The first comic with our baby Yul Theodore!

I do have lots of comic ideas, which I will do later, but right now we are still in those hectic early weeks of having him home. After being in the NICU at the hospital for a month it is lovely to have him home though.

When he does like to be swaddled there can be times he squirms and then gets upset when his arms come out. We are better at swaddling now as well, it can take some practice. For the first week I think it was a bit confusing for him because he was used to the nurses in the NICU. Now he is really comfortable with us and hopefully realises we are his mummy and daddy.

Hugh’s parents have come from the countryside to see him and my parents are currently in Seoul to see him and spend time with us as well. He is the first grandchild on both sides of the family so everyone is so excited. Also he is a miracle baby. As long time followers of us know, we may not have been able to have children but with some luck and modern technology we know have this special little guy.

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