Hanbok Problems 6

Hanbok Problems

I do like wearing my hanbok, but it’s not the easiest thing to get around in. I spent a lot of Lunar New Year sitting and waiting for relatives to visit, and some objects disappeared under my skirts. When you try a hanbok on at tourist places they are usually not this big and are just the outer skirt and top/jacket, but if you own a hanbok it usually involves special socks and pantaloons, a big puffy petticoat, and an under blouse before you even put on the pretty colourful skirt and top.

I wasn’t allowed to take it off either, those that follow me on Instagram would have seen my photo of my view laying on the floor while waiting in my hanbok. Although, for all the ways a hanbok can limit you, they are very special.

We haven’t put anymore videos up with week because I’ve been sick and we have been busy with Lunar New Year, but we’ll have some up soon.

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Quickly Unpack 25

Quickly Unpack

I’ve definitely talked about this before. We are complete opposites with this. When I get home from travelling I want to do nothing. I just to just lay there and relax. Unpacking is too much effort. Mr Gwon, on the other hand, gets all pumped up when he comes home and wants to unpack right away and do laundry and everything. I don’t mind if he unpacks my stuff, but I’m completely happy with leaving the bag there for quite a while.

Are you a quick unpacker or a leave the suitcase for days type of person?

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Valentine’s Day Vlog 0

This is what we did on Valentine’s day:

It was actually pretty fun to go by the YG Building, there was definitely activity and I know a lot of recording is happening there are the moment. The fans waiting were also very nice and respectful. Two Korean girls asked us questions thinking we knew Big Bang’s movements and if they were inside right now… not sure why they thought we would know, we were probably more clueless than everyone else there! If you do like YG groups I do recommend a visit to the YG building if you are in Seoul, although you may not see anyone famous, it’s cool to be in the area and read all the messages for YG artists.

We had a really good Valentine’s Day. I think it’s a good idea to share it with our couples because it takes a lot of pressure off it. Because it can be tiring to be lovey dovey all day! Instead, eat lots of food and be with good people.

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The Worst Nachos (and new vlog) 2

This week’s Commenting on Comments:

There is also a new vlog up on our Nicholalala Vlogging channel. Subscribe to see these videos as soon as they are uploaded.

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New Webtoon 0

I have a new webtoon up over on the Line Webtoon publishing platform.

Nicholalala Painting

CLICK HERE FOR FULL WEBTOON. If you like these webtoons and want me to continue please like and share them. You can also give me a rating here.

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Japchae Hotteok 13

Japchae Hotteok

This was amusing to me because usually I’m the one that is horrified by weird food combinations in Korea, but this time he was annoyed by an unusual combination. To me the hotteok tasted really good, it was nice and savoury. But for him it was sacrilege. He insisted that hotteok is supposed to be sweet. There are definitely more unusual combinations of Korean food in Seoul, but the strange combinations of Western food has infiltrated all of Korea. Like the sugar on garlic bread, or corn and broccoli on pizza, and don’t even get me started on Italian food.

Also the mixing of Korean and foreign food can go horribly wrong. The word “fusion” used to seem exciting and promising to me, but these days it makes me shudder. I’ve had way too many bad experiences with fusion food.

He was so outraged by this hottoek. He even tasted it and said it tasted terrible, but to me it was pretty good! Hopefully there is a little bit more understanding between us about what it’s like seeing your culture’s food combined in a weird way.

This japchae hotteok is sold in Hongdae and we spent quite a lot of time in Hongdae on our recent trip to Seoul. Here is the first vlog from our trip:

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Drinking, Vegans and Street Food in Korea 4

There isn’t a new comic today because we are busy in Seoul, but there will be a new comic and a new webtoon on Monday.

We do have a new Ask Us video up!

For more info about drinking and being vegan in Korea, check out the comment section on YouTube because there is advice from other foreigners in Korea.

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Cheese and Vegemite 10

Cheese and Vegemite

He says “ew” but I’m pretty sure he has eaten this before and liked it.

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Why is water like this in Korea? And new vlog. 0

We answer a question about drinking water in Korea:

There is also a new vlog up! It explains what is happening with the EBS filming:

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Why is the book not published yet? 0

You might be wondering why the comic book is not published yet.

I stressed in the video that it’s a book in Korean for the Korean audience because I don’t want people to be disappointed about it not being in English. If you don’t know Korean you still can read the book because there will be English subtitles next to comics, but it’s not set up for English speakers. Many of the comics are ones that have already been on the blog too.

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Missing Sister 11

Missing Sister

I think for most of their adult life Mr Gwon’s sister has had more money than him. She was always working in Korea while he travelled around Asia and Australia. Right now she is in Australia, but working hard. She comes back soon though, so I think Mr Gwon is envisioning many presents and things bought for him when she moves back. Luckily for him she is a very nice sister.

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Coc, Bonus and Vlog 5

Video round up! We are trying to get stuff done early this week because we will have EBS filming us from Tuesday to Saturday and will be going to Seoul on Thursday.

This week’s Commenting on Comments:

Our most recent vlog:

New video on our bonus channel:

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Middle of the Night – New webtoon 1

I have a NEW WEBTOON up over on the Line Webtoon publishing platform.


It really helps me out if you share, like and comment on it.

You can also give me a rating here. Thanks!

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Living with inlaws 4

Living with inlaws

There are a few reasons why we are living with Hugh’s parents. One reason is that they are getting older and Hugh probably won’t ever have this type of time with them again, so making the most of it. Another reason is that it is of course cheaper for us to live with them. Hugh could go get a job and work hard and we could have a nice apartment and car, but he wouldn’t be able to do any blogging or edit videos or have much time for me. So we are making those sacrifices so we can get the website and business ideas off the ground, as well as cherishing our time together. We would pretty much have to stop YouTube if he was to get a normal Korean job.

Mostly it’s fine living with his parents. They let us do our own thing, but of course it is hard to have privacy. Not only that, but his parents are an older generation and in the countryside. They never show any affection for each other in front of others, so Hugh can be self conscious about even a quick peck if his parents are around – which is most of the time!

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Punishment in Korea games 2

In this Ask Us video we talk about games and living with my family in Australia.

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