Tea Please 9

Tea Please

Well I learned something… think I might just ask in English from now on though.

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Hyung or Ahjussi? 7

We talk about being called ahjussi or hyung and how I got a Korean tutor. We also comment on some comments!

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Nicholalala Webtoon Episode: Cat 2

Nicholalala Cat


This episode was originally on the Challenge League on LINE Webtoon but is changed a bit now that I’m a featured artist. It helps me out if you like, share, comment or rate. Thanks guys!

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In Seoul with Sara (SeoulSarang) Preview 3

We have some videos coming soon that were a collaboration with Hotels.com (Korea) and Sara from the YouTube channel SeoulSarang. Check out the short trailer. CLICK HERE FOR THE VIDEO.


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Twice a week the Soondae Ahjussi visits nearby with his soondae truck. Now I’ve mentioned before that I don’t like soondae, but I’ve had a change of heart and now I quite like it! I don’t like eating it at open markets where it can have a strong smell and looks like it’s been sitting there for a while…haha, I can still be picky. I only started liking it after trying it at this soondae truck because it’s so fresh and there are different flavours. Hugh has always loved it though and it’s one of his favourite foods.

Soondae can also be romanised as “sundae” but I think that spelling can cause some problems for foreigners who are expecting ice cream…

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Highschool Boys 7

Highschool boys

So while I was thinking that those boys shouldn’t be drinking like that (must have forgotten I was in Korea! haha) Hugh had only thought about bribing them so they wouldn’t call him ahjussi. He doesn’t like to be faced with the reality of his age and how the younger generation now view him. I understand it, I hate being called ahjumma…. but he’s going a lot further to still feel young!

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Nicholalala Webtoon Episode: How we REALLY met 2

Nicholalala episode


In a previous webtoon episode I joked about how we met because through the Nicholalala webtoons I’ve gained a new audience that doesn’t necessarily know our real story. I continue that joke in this new webtoon.

Thank you everyone for liking, sharing, commenting and rating. Although Naver Webtoons have been a big thing in Korea for years, (Naver) Line Webtoons (the international site) is pretty new and not everyone knows about it. It’s really important to know that Line Webtoons supports and pays artists and has the proper rights for these comics/webtoons etc. If a webtoon/manga/manwha is on Line Webtoon but you see it on another site as well, it means that other site has stolen it. Please only read them on Line Webtoon. These other sites usually have “manga” in the url (mangafox, mangabay, mangahere etc) and they STEAL all the content they have on their site. Not only do they steal but they chop up webtoons/mangas etc and put a panel on separate pages so they optimize their advertising profit while negatively affecting the experience for the viewer. Unfortunately because mangas/manhwas/webtoons have not been available in English previously, people have had to rely on these illegal sites, it’s changing now but people aren’t aware of sites like LINE Webtoons (and other upcoming sites), so please spread the word. Support the sites that support the artists.


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Remember Number 8

Remember Number

You know when someone is trying to count or memorize a number and it’s really obnoxious to yell random numbers to make them lose track or forget? That’s what I was doing but my Korean number skills are atrocious so it sounded ridiculous. Korea has 2 numbering systems which can be confusing if you are bad at even the single numbering system in English… like me… I have maths phobia.

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What Webtoons I’m reading 21

I’m sorry that I missed Friday’s comic, we were a bit busy with other things today but I took the opportunity to make a quick vlog about what webtoons I have been reading lately. With my health being not so good, I often find myself in bed and reading. What have you been reading lately?

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20,000 subs, SeoulTube and Fanmail 9

Thank you everyone who is subscribed to our YouTube channel!

It was great to see so many people at SeoulTube, it’s just that the weather is unfortunate. Hugh had a great time there, and I did as well, but due to health problems and finding those situations overwhelming, I disappeared a lot and left Hugh to do the talking. He is the social butterfly and I’m the introvert. Shout out to the small group of people that kindly hung out with me in a quieter coffee shop for a while! We filmed this video today and edited luckily before I ended up bedridden with pain again. The pain has eased enough for me to sit up and type this, so that’s good. I was trying to vlog as well today, but had to give that up. I’ll continue that vlog later in the week.

Thank you Aimee for sending all that lovely stuff!

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Don’t Step On 6

Don't step on

I like frogs but I have this paranoia about accidentally kill them. The feeling of stepping on a frog and crushing it is a big fear of mine. Unfortunately there are lots of frogs at the moment because the rice has been planted so many of the fields have water on them. Great habitat for frogs, but makes for terrifying walking at night.

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Nicholalala Webtoon Episode: Underwear 6

Nicholalala Underwear


When I was a child and pictured myself as an adult… this wasn’t how I pictured myself… haha.

This episode was originally on the Challenge League before I became a featured artist on LINE Webtoon but it is altered slightly. Even when an episode is an “old” episode it won’t be exactly the same as before.

Thank you so much everyone for all the likes, shares and comments! If you haven’t given me a rating before, you can do it on this page.

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Really Bad Timing 8

Bad Timing

Wonderful married life conversation there…

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Lesson 4


He has so little faith in me… haha.

Actually I’ve had insomnia lately so he knew I was sleep deprived and likely to dissolve into tears at anytime. But the lesson was fine! It’s all in Korean so of course it’s hard for me to understand everything the teacher is saying, but it wasn’t a traumatic experience.

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Korean Tutor 24

Korean Tutor

You know the feeling of being a student again and it’s terrifying??? Traumatic school flashbacks haha.

Since I’m married to a Korean man I’m allowed a free Korean tutor through government services. Unfortunately we had to wait a year or so before one was available for me. Being in the countryside it’s a tutor that comes to people’s houses, which is good for me because I don’t have time to travel to a class twice a week.

Yesterday was the first evaluation to see where my Korean level is. My Korean is very basic and although I can follow some conversations, my speaking level is very low. People mistakenly think that by simply being in Korea that it should be very easy to learn Korean, but it’s not at all. Everyone has different skills and experiences. For example, someone who has already learned another language will likely learn faster, whereas I have never learned another language before. Also whether your relationship developed in English or Korean or a bit of both will affect it. When I first met Hugh, I couldn’t even read Korean.

Another aspect is what language who have to work in, and of course our work is mostly in English. Teachers, full-time bloggers and others working in English environments in Korea have this problem, and it’s a very different experience to someone who is learning Korean in a Korean university for example. What type of work or study you are doing in Korea will really influence the opportunities you have for learning Korean. (Not to mention extra things like dialect!)

Due to time limitations and knowing that I’d be getting a tutor later anyway, my Korean study stalled a lot. But now I’ll be learning Korean in Korean, which the tutor said is the hardest but fastest way. It’s kinda terrifying but I’m really glad as well.

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