So first some explanation for this comic. My parents own the house next to theirs and rent it out to Koreans who are in Australia on working holiday visas. When we are staying in my home town and not in Sydney we often hang out with the Korean guys next door.

There is a pool in our backyard but it can be used by everyone next door too. One day we were next door and talking to some of the guys- but three of the guys had gone swimming.

I can see the swimming pool from the back door of the house next door and noticed something strange…

Luckily my parents and other church members who were inside did not see the naked Korean boys outside. There may have been alcohol involved that led to them skinny dipping in the middle of the day. Alcohol was involved with most of the stupid things these guys did!

Later on one of the guys said they were surprised that I stood there like that and wasn’t freaking out at their nakedness, because a Korean girl would have run away. I told them I’m not like a Korean girl and the nudity itself did not offend me as much as the fact that any moment my parents and church people could walk outside and see them!

These guys aren’t in Australia anymore but I miss them!


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