Naver Stop

If you weren’t aware, Naver is the search portal most South Koreans use. Which is why a lot of Koreans look at me oddly when I say “Google it” or “I was googling….” Koreans also watch a lot of videos on Naver so Youtube videos of Kpop groups on Youtube are not always representative of what is actually popular in Korea.

Anyway, my husband has been giggling lately at Koreans thinking that “naver” is how “never” is spelled. A Korean soccer player also did it on Cyworld (yet another just Korean thing) and wrote “naver stop” instead of “never stop”. I think my husband thinks it’s funny because they must think that the big website they all use means “never” in English.

Kakao Story is connected to Kakao Talk (instant messaging service on phones) which is Korean but anyone can use it. My husband is always on there. I don’t use it though because I have to manage so many social networks for this blog, I don’t need another one!

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