The money jar

It works like a swear jar and later when there is a lot of money they’ll buy something nice for everyone with it. You aren’t supposed to put money in it in anticipation of speaking Korean though! My husband does things his way though.

It has become like a game where people try to catch the others out. Someone will ask a question in Korean from just outside of the kitchen and the person in the kitchen will automatically answer in Korean and get caught out and have to pay.

My husband just got caught out because he was on the phone and speaking in Korean and standing in the kitchen. My mum saw him and told him, “You’ve used up your dollar!”

He went and put another dollar in and proclaimed that he can now speak Korean 5 more times and my mum said, “You don’t really get how this works do you?”

Hehehe… I’m the only one allowed to speak Korean in the kitchen.

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