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The Winter Olympics in Korea

Hugh is competitive in general so I’m so used to saying “It’s not a competition!” that it was out of my mouth before I realised… oh yeah… it is literally a competition!

Also, Happy Lunar New Year!

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The vegemite question

Luckily there is no such thing as vegemite kimchi…

Both Korea and Australia have a strong tasting food that is part of their national pride. Hopefully our baby will enjoy both. While I like kimchi, Hugh has given up on pretending that he likes vegemite.

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What is Korea really like?

New video! Another podcast video where we chat about some topics. These are the easiest videos to edit at the moment and luckily Yul is happy enough to be in our arms quietly while we talk.

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Frozen Chicken

Another very quick comic as we are still so busy being new parents. Our son Yul Theodore is rapidly getting bigger and is now more than 5 kilos. That probably seems small for people with 1 year olds, but it’s so big compared to his premature birth weight.

Most of the discussion about comics now happens on Facebook or Instagram so you can see comments over there.

Here is Yul now:

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Yul Teddy started smiling recently and we managed to catch his first real smiles on camera. Hugh had an emotional reaction to it!

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Hugh and our good friend Sara recently were filming for Arirang TV. As it was about showing all the things open during the night in Seoul, it unfortunately meant late night filming in freezing temperatures!

Hugh made a short vlog that shows the different places that are open 24 hours in Seoul.

Check out Sara’s channel here.

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New Nicholalala Webtoon Episodes

Check out the latest Nicholalala webtoon episodes on LINE WEBTOON. Nicholalala is my (mostly) fictional webtoon series. New episodes up every Tuesday!

In episode 143 the Sock Monster shows off more things he has stolen.


In Episode 144 the Dokkaebi is concerned about a sudden change.



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