Nice Spelling 6

Nice Spelling

He has an email address like “Korai123″ that was his spelling of Korea back before he could speak English. Because he edits and exports the videos, he also names the files and there are many interesting names and spellings…

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What a nice!… Rice Paper Rolls 4

Also check out yesterday’s vlog! You gotta subscribe if you want to see these as soon as they are uploaded!

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No Vlogs 11

No vlogs

One of the reasons why I decided to start the vlogging channel is because I enjoy many other YouTubers who also have vlogging channels. So sometimes I’m waiting to see their vlogs… but hypocritically I haven’t always uploaded my vlog either… oops.

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CoC – Kpop and Spiders 3

Mr Gwon is back for Commenting on Comments!

And in today’s vlog we show what a normal Monday is like for us:

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Sleