Buying kids makeup for our son?

Yul LOVES my makeup. Whenever he sees me applying it he is drawn to it. Unfortunately we have such a small apartment it’s hard to escape him when I want to put it on. So much of my makeup has been sacrificed to keep him happy so I can distract him with some, while I use the other makeup on my face.

It doesn’t matter whether a child is a boy or a girl, they are likely to be drawn to makeup: the colours, the shimmer, the act of applying it. It’s fascinating. I had the idea to buy some kids makeup to give him to play with while I apply mine. In this video we ‘unbox’ the makeup… and Yul is very excited. Since filming this video I’ve discovered my idea works really well! He is happy with his makeup (which leaves no colour or powder as it’s fake) and it gives me the time to apply mine, without little fingers digging into my eye shadow palettes.

As I mentioned in the video, I disliked how much the companies market only to girls. It’s not like I expected a makeup kit just for boys, but they don’t need to constantly use the word “girl” when they could just say “child”. Lots of little boys love to play with makeup and society should be accepting and understanding. Children’s toys are still insanely gendered.

Also, watch to the end of the video to see him giving his toy dinosaurs a makeover!

We know whenever we allow our son to experience things that are not typically “male” we get a few negative comments. For example, when Yul tried on my clothes from when I was his age in the 1980s. (Watch video here). There are some people whose own limited experience has left them so narrow-minded that they can’t handle a little boy wearing a dress for 10 minutes. Never mind that historically it was normal for boys his age to only be wearing dresses. We will be doing our best to raise our son in a way so he doesn’t feel the pressure to conform to a patriarchal society. Also any content we make now can also be removed if when he is older he doesn’t want it online. We try to handle having our family being online in the best way possible, but it’s still a new thing in society and we can only take it step by step.

However, lots of mothers have already said they are going to try this “hack” of fake makeup for their kids, so they can manage to do their own makeup.

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