Nicholalala Webtoon Episode: Wish 0


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In this episode we film with other YouTubers, Hugh goes to the soccer, we go to SeoulTube, talk about if people stare at us and WHY DOES THE SIGN STILL HAVE PLASTIC ON IT? (Watch to see what I’m talking about).

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Becca’s story:

Diagnosed at age 4 with rare liver disease, PSC ( and ulcerative colitis.
By age 8 (1995) received 1st transplant at Mayo Clinic in Minnesota but there were many complications, disease returned quickly.

Age 11 (1999) received 2nd transplant at Mayo. Lived for 3 years without the liver disease but had developed other problems like migraines.

Age 20 was put back on the transplant list. A third liver transplant was risky and I was not likely to get a liver. In America we mostly rely on cadaver donors (dead people) for organs. There is a strict system for how these organs are allocated and I wasn’t as promising a candidate as say, a child needing their first transplant. 2011 at age 23 I got the transplant, though. 5 years of relative health followed but I had developed more issues like arthritis, polycystic ovarian syndrome, fibromyalgia, chronic pain and more. It was during this 5 year period that I travelled to Korea for language school and ended up meeting my future husband. I moved officially to South Korea in 2014

My health was doing okay until one day in late July I had terrible abdominal pain and went to the emergency room. I was admitted to the hospital and it was discovered that there were all sorts of problems with my liver that hadn’t been there even 10 months previous. It looked like the disease was returning and I also had lots of infection, keeping me in the hospital for a month.
As the situation got worse, we decided I had a better chance of survival by going back to Mayo Clinic in America. I was barely healthy enough to fly but I made it.
Before I came I worked hard with my parents to set up insurance since I hadn’t lived in America for quite some time and hadn’t maintained any. I just had Korean government insurance that only works within Korea. It wasn’t until a day or so before I left that we found out we could not get insurance coverage for over a week. We did everything we could with the insurance company, even got the help of local politicians but there was nothing to be done.
And I was/am in bad shape. I needed to be hospitalized right away upon arriving in America. My lack of insurance means I cannot afford to go to the hospital but not going to the hospital means being very risky with my life.
Because we need money so desperately (even without the insurance problem this was going to be a huge financial burden) my husband has had to stay in Korea to continue making a paycheck but will come to America if the situation calls for it. If things here turn out to be long-term then we will consider him immigrating.

A friend of mine thought of starting the fundraiser on gofundme and I gave her permission. We never dreamed it would get so much attention. We all hate asking for money but are unbeievably grateful for what people have given. It will be put directly to use paying for my medical bills.

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Nicholalalala Webtoon Episode: Picnic 0

Nicholalala Picnic


This is the third part in this three episode mini story within the webtoon.

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Snapshot of my day: SeoulTube 0

Some small moments from my day yesterday when we went to an event for YouTubers. Subscribe to the Nicholalala channel here.

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Tofu 2


I actually really like tofu and it’s used so well in Korean cooking as a proper ingredient and not like a meat substitute in western cooking. Korean tofu is great too! But I just don’t get that automatic reaction of drooling at slabs of tofu on food shows that Hugh gets. I was just thinking about how I wish it was cheese. I’d be drooling if it was a big slab of cheese.

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It seems like every country has their own version of Chinese food. We show you the best Korean Chinese food we’ve had. I think it helps that it’s actually Chinese people running the restaurant, because usually Chinese food restaurants are run by Koreans. Unless it’s an actual real Chinese restaurant with Chinese food, not food adapted for Korean tastes.

In Australia at Chinese restaurants there is usually a big list of dishes to choose from, but not in Korea. In fact, often it just comes down to the three dishes we show you in the video. Like any other country, the quality of the food can vary greatly depending where you go. There is totally gross delivery food, just average food, tasty but heavy and greasy, and then wonderful food like this. For example, the pork was strips of tender pork that you can easily see. Many other not as good restaurants will cut up tiny amounts of bad quality pork and batter it so much that it’s 90% batter and 10% pork. Not this restaurant, their sweet and sour pork is so good, as you can see in the video.

What is your country’s version of Chinese food?

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SeoulTube 2016 0

SeoulTube is a meet up for YouTubers and viewers in Korea. We will be there so come say hi if you are in Seoul! Details here.


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Nicholalala Webtoon Episode: Unfortunate 0



This is the second part in a 3 part mini story within the webtoon.

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Snapshot of my Day- Han river in the evening 0

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Hugh has been so excited about Mexican culture lately (renewed enthusiasm for learning Spanish) but unfortunately he discovered he doesn’t like sour Mexican candy. He really doesn’t like anything sour, but I liked it!

It’s been a more quiet week, but Hugh still managed plenty of socializing. I made many trips to the convenience store to buy Australian Lemon, Lime and Bitters, and still managed to always miss seeing the famous people coming out of YG Entertainment.

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Intercultural Confessions Challenge 2

We thought up this challenge because after being married for several years I think we are comfortable confessing to some secrets or how we feel about some things in each other’s cultures. And I guess the challenge is not to descend into an argument! Haha! What food do we not like? What do we think is weird? What did we lie about?

We’d love to see some other couples do this challenge.


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Too Hot 7


Too Hot

Worst summer ever! It’s been such a hot summer and we’ve been unable to do so many things we want to because of the heat and the humidity. Although I’m used to hot weather in Australia, Australian homes usually have air conditioners that cool down the whole house but Korean homes tend to just have air con in one room so most of the house can still be so hot. Also… no swimming culture. The heat has made me a bit sick lately, and sleep deprived as it’s too hot to sleep well. Hugh has been dealing with the heat by laying still while naked.

We do get warning messages on our phones about the heat, as well as other times there is any slight danger, like too much rain or fog. At first these messages would freak me out. Is North Korea invading??? But usually it’s nothing much.


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Nicholalala Webtoon Episode: Foreigner 0


In this episode I reference that Korea used to be a hermit kingdom. This has fascinated me for a while, especially when you read the stories of Europeans who were shipwrecked and not allowed to leave. We know of the men who managed to eventually escape, but I wonder how many didn’t and were lost to history…

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Snapshot of my Day 0

Video up on the Nicholalala channel. A quick snapshot of my day.

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