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Nicholalala Webtoon Episode: Little Moth

The latest Nicholalala webtoon episode is up!


The Nicholalala Webtoon is a somewhat fictional webtoon on WEBTOONS. Though this episode is very real! You can like, comment, share and rate over at

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Exploring Korean Markets and Delicious Street Food

Exploring Korean markets and delicious street food!

We have shown Mangwon markets before in videos but we haven’t really been able to do it justice. This time we had Yoojin filming and Joel also got some good shots for us. I always find Korean open markets to be really fascinating and it’s a great way to see local culture. The street food places at the markets usually have somewhere to sit down inside which is more comfortable than standing and eating at the cart street food like in other places. I really like the tteokbokki there!

Local markets are a great place to do grocery shopping as the prices are a lot cheaper than the bigger stores. We generally buy our fruit and vegetables at the markets and only buy foreign items like cheese and butter at HomePlus or Emart. If you go to the markets in the evening the prices often drop even more.

Another reason to go to the markets is of course the food. There is great street food at the markets but also other small restaurants with great food and cheap prices. Since they are operating out of a small area and people can just take and eat as they walk, they can keep the prices down. Korean people eat out A LOT and these types of places allow people to do it regularly and cheaply.

If you are visiting Korea make sure you check out some markets as there are many around. Korean tourism often tries to push people to Gangnam or other modernized areas of Seoul but if you want a more authentic experience go to where the local people are shopping and socializing.

Mangwon markets also merges into the World Cup markets so it’s technically two markets in one. The Mangwon area is also an up and coming area with many small, quirky business and great food moving in. Once you are finished at the markets you can check out some of the great cafes in the area. Also the Han river is not too far away which is another important aspect of people’s lives in Seoul.


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Nicholalala Webtoon Episode: Always

The final part of this mini story within the Nicholalala webtoon!


Nicholalala is a mostly fictional webtoon series on that has elements of Korean folklore.

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Alice 4 year old BIGBANG fan interview

Interviewing Alice about BIGBANG

Hugh interviews Alice about BIGBANG and she goes past YG Entertainment again and asks about BIGBANG again…

What a crazy day it’s been! This story about Alice walking into YG Entertainment has blown up in the Korean media and there have been so many stories about it. We have been completely shocked at how many articles there have been and how many people are talking about it.

Some of them (like YTN) got the story right but others also had misinformation such as ‘MyKoreanHusband channel is run by Sophie’, or that Sophie and I are sisters. Also many Korean commenters are calling Alice a “foreign girl”, which is not true. Alice is Korean. It’s a good time to educate people about different types of Koreans. That’s always one of our goals with our YouTube channel is to educate about multiculturalism. Sophie really wanted to make another video with Alice so that we still had control of the narrative.

Since Sophie and the kids, Alice and Gyo, visited again on Sunday and the way to our apartment passes YG Entertainment, Alice again wanted to ask about BIGBANG. The security guard already knew what she wanted to ask as it was the same one from before! But he was still smiling. Alice was a bit sadder this time.

We show some clips of Alice at the BIGBANG concert in Sydney and dancing around to BIGBANG when she was younger.  We got Hugh to interview her as she is more likely to answer his questions.

On another note: please don’t steal our videos. It’s been unfortunate that some people have taken some and then changed the story or deleted the real story. I do have an edited version of the original video that people can now use. It has embedded credits and our logo at the end. If you want to download this video and use it click here to download. You can use on other social media (but please don’t reupload on YouTube).

Luckily most of the attention has been very positive and it’s been great to see the response.

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Maintaining Relationships with Family and Friends

Maintaining Relationships with Family and Friends When Living in Another Country.

This is one of the hardest things about living in another country, especially for international couples. Someone will always be apart from their friends and family. People have different ways of dealing it, some people find thinking about family too much can wear them down so they can’t handle every day contact, while others manage by talking almost single day on Skype. I’m somewhere in the middle where it’s mostly some messaging and a few phone calls.

Luckily, I also have many friends in Korea and it’s easier as a couple to make new friends. It can be a lot harder for single people to make those connections. I know living in another country can be a very lonely experience sometimes. Hugh had a lot of hard times in the first few years of living in Australia. It’s always weird to think back and know in hindsight know that he was already in Australia but that we wouldn’t meet until several years later.

Sometimes it’s hard to maintain relationships when your friends or family aren’t embracing technology the same way that you might be. Messaging services and Skype can be a lifeline for those in a foreign country but sometimes those back home don’t understand how important they are. There can also be a feeling of disconnect when your experiences are now so different from other friends and they can’t understand how you have changed. Like Hugh mentioned in the video, he has nothing in common with the people he was friends with before he went to Australia.

Thankfully with modern technology it’s a lot easier to maintain those relationships most of the time and even though I miss my family, it’s very easy to contact them.

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This happened this morning…. Thanks Hugh! He says he always drops his phone on his face. Unfortunately today he dropped it on my face. Actually my nose still feels a little bit sore!

Do you drop your phone on your face a lot? I know a lot of people do but I have rarely done it since I tend to lay on my side when looking at my phone. Or have you done this to a partner?

What is the worst thing you’ve accidentally done to a partner when they were trying to sleep? Most people tend to reply and answer on Facebook. So join the conversation over there!

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Nicholalala Webtoon Episode: Memories


Part 2 of this mini side story in the Nicholalala webtoon on This story explores the lives of the mulgwishin (water ghosts). The Nicholalala webtoon is a mostly fictional ongoing series with elements of Korean folklore.

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