So we haven’t done much today. We are just relaxing. Helped my husband’s parents with their farm work. I was on box making duty. They are packing up the strawberries to be taken to market.

My husband’s home town is very small and it’s mostly just old people living here. People stare at me but I’m used to it. His parents have a tiny shop at the front of their house and high school students come to buy snacks. There is a high school near by because there are a bunch of small towns in this area. But really, there is not much here in this village. But there are supermarkets one town over, which is walking distance and the city of Jinju is 20 minutes away.

We will be making small videos while we are in Korea. Our friend does most of our editing so she will edit bigger videos when we get back to Australia but we’ll just do some small vlogs like this. If there is something you’d like to see in particular, let us know.

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