Morning Sickness

I love vegetables! I usually feel a bit off if I’m not getting enough vegetables every day. I figured that when pregnant that it would be easy to eat well as my diet is usually very healthy. Unfortunately morning sickness hit me hard. By the way, morning sickness can be all day, not just in the morning! My morning sickness was very specific. It was constant nausea, and I couldn’t do any cooking without wanting to throw up, and vegetables looked disgusting to me. Even looking at a vegetable made me feel sick. My healthy eating plan went out the window.

My doctor told Hugh to let me just eat whatever I want to eat, as it’s better that I just eat rather than not eating anything at all. Although Hugh was on a strict diet he was ordering a lot of delivery food for me, which must have been tempting to him. At first I thought my morning sickness was still the symptoms from the hormones I had to be taking, as nausea always came and went while on them. Then one day the nausea just didn’t go away. It stayed all day, and the next day, and the next day. When Hugh called the clinic and asked about it the nurse laughed (good-naturedly) and said it was morning sickness and was completely normal. We had known I was pregnant from day 10 of the pregnancy so I didn’t find out I was pregnant from morning sickness and was hoping I wouldn’t have it. There is something horrible about realising that this feeling won’t be going away for months.

The other difficulty in early pregnancy is that you can’t tell anyone. I already had to turn down a lot of socializing while going through IVF, but at least during those times I could manage the times I knew I’d feel better. With morning sickness it was just constant avoiding doing anything. For morning radio I had to just say I had the flu and that’s why I felt sick. I constantly had a bottle of lemonade with me to calm the nausea and remember being told, just before going live, to move it off the main radio desk (there is a rule about having drinks) and worrying about possibly throwing up with live on radio. Of course I couldn’t tell the producer I needed it because of morning sickness, but thankfully I got through that show without throwing up everywhere.

Thankfully my nausea is now gone and I can eat vegetables again! I did try to get some vegetables down while I had morning sickness. The number one way was to disguise them in Japanese curry, but now I can look at them and cook with them and not feel sick. My morning sickness diet made me gain a lot of weight but now I’m back on a healthy diet and my weight has normalized (plus normal baby weight).

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