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Nicholalala Webtoon Episode: You Don’t Know


The Nicholalala webtoon on WEBTOONS is a fictional, weekly webtoon with elements of fantasy and Korean folklore.


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Watch me eat – Mukbangs

Watching me eat – personal mukbang?

Hugh is on quite a strict diet at the moment so I’ve been very conscious of not eating in front of him. In Australia, if I’m on a diet I don’t want to see other people eat nice food. However, he wants me to always eat in front of him! Not only him, but Yoojin his trainer who is also on this diet wants to watch me. They make me sit down on the sofa and they sit on the floor and watch every single mouthful. It’s a bit unnerving. They want me to make noise and tell them how delicious it is. Hugh also watches so many food programs at the moment. For me I couldn’t handle it if I was on a diet like that, but for him there is something satisfying about seeing others eat delicious food. It helps him with his diet somehow.

We’ve talked about why Koreans love mukbangs in this video. There are some historical and cultural reasons why mukbangs are so popular online and why Korean food programs are filmed in a certain way. I still feel bad eating in front of Hugh, especially when I’m eating something like creamy pasta and he only had chicken breast and vegetables, but he insists it’s okay. I didn’t finish all my pasta last night and he found the bowl and came into my office and demanded I finish it. I would have thrown up if I had one more bite unfortunately so I refused. I saw him eyeing the half of a scone that I left after breakfast this morning too. Silently and sometimes not so silently, judging me. He wants to see me eating so much food right now so he can feel the satisfaction somehow.

At least this diet is only for 1 month and then it’s back to the normal healthy, but not extreme diet. It’s just for getting his special profile photos done in celebration of his weight loss and transformation.

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Watching the My Korean Husband book being printed

Seeing the book being printed!

This was one of the coolest things to see, and so satisfying. I had a vague idea of how printing worked but to actually see the ink being physically put in and then coming out beautifully on the pages really blew my mind. There is a difference between knowing the concept of something and seeing it in action.

This printing company specializes in these types of books. Other companies in the area do things like newspapers and magazines. Our publishing company chose this printing company because of their attention to detail. It’s a family owned company and the boss’s son showed us around. He was very passionate about printing.

It’s interesting how the basic principles of printing are still the same after all these centuries: ink goes onto paper. But the technology was interesting. From that desk we showed in the video there was someone adjusting the levels of ink to change how it appears. That’s what those numbers corresponded to. The designer was checking how colour appeared. I’m very glad she was there because I really don’t know anything about what looks best. There is a big difference between artists and designers in cases like this.

There are special techniques for loading paper as well. You may have noticed the guy putting the paper into the machine fluffed it up slightly before loading it. There are all these techniques that involve slight movements that people learn when working in this industry. Watching the paper going in and being printed on was very satisfying! Definitely falls in the “oddly satisfying” category. Even if it wasn’t my book, it would have still been cool to see.

We will be having a book signing on the 15th of July at the Kyobo book store at Times Square in Seoul at 3pm. We will update more soon!

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The first look at the book!

In this vlog we show you our day. Live radio in the morning, going to a big book store for meetings and then going to see the first print of the My Korean Husband book for the Korean market!

We have been really busy getting this book ready, but I think my editor and designer have been even busier.

Those that have been following us for years will probably know that we signed a publishing deal quite a long time ago but there seemed to be so many delays. Although we signed with a big company, there was a lot of internal problems within the company. There was corruption and a CEO change and whole departments were changed so our little book just got lost in the middle. I was also not happy with the designer there who didn’t seem to care much about the book. The guy who originally signed us to the company was lovely and believed in the book but he also ended up leaving the company.

Fast forward a few years and a much smaller company decided to publish our comics. There were a few different ideas and changes but eventually it was decided to publish as a proper comic book. They salvaged the work that had already been done by the bigger company, overhauled it and picked out which comics they thought suitable for the Korean audience. I actually didn’t pick which comics went into this book as even though they are my comics. I don’t know which ones Koreans will respond better to as I’m not Korean. Not all humour translates well. The translations were also redone so hopefully it will be a lot funnier now.

