Nicholalala Webtoon: Friends 1

Nicholalala Friends


So to clarify, when this happened I wasn’t counting my friend who was getting married in Sydney (I was bridesmaid), and Han and Sophie who we always stay with in Sydney. Beyond them I realised I wasn’t super close to anyone else, even though we lived in Sydney for so long. Not only do I maintain friendships with people online, but real life friends often become online friends because we are all in different places around the world.

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Vlog: Korean First Birthday 0

In this vlog we experience some scary taxi driver road rage and then eat lots of food at a Korean first birthday.

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Picnic Set 3


If I’d taken a second to look closer I would have recognised what it was, but I wasn’t paying very much attention. Chuseok, which is one of the big holidays in Korea, is coming soon, so places like E-mart have these types of things prominently displayed.

An important part of the Chuseok holiday is going to where ancestor burial mounds are and paying respects and tidying up the graves. There is a ceremony with some food and drink, so this type of set makes it easier and nicer. It’s plastic and portable and easy enough to lug up a hill or mountain. While we have the proper set for the ceremony done in the morning inside the home, I’ve only seen paper cups used up where the burial mounds are. Obviously someone has realised there is a market for a portable set that is easy to carry.

When we post photos online of the food set up in the morning on holidays like this, people are always curious… what happens to all the food?! We eat it! That’s one of the interesting things about this tradition. The food is put out symbolically for the ancestors (about four generations back) but then we eat it all over the holiday. It’s important to remember family members who have passed on. I find it quite moving, especially when we pay respects to Hugh’s grandfather who loved him dearly but died when Hugh was still young.


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Han and Hugh talk about some more reverse culture shock they experienced when going back to Korea.They talk about the cold, greetings, internet speed and foreigners.

(This was filmed back when we were in Australia and sorry for bad lighting).

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Costco in Korea 3

Yesterday Hugh went to the Costco in Busan. It was the first time he’d been to a Costco so he made a video.


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Vlog: Jinju and Gochu 0

Finally feeling healthy enough to do some more vlogging.

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Nicholalala Webtoon Episode: Poop Fly 2

New Nicholalala Webtoon episode up on LINE Webtoon.

Nicholalala Poop Fly


Hugh informed me after I made this webtoon that there are literally flies called “poop flies” in Korea!

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Beautiful Countryside 7

Beautiful Countryside

This happens a lot. I decide to go for a walk and get bombarded with fertilizer smell! Remember that when you see some of the photos I post on Instagram. It’s not something that just happens in the countryside either. I remember several times in Sydney when they fertilize all the lawns in parks and there is that fertilizer smell in the city!

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호주 스타일 아기 안는법 (Carrying babies the Aussie way) 0

Han demonstrates the Aussie way of carrying babies…

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Geoje Island 거제도 5

I was still recovering from surgery here so not up to doing much filming. This year, health problems and busy schedules have really prevented us from filming everything we want to but it has lead to Hugh’s decision that he is going to film a lot more for you guys. That will give me more time for the comics and webtoons, while still having lots of videos on this channel. Although he is a social butterfly in real life (and never stops talking haha) he has always been much shyer on camera. Hopefully he will become more confident now, so please encourage him!

Geojedo ‘Theme Museum’ was kinda brilliant in its weirdness. There was Greek mythology on the outside, lots of Korean modern history objects inside, and then suddenly random stuff from movies…. but older movies from the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s. I have a feeling it’s a museum where museum objects go to retire… they just take everything!

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GD Live Stream 8

There is this new app that Kpop stars live stream on…


Who is the bigger G-Dragon fan here?

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Hugh and Jongdae talk about if Korean guys stop their university studies in order to do their compulsory military service. Those that follow Kpop and Kdramas would be very aware that Korean men have to do their military service, but they might not realise what age are usually doing it at. Kpop stars and actors usually delay their military service because of their careers, often waiting until the last possible allowed time to do it, so it may seem like Korean men do their service in their late 20’s. Usually though, Korean men are doing it at a much younger age and usually when they are in university.

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Nicholalala Webtoon Episode: Swimming 0

What happens when I go swimming after being told I shouldn’t?

Nicholalala Episode Swimming

NEW Nicholalala Episode is up on LINE Webtoon. Read the rest of the episode HERE.

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Kakao Friends Store 4

The only messages I get with my normal phone text messaging is lots of spam and text messages from the bank. I don’t even check my inbox properly. In Korea everything is done with KakaoTalk, not only for talking friends but even business contacts. The KakaoTalk characters are very popular and there’s lots of super cute merchandise with them.

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Hand me that 5

Hand me that

In Korean culture it’s polite to give things to people with 2 hands, or with the other hand supporting your arm. It’s especially important to do that with someone older than you or if they are in a higher position.

Being married, we don’t need to always give things with 2 hands (though some people who have a more formal marriage may still always do it) so it was funny that Hugh did it by reflex when he was concentrating too much on something else but still didn’t actually look at me.

Within a marriage you can also do it on purpose to show respect or care but is not necessary all the time. Also because I’m not Korean and our marriage is a cross cultural marriage, we are changing between 2 different cultures constantly.


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