Old Photos 10

Old Photos

Looking at these older photos has really helped motivate him to get in shape again. But really, I’m pretty happy and don’t need a refund haha!

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CoC – What a nice gangster 0

We are back in the countryside and filming outside! We are going to try and film our Commenting on Comments videos outside as much as we can.

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Bobby 8


We’ve seen this happen before right? He will be really disdainful about something I like, sometimes even making fun of me. And then at some point he realises actually it’s really good! Then he starts liking it even more than me.

He was really dismissive when I was watching ‘WIN: Who is next?’ last year. For those that don’t know, that TV show was YG Entertainment trainees put into 2 teams to compete against each other. The winning team became WINNER, the group who have just debuted. Bobby was in Team B which is the team that didn’t win. So I’ve liked him since then, but Mr Gwon has suddenly become a fan since he has been on ‘Show Me the Money’. He didn’t care about him at first because like others, he just dismissed him as an Kpop idol who can’t rap…….but he was wrong.

He listens to his songs from Show Me the Money over and over again. Like so much that I’m kinda sick of them now.


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Ask Korean Guys – Tall Guys? 11

Hugh and Daniel talk about there being a stereotype that Korean men are short and the difference between generations, not just between the much older generation and younger people, but even the differences between men who are Hugh’s age and men who are Daniel’s age. I’ve noticed the differences as well between people around the age of 30 and people who are late teens and early 20’s. People are getting taller.

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Eat Now or Later 8

Eat now or later

We’ve really enjoyed looking after Meemers for Simon and Martina this week. The only cats I see in the countryside are stray ones that are scared of people. We can’t have pets there for a few reasons. Because we live on a strawberry farm we can’t have any animals inside in case any hair gets into the strawberry boxes, which are packed inside. I’m also really wary of having a pet there because animal rights are pretty much non-existent, people aren’t educated about animal welfare and the stray animals can attack and carry disease/parasites. It’s not a good environment for a pet unfortunately, which makes me sad because I love animals. So we’ve really loved being in Seoul and having a pet for a week.

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Seoul Vlog 13

We vlog about using the Seoul subway and visiting Hyunwoo from Talk to Me in Korean and seeing adorable baby Joon! Hyunwoo took Hugh to Project S School so Hugh could try some Martial Arts Tricking. He did really well for his first time! If anyone in our area (Jinju area) does this, let us know!

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Choice 5


A bit of alcohol usually improves his English. A little bit more… doesn’t seem to help at all. He was terribly embarrassed at the silly things he said last night. I think that “You can’t choice my life” was the best one though.

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He did do it 24

This follows on from this previous comic.

He did do it

Yeah he actually did it! He wasn’t here when I woke up but he had got up earlier and bought me an iced chai latte. He loves disappointing me and then surprising me later.

This is something I really love about Seoul… the convenience.

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You Could 14

You Could

Chai lattes aren’t always that easy to get in Korea. Because I don’t drink coffee and prefer chai lattes I’m always looking for which places have them. Starbucks and Ediya Coffee are two big chains that have them. Let me know if you know of any others! Since we live in the countryside I can only really get them from bigger chains that are everywhere.

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CoC – Red Card and Makeup? 1

We are in Seoul so we don’t have our normal lights – just using natural light…. ahhh…. natural light… it burns!

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New Look 25

New Look

Even drawing his facial hair, I can’t make it not look creepy! Actually it looks quite good in real life, but when it’s just a moustache………errr…. not great.


We also filmed the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge today. Unfortunately we aren’t at home in the countryside right now so couldn’t do it outside or in an interesting way. But here it is:


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Ask Korean Guys – TV Shows and Music 2

I think if you’d asked the guys a year or so ago if they liked any Kpop, they would have both answered in a negative way. Since they have both come back to Korea they are liking more Kpop now. Right now Mr Gwon is listening to a lot of stuff from ‘Show Me the Money’ the Hip Hop elimination show, but he is also listening to Block B, A Pink, Sistar and Hyuna right now.

We cut it out of the video because it got too long, but the guys also talked about seeing more people talking about sex and sexuality on Korean TV which they both agreed was overall a positive thing. Also that seeing celebrities being open about sex and normal life, made them respect them more. Mr Gwon in particular wants Korea to have more openness about sex and sexual health.

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Foreign Girls 8

Foreign girls

He was supposed to say, “No, you are not annoying!”

One of the interesting things about meeting his old friends is seeing what their perception of him was, and also their perceptions of themselves. They always thought there was no way that Mr Gwon would be the one to live in another country, marry a foreign woman, speak English well, and travel that much. But he was the one to do it. This friend in particular hadn’t seen him for 14 years and was so shocked to hear him speaking English naturally with me. This friend didn’t do any of that and settled down in Korea with a Korean woman (though I’m sure he is happy too).

On the topic of marrying foreign women, we have another friend who wants to marry someone who is foreign. Now there are lots of reasons why a Korean man wants to marry a foreign woman and before I’ve talked about foreign brides for older men, or men who can’t find wives. Those are arranged marriages that are supposed to benefit both the man and the woman who is usually from a developing country. This is nothing like that.

I think many people can jump to the conclusion that a Korean man interested in foreign women is motivated by some fantasy of foreign women, especially western women, that is influenced by the media. That is not always the case. A lot of it just comes down to culture. For example, this friend finds it difficult to find the traits he wants in a partner in Korean women because of Korean culture and Korea being an Asian, community orientated society. He wants a wife that shares his passions and interests (as he is an outgoing adventurous, wanting to be different, type of guy) and personally he has found it harder to meet someone who also wants to break away from what society expects in Korea. It makes sense that he may find what he is looking for if he looks for a woman who is from an individualistic culture (Individualistic cultures include the U.S., Australia, Great Britain, Canada) rather than a culture with more of a group mentality. Usually it’s not about looks at all. It’s about people finding the best match for them. Hopefully he will be able to meet the right person for him.

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Update 0

Hey everyone. Sorry there was no comic today. We were in Seoul overnight for some meetings and stuff. We also weren’t able to film a Mr Gwon Time but we will try to have Ask Korean Guys up tomorrow night. We are in Seoul next week as well, but our schedule should be normal then.

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Worst Pasta Ever 10

Worst Pasta Ever

He was referencing a quote in the book and movie ‘The Fault in Our Stars’. I dragged him to see it because I’ve been waiting so long to see it (Korea got it so late) but of course he loved it!

Now onto terrible Korean pasta. We’ve been a little bit spoilt. We found an awesome pizza and pasta place in Jinju, so after going there a few times we forgot how bad most Italian food in Korea is. We didn’t have time to go across town to the good Italian place so we tried a new place. Most Italian food places in Korea have crappy Koreanized pasta – but some are not too bad. I can stomach it as long as it’s pasta. This was horrendous though! I posted a few photos on Instagram for those that want to get an idea about what I mean. I asked for some salt and pepper to try and make the plastic pasta taste better and the waitress was very confused and finally brought me a 2 plates with a pile of cooking salt and pepper on them. We both felt sick afterwards.  Mr Gwon even said that he could easily make better pasta than this place and he isn’t even very good at cooking. Not only was it terrible because it was nothing like Italian food at all, but whatever type of fusion they were trying to achieve failed miserably. We laughed through our tears. I actually really hope that place shuts down so other people aren’t subjected to that. It’s likely to simply because businesses spring up quickly in Korea with not much planning or research and shut down again quickly. Nothing is very long term.

Actually I was very homesick today, which is why there wasn’t a comic earlier. That pasta just made me feel a lot worse. The Fault in Our Stars didn’t make me feel worse though! Of course it made me feel sad, but it made me feel better about things.

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