It’s been such a long time waiting for this book to come out. Even when you know publishing takes a long time, it’s always a surprised at how much work goes into things. Although I do art, I could never do the type of design our new designer did. If I had self-published I would have either had to hire a designer and pay for them myself, or tried to do the design by myself, which would have been disastrous. My editor is also very meticulous and arranged the comics in a way that tells much more of a story, rather than it being just a bunch of repackaged comics from the blog. I’m so grateful to them for believing in this project.

Now finally the book will be in stores in Korea! It will be in selected Kyobo book stores and if it does well enough it will be put in other Kyobo stores too. We will let you know where you can buy it soon. In store book sales matter the most at the start so if you can physically go buy it, it does really help! If your local Kyobo doesn’t have it, ask them to get it! It will also be available online in Korea. For the international audience there will be some online stores that will sell internationally, so we’ll keep you updated on that.

As we mentioned in the video, we will be doing a book signing at the Times Square Kyobo in about 2 weeks! Please come and say hi! We haven’t done a meet up in a long time, and it will be harder later with my pregnancy progressing (and impossible with a new born), so now is a good time to come meet us!

You can also listen to us Wednesday mornings on tbs radio at 9:30, either on the radio if you are in Korea, or through an app. Or you can catch up later online.

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Body Changes and 24 Hour Gyms in Korea

24 Hour Gyms in Korea

Hugh’s latest update about his “Last Chance” transformation. He has come so far! Last night he was looking at some old videos and realised how different he looks now. He has gained a lot more confidence and is feeling much healthier. Calling it his “last chance” has really worked motivation wise and it’s much better for him to make these changes now rather than in his 40’s.  The earlier the better. In this video I ask him questions about his progress and he shows the inside of Korean gyms… in the middle of the night!

It has helped having a 24 hour gym nearby. Usually Hugh and Yoojin, his trainer, go in the evening but one time when they both fell asleep before going. I was just in our office working on stuff and when I came out I saw Yoojin asleep on the sofa and Hugh passed out on our bed. I figured they just weren’t going to the gym, but they both woke up at about 11:30pm and headed to the gym. I think going to the gym that late makes them a little bit crazy.

As we mentioned in the video, we almost weigh the same now! I’m always shocked when they check my weight at my hospital appointments because I have never been this heavy in my adult life. I have to remind myself that I’m pregnant. I don’t think I’ve ever seen Hugh this lean in all the time I’ve known him either. He really has been changing his body shape. It’s also good timing with the baby on the way.

The last month will be the hardest as now his diet will be more restricted and he will be building muscle to get the special profile photo that is popular in Korea. Once he has done that he can relax. The photoshoot will also be his reveal of how much his body changed and he is very excited to show everyone.

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Nicholalala Webtoon Episode: Two


Nicholalala is an weekly webtoon on WEBTOONS that explores fantasy and folklore in the context of the Korean countryside. This week’s episode is part of an ongoing story exploring a particular folklore story.

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Wearing T-shirts (the Slytherin t-shirt)

Wearing t-shirts while pregnant

I’ve been getting bigger but Hugh as been getting slimmer. Some of our couple t-shirts we have now switched and I’m wearing the large one and he is wearing the small one. At home when I want to be comfortable I often wear one of his t-shirts. Most are too big for him now. I’m generally not fussy about which one I wear but I can’t bring myself to wear his Slytherin t-shirt. I’m a Hufflepuff. (Since Harry Potter is such a world wide phenomenon I don’t think there is any need to explain much about the Hogwarts Houses here).

People are often surprised to know Hugh is a Slytherin as of course he is a lovely guy. But he is ambitious and driven. A Hufflepuff and Slytherin marriage may seem odd but it does work really well. I remember not expecting to be a Hufflepuff when I did the test years ago, but it makes the most sense now. I definitely identify as a Hufflepuff!

Hugh has lost so much weight, and of course I am gaining weight, that we almost weigh the same amount now! He is only a little bit heavier than me. But he may get heavier again as he bulks up. Going from large and extra large t-shirts down to the small size has been amazing for him, although it does leave a lot of too big t-shirts he can’t wear now. I can wear some of them, but there really is too many. The Slytherin t-shirt, and my Hufflepuff t-shirt, were gifts from a fan so it’s a shame his one is too big for him, because it is a great t-shirt.

I just can’t bring myself to wear it…

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