Can’t Sleep 19

Can't Sleep

Okay I have Tumblr, I know there are many people like this. Hands up all you light sleepers! When you lay next to someone who just falls asleep effortlessly don’t you just want to punch them in the face?

I have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome too so I NEED lots of sleep but it’s so hard to get. I don’t always think about embarrassing moments when trying to sleep but I have been lately. Stress maybe?

I try to have good sleep hygiene but it’s hard when we work, film and sleep in the same room. And blinking lights!!! All the blinking lights! Meanwhile my husband can fall asleep with even the main lights on.

I have very very vivid dreams as well so it’s hard to feel rested. I did read recently that people who remember their dreams in detail are people who wake up a lot through the night so what they were dreaming sticks in their memory. If you have trouble sleeping, Korea can be hard sometimes, there is a lot of noise, even in the countryside. Also the bedding situation may not be exactly what you are used to. Sleeping areas aren’t as designated as in Western culture. It can be hard to have that perfect place where all you do is sleep.

The Way You Are Saying it 32


The Way You Are Saying It

At least he tells me things maybe a teacher wouldn’t! My Korean study somewhat stalled because of how busy we have been. I’m not at a conversational level where I can learn just by talking and listening, especially when everyone around me is speaking dialect quickly. It’s also hard to get my husband to speak to me in Korean as he always just naturally defaults to English all the time. I’m not giving up though and want to study every day. We are going to have to have days where no English is allowed.

MGT – Bus Travel and Car Accidents 6

While subtitling this we talked about what actually happened to the guy in the car accident. We searched online and couldn’t find out if he ever came out of the coma, but we did find a news article about the “missing Korean tourists”. One of those being my husband! He didn’t know until today that people had searched for him for 7 hours! Even though it was back in 2006, big thank you to those who searched and were concerned.

Jumping Spiders 33

Jumping Spiders

I’m going to be completely honest here: the memes and stuff that go around the internet about how everything is sooooo dangerous in Australia annoy me. If there is something that is the truth and done in a funny way it’s fine, but mostly it’s just exaggerated or just plain stupid. AND THEN people will say things like, “I can’t ever go to Australia because it’s so dangerous with the snakes and spiders!”…. Seriously? You are not going to get off the plane and be attacked by crazy snakes and spiders. Australia is really not that dangerous.

Korea, well rural Korea, has the most annoying jumping spiders! They literally jump onto you! I miss my Australian spiders that were cool and just hang around and don’t bother you. I once had a spider in the shower that lived in the corner for months. He was just chilling. You can’t chill with Korean jumping spiders, they are little bastards.

I asked my husband about this, because he is terrified of spiders and moths….. and as you’ve seen in a comic….butterflies. He says he doesn’t care about these spiders because they are small and you can just flick them away. But he is scared of big spiders and colourful ones. So spiders that aren’t doing anything to him are scary, but ones that want to JUMP ON YOUR FACE aren’t? I don’t understand his logic.

As I was drawing this comic I felt something crawling on my back. I swiped at it and then I looked in the mirror and saw a dark red/brown stain on my tshirt. There was a spider crawling INSIDE my tshirt and I had just squished it! And now I’m wearing a different shirt… Why spiders? Why are you doing this?

Oh and rural Korea has millipedes… that’s a whole other story.

Cherry Blossoms 8

Cherry Blossoms

We went and saw some cherry blossoms with some friends and when you go in a group it’s not as romantic… I’m sure it would have been super romantic when we were in the excitement of the start of a relationship. My husband acknowledged this when I said it but didn’t even look up from instagraming! Married life….haha. But really he gave me a rose the other day so he does definitely make an effort.

There are cherry blossoms all over Korea but the ones in concentrated areas are where everyone goes to see them. Where we went there was a mini festival set up. There were also views of the mountains and the sea, so it was extra nice. The wife of my husband’s best friend pointed out which way we had to walk because she’d been there before. This led to her husband asking, “Did you come here before with another man?!” Yup, she had… she’d been there with an exboyfriend. Her husband exaggerated his shock and said to their baby, “Your mother came here with another man!”

There are so many couples about when there are cherry blossoms. It’s so pretty and romantic, especially when the wind blows and the petals blow around like snow. We did film our trip so we’ll have a video up about it soon!

Ask Korean Guys 12 – Making Kimchi 7

So as the guys said in the video, a lot of young people don’t know how to make kimchi. It’s not always passed down these days. The reason why Sophie and I know how to make kimchi is because we are interested in Korean culture and are keen to preserve these traditions. This is also the reason why we both had traditional Korean weddings whereas most Koreans only have modern weddings.

Everyone has different tastes in kimchi because there are so many different types and different flavours even among the same type. Personally I prefer the taste of just made kimchi but many people like the very strong tasting kimchi that has been fermenting for a while. What type of kimchi do you like?

Fun fact: The boys didn’t actually eat the kimchi in the video because it was late at night and they had just brushed their teeth. They pretended to eat it on camera but it was so sarcastic that we had to cut it out. But it was really nice kimchi!

Some bloopers from recent videos!

Also: As you guys know, Han sometimes pretends to be G-Dragon in our videos due to his resemblance to him. Han and Sophie (and baby Alice) will be visiting Korea soon and we plan on filming a “fashion” video with Han as GD. If you have some ridiculous clothing you’d like “GD” to wear, you can send it to us and we’ll use it in the video! Our address is on the contact page.

Ask First 16

Ask First

I shouldn’t be scared! My Mother-in-law is really sweet. The bang of the door just scared me and then I looked really suspicious digging around in the ice cream freezer. But really my bread had been stored in there, I didn’t know it had been moved to another freezer. I bought a lot of bread in Seoul but to make sure it lasts I need to freeze it.

Unfortunately it’s really tempting having a big freezer full of ice cream at the front of the house! Not good for diets.

Don’t Believe 35

Don't Believe

He was fooled by a headline saying The Avengers filming had moved from Seoul to Japan… I got through the whole day not believing anything! And then I got to 1am and stupidly thought something was real… damnit.

Did you fall for anything yesterday? Were you fooled?

2 Year Anniversary! (And giveaway) 165

It’s been 2 years since we started the blog!

Yes our anniversary is the same day as April Fools Day… though we didn’t prank you! Sophie and I talked about it and we were going to say Hugh ran away with Kpop star Henry (his current man crush) but I forgot to do it….

We have a giveaway!

This is the first prize:

2 year giveaway

All this Korean cute stuff! A notebook, a mini game, a 3d puzzle, cardboard multi box, 2 packs of stickers, sticky notes, 2 face masks, a mini towel in a tiny box, little animal clips and 2 cards.

PLUS! The winner will get to choose their favourite comic and will get a signed print of it.

Second and third prize is stickers!! Plus they can also choose which signed comic they would like.

(Seriously people want them?? When we asked people what we should give away I really didn’t think people would want signed comics! But it makes me feel good… thanks guys!)

All you have to do is leave a comment in the comment section! We will pick some winners next week!

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