Did you catch anything? 16

Did you catch anything

I would have been pretty proud if I caught two mulgwishin… (by the way, that’s my mother in law asking us).


Okay schedule is back on track! New videos up tomorrow!

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Cheonggyecheon 9


Is he beautiful?

We went with friends and my brother and sister to Cheonggyecheon last night.

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Walking in Busan 15

Walking in Busan

I then added, “A very androgynous guy!”

When you are so used to a different version of masculinity and androgyny in Kpop you can forget how different things are in Western media. I sometimes forget how androgynous G-Dragon can be.

My brother and sister are visiting Korea for a week which is why there have been less comics. We are in Seoul right now and doing lots of stuff! Things will be back to normal soon.

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Ask Korean Guys – One Food? 11

If they could only eat one type of food for the rest of their lives, what would they choose?

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One Step Outside 7

One Step Outside

My least favourite time of the year…. well ask me again in the dead of winter and I’ll re-evaluate that.

People who manage to look perfect at this time of year are wizards. When I got my hair cut and coloured in Seoul, the hairdresser said at this time of year all his foreigner clients are complaining about frizzy hair because of the humidity.

We are heading down to Busan today because my brother and sister are flying in this afternoon. Yay! As we mentioned in a video, we are super busy as we’ll be travelling around and also working on final things for the book. I can’t guarantee a comic every day for this next week. Sorry guys!

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MGT – Japanese Ramen 1

While I was getting my hair cut and coloured in Seoul, Mr Gwon went and ate some Japanese ramen with our friend Charlotte. Finding authentic Japanese ramen can be hard in Korea – we’ve eaten some terrible Koreanized ramen before – but Charlotte showed Mr Gwon this place in Hongdae. It’s called Menya Sandaime and seems to all be Japanese people working there. Many famous people have also visited. But I didn’t get to try…….. :(

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Seoul Vlog 5

So you guys asked us to vlog while we were in Seoul… so we did!

There may be more of these vlog style videos coming soon as we’ll be travelling with my brother and sister.

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CoC – 10,000 Subscribers and packages 2

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Centipede 23


We see house centipedes quite often. Mr Gwon hates them so much. I’ve dealt with way more insects in Korea than I have ever had to in Australia. In Australia I would carefully take spiders and moths outside but in Korea my patience had gone and I just kill whatever comes in our bedroom. There are just too many and I’m done with being nice. Australia is nothing compared to what we deal with in the Korean countryside.

I deal with things like this and my husband deals with any frogs that come inside.

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Talking to himself 13

Talking to himself

Awww so sweet.

In other news, we are super busy right now. The book is going to be released NEXT MONTH and we still have so much to do. Also my brother and sister are visiting for a week soon so we will be travelling around. There may be less comics and videos this month. Once this hectic time has finished we will go back to a normal schedule.

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Ask Korean Guys – Movies and Kpop groups they want to be in 2

Han and Hugh talk about what movie they would like to be in. They also talk about what Kpop group they want to be in and which members they would kick out…

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Big Butts 27

Big Butts

He likes big butts and he cannot lie….

One interesting aspect of being married – or even being around – someone from another culture who speaks English as a second language is the way they can say things that kinda sound offensive but it’s meant as a compliment. Sophie and I mentioned it in a video and talked about our husbands saying things like, “I like it when you are a bit chubby”. For us there can be negative connotations to things like that, but it’s not meant in a negative way. The same way the first time Koreans told me that I have a small face, I thought they were insulting me.

It’s also interesting the way standards for beauty often relate to things that are unobtainable for some people. I’m always amazed to see butt padding or “butt bras” in Korean underwear shops for women to make their butts look bigger.

For me, comments about the size of my rear end can carry the remnants of embarrassing moments from teenage years. Although I was always considered to be on the thinner size, I’ve never been flat in that area. One teenage moment that springs to mind was dressing up as the Spice Girls with friends, and I was ‘Posh Spice’ and wearing a tight dress. Another girl rudely commented about how big my butt was in front of everyone… Combine that with reading magazines containing articles about how to make your butt smaller and tighter…

None of that matters now, and I’ve learning to shake off that negativity. Beauty can be so subjective. Whatever shape you are, there will be someone who likes it.

I just still sometimes have that 1 second of thinking something is an insult before realising it’s a compliment.


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Update 2

Hey guys, we are heading to Seoul today for a meeting so there won’t be any comics or videos today or tomorrow. There will be comics and videos on the weekend though to make up for it ^^

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Iron Man 11

iron man suit

Wow…. I can’t wait…

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CoC – Daniel is hot…. 4

Time to Comment on Comments! Lots of people had something to say about Daniel…. and we open a package.

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