We were in Korea for a month last year in the summer. While I knew I wanted to try and see Big Bang if possible, we had some important things to do: like announcing our engagement, meeting the family etc.

So we spent a lot of time in a quite rural area of South Korea. It was during this time that Daesung had the car accident. There was a mini concert scheduled in Seoul but they weren’t sure if it would go ahead. The day before we realised it was still on and my husband miraculously got 2 tickets. He had promised me that I could go see Big Bang if the chance arose while we were in Korea. He didn’t break his promise. He also didn’t tell me how much he paid for these tickets either. We had to get a friend in Seoul to pick up the tickets for us and then the next morning we caught a bus to Seoul. This took a few hours and then we had to go across Seoul to get the tickets from my friend and then go back to where the concert was being held. I barely had time to even comprehend that I would be able to really see Big Bang in the flesh!

By the time we got to the venue it was almost full, but it was a very small venue and I think there a limit of 400 people. We weren’t anywhere near the stage but we could see well enough. It was just a mini concert for the promotion of a phone so we knew it wouldn’t be very long, but I told my husband even if they only did 1 song I would be happy.

When Big Bang came out I was so amazed to be able to really see them I was pretty much in shock. My face was like this:

So yeah I probably looked like an idiot. Of course Daesung couldn’t be there, so I’m yet to see him but I was so impressed with the others. Even during a stressful and a traumatic time they gave a really good performance. During a short question time you could tell they were quite worried but they are professionals and we did see some smiles. They didn’t preform many songs – I can’t remember exactly – but maybe only 5. I was still so happy though. G-Dragon as just so beautiful, TOP was so handsome… I think most other fans there had seen them before, but as it was my first time I was overwhelmed.

Here is a photo from it:

As soon as it was finished they were rushed out of the venue and into cars. So here I am after Big Bang left:

The outside of the venue:

And some random guy standing in the window! He was probably from the LG company.

So when it was all over we stepped out into the rain. We had something to eat and then caught the bus back down south again. We got back to my husband’s family home quite late but his parents were still up. His mother told him he should have proposed to me at a Big Bang concert! haha. Oh well, too late.

So that is my brief Big Bang experience. My other Big Bang related experience is about the YG building HERE but that didn’t involve actually seeing Big Bang.

So the big question for Australian fans is: Will they come to Australia? We are running out of time.

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