When your child is sick…

I wanted to do a vlog showing the reality of being a parent and what it’s like when your child is sick. Even when an illness is not very serious, it can still be heartbreaking as a parent to see your child in pain.

It’s also difficult for parents in regards to work. Whether you work outside the home or from home, some work has to be sacrificed so you can take care of your child. Our son Yul couldn’t go to daycare while sick like he usually would, so that meant we had to make a lot of adjustments too. We took him to a meeting we had to go to which was thankfully in our neighbourhood. But then Hugh was the one who had to continue working while I stayed home with Yul. This means a lot of my work gets delayed.

When you are freelancer there is always an element of guilt when you fall behind in work. But of course caring for your child is more important. While I love being my own boss, it’s times like these I envy jobs where someone else could do it while I’m not there.

Yul is feeling a lot better now. I filmed this vlog a few days ago and now his mood is greatly improved. He still has a bit of cough but he can be around other children again and loved being back at daycare and playing at the park after dinner. He was getting very sick of just being home with Mummy!

I know a lot of family vloggers only want to show the exciting or happy things, and I understand that, but I also think it’s important for parents to see reality represented on YouTube as well. That’s why I wanted to vlog when Yul was sick. Even then, I still couldn’t vlog everything or show how much he cried because in the moment I’m comforting and not thinking about filming.

I wanted to make a video that other parents understood and connected with. But also something educational for those have never had this experience and show maybe what their friends with kids are going through.

You can join in the conversation over on YouTube here.

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