Korean Winter 21

Korean Winter

I’m not coping with winter here!

It will be even worse when we go to Seoul tomorrow… Seoul is even colder than where we live.

Also, we are going to have a small meet up in Seoul on Saturday afternoon at the You Are Here cafe. Check social media for exact time later.

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Pheasant 18


So many of our conversations seem to go like this. I will marvel at the beauty of an animal, while he is just thinking about how it tastes.

Yesterday’s vlog:

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Update and vlog 0

Hey guys, I’m resting my arm today because it’s quite sore, so no comic today. Sorry :(

Here is yesterday’s vlog though. Make sure you subscribe to the vlogging channel so you can see vlogs as soon as they are uploaded.

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CoC -Feeling Patriotic 2

We comment on some comments and open some very Australian fanmail!

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Leave the plastic on 38

Leave the plastic on

This has been an ongoing argument. Even though I ripped it off, he has now stuck the crumpled plastic back on the heater. Oh look how new it is again! I’m sure we can sell it for full retail price!!!………….. not.

What type of person are you? My hands itch to take the plastic off things, but Mr Gwon always wants to leave the plastic on as long as possible. I can’t stand how untidy it looks having plastic on things but he insists it will stay new if the plastic is left on.

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Speaker’s Corner and vlog 8

We are in this video! There is a really cool video booth at the You Are Here Cafe.

Yesterday’s vlog is only about Hugh going to a friend’s wedding. Would you like to see more of him vlogging? I can’t guarantee that it won’t just be food…

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Korean Traffic 15

Korean Traffic

I’ve been living in Korea for almost 1 year but I’m still not used to Korean traffic or how unsafe it is for pedestrians . We almost got mowed down by a church van, but as Mr Gwon pointed out, once they hit us and kill us it would be convenient if they drove us to heaven too.

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We talk about the Korean drama “Modern Farmer” and what we think about it. No major spoilers.

I do most of the talking because I actually sat down and wrote an essay about the drama after discussions with Hugh about it. Therefore it was easier for me to talk about it. Also, he is so hungry in this video so all he is thinking about is food.

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Bazillion 16


Thanks for making me seem like a bad person!

Actually when we went there was NO ONE. We had the cinema to ourselves until one guy came in late. We also vlogged about it in yesterday’s vlog:

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Dumb challenge but so fun!

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Nevermind 12


This reminds me of that scene in The Simpsons:

Homer: I’m like that guy. That Spanish guy. You know, he fought the windmill…
Marge: Don Quixote?
Homer: No, that’s not it. What’s-his-name, the Man of La Mancha.
Marge: Don Quixote.
Homer: No!
Marge: I really think that was the character’s name. Don Quixote.
Homer: Fine! I’ll look it up! (Goes to look it up).
Marge: Well, who was it?
Homer: Nevermind.

Yup, pretty much. He wasn’t saying “Okay, you were right,” he was saying “Okay” angrily because he didn’t want to admit I was right! hehe.

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CoC – Military Service and do we have a ghost? 1

Not only was the curtain moving creepily while we filmed this but last night there was a strange dragging sound on the roof… but nothing there. I’m sure there are logical explanations, but it’s fun to be scared sometimes.

We chat about some recent comments on comics and videos!

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Singing What 8

Singing What

Now I REALLY want to make guacamole… but avocados are too hard to get in Korea.

Often these moments aren’t because of English being his second language, it’s just that he can’t remember a name. He knows if he says a word that maybe sounds like it that I will most likely guess it.

Like when people say things like, “You know the guy? He’s in that thing? You know the thing with a guy? And then there is that person?” And if someone is good friends or married they know what the person is talking about.

(And yes he was singing Thrift Shop).


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Vlog: Romantic Double Date! 3

We had a really nice day today and managed to find some time to have a nice double date with some friends (a couple that matchmaker Hugh put together actually). We drove up into the mountains to this hanok (traditional style Korean house) which is also a cafe. Seriously a scene in a drama needs to be filmed here.

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Ask Korean Guys with Jongdae 2

In this Ask Korean Guys, Hugh sits down with Jongdae who is another YouTuber to talk about high school and how it might be different going to school in Seoul compared to the countryside, and their personal experiences.

The school Hugh is talking about is actually the one near our house and you can see it in the latest vlog:


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