There are a bunch of areas in Sydney with Korean populations.We just wanted to show you guys one of these areas. Some people have commented about their own countries and how it is difficult to get Korean things there, so we wanted show why Sydney is such a good place for us to live as a couple that aims to be bi-cultural.

Usually we frequent the Korea Town in the Sydney CBD, which we also call ‘The City’. Strathfield is just a short train ride away but there is a different feel compared to the city. Koreans in the city are usually on working holiday or student visas and between the age of 20 and 30 but Strathfield is a more established Korean community with Korean people of all ages. You can see in the video there are clothes stores catering to older Korean women which you don’t see in our area.

I did notice a slight difference to how people looked at us. In the city there are many interracial couples so we don’t get much of a second glance usually, but in Strathfield I felt people looked at us a bit more, that we were a bit more unusual.

We went My Sweet Memory Cafe and Doo Ri Korean Restuarant.

Also, the reason why we have another video up so soon is because we had this video and the Secret Garden video ready and edited but we were just waiting for the music. Don’t expect a new video every second day! hehe. We will probably settle into a schedule of one going out and doing something video and one inside question and answer video a week when we get back from Korea. We are planning on doing some short vlogs while in Korea though.

We started out with just some simple trips for the first few videos while we get used to being on camera and editing but we’ll gradually do more exciting things. You can give us suggestions too! What would you like to see?


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