Seoul Firemen Calender Giveaway 155

Our new giveaway! People expressed interest in these calenders… so here you go.

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Triplets 33


This is his thing at the moment…. obsessed with the idea of having triplets. Can’t say that I’m too keen on the idea. The reason why is because he has been watching the tv show Return of Superman where there are some adorable triplets.


Also check out the latest vlog and please subscribe to the vlogging channel.

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Folklore and Sounding Tougher in Korean 6

This week’s Commenting on Comments!

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Honey Butter Chips Winners! 0

Wow we had a lot of people enter this!

The two winners are:

Diana Mueller


Lauren McAuley

If you guys can send me an email at to claim your chips!

honey butter chips

Please DON’T try to claim these chips if you are not the real winner. Don’t steal people’s profile pics and create new email addresses trying to claim the prize!

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New Webtoon – Foreigner Card 4

So as I mentioned before I’m entering the Line Webtoon Challenge League Contest. This prompted me to start a new series called Nicholalala (also the name of the vlogging channel). While the My Korean Husband comics focus more on our relationship and cultural differences, this new series is more about my imagination and how I see things.

Nicholalala Webtoon

To see more of this webtoon click HERE.

While the decisions are mostly made by judges, a small percentage is public vote, so if you like this new series, please give me a good rating here.

Whatever the outcome, I’ve already got so much great feedback with this series that I will continue it as a once a week webtoon as well as the normal My Korean Husband comics.

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Belgium 30


What is your country known for? And do people always ask the same questions? While Belgium is known for waffles, Koreans can tend to get particularly stuck on this fact because “Belgium Waffles” or a brand claiming to be, are available in convenience stores and that’s all people associate with Belgium.

I saw a clip of JYP asking an Australian contestant on one of those audition shows how the kangaroos are in Australia or something. *Groan*.

And we have a new vlog up!

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New Comic Series 2

Hey guys. So I decided to enter the Line Webtoon Challenge League Contest.

I didn’t want to just put the My Korean Husband comics on there, so I created a new series. It is still us and our life but the longer form of webtoons allows me to tell more of a story and use some ideas that never fitted the My Korean Husband comics.

Whatever the outcome is, I will continue this series because I’m excited about it and I have so many ideas for it. It will give you more of an insight into my very very strange mind and imagination. So right now I’m doing them for this contest and was prompted by the contest to start these comics, but my long term goal is to work on this series no matter what (as well as the My Korean Husband comics too).

A percentage of the judging is a public vote so it would be great if you could rate and comment and share the comics.


I have two up at the moment and will have several more up next week.



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Why Koreans don’t smell 8

If you read all the comics and blog posts, you already probably know about this. We made a video about it though!

We tried to keep it light-hearted so we are really sorry if we offend anyone. There are also many other things we could have talked about but just didn’t have time for. For example, what gene are children likely to get when one parent is Korean? Do pheromones in sweat cause some Koreans to be more attracted to someone who is very genetically different to them? Just because you have the more sweat glands and bacteria/sticky ear wax gene doesn’t automatically mean you smell bad- body odour varies a lot from person to person. Don’t be too paranoid, just be conscious of it.

Just last night we asked a Korean friend why they thought foreigners tended to smell more than Koreans and they said because Koreans go to the public baths and scrub their bodies there but foreigners don’t. Hehe.. a lot of misinformation around.

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Best Thing 13

Best Thing

We make this joke because it’s always an assumption some people will make- that he only married me for a visa. Obviously anyone who knows us knows that isn’t true. And we are living in Korea right now! The Australian visa process is so long and complicated that you’d know if someone was after one thing because they would have a hard time maintaining the relationship and answering the invasive relationship questions.

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Commenting on Comments – Shakespeare in Greenhouse 0

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Stu 4


Wow, so smooth!

I do the emailing myself, “ooh I have a new email!” thing all the time though…

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And that’s how strawberries are grown in Korea! To actually grow really sweet strawberries, there are some certain things to do, that not all strawberry growers do. That’s why some strawberries are sweeter than others. Secrets!

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To enter just leave a comment! We will pick 2 winners in 1 week.

Seriously, do you guys really want them? Everyone can enter!

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Favourite Childhood Toys 4

In this Ask Us video we talk about our favourite toy when we were children, chestnuts and where we will live in the future.

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What Beer?? 13

Sex Beer

Oh second languages… This one came out of nowhere. It took me so long to understand what he meant. But I have noticed how he can get very lazy with his English with me, because I’m his wife. He will have flawless English with other people but when just with me he expects me to decipher his mumbles, and then gets annoyed when I have no idea (some other wives of Korean guys have said the same thing too haha). So for us, it’s not only deciphering the normal male grunts and mumbles, but we have the added difficultly of it being a second language combined with laziness. Oh well, when I speak more Korean I’ll be able to get him back with my mumbling Korean.

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