressed that he made all this for me. (And why no chopsticks? We don’t have any in our new apartment yet haha).

Anyway I can’t believe I’m not in my 20’s any more, but as he has pointed out before… I’m already 31 in Korean age anyway!

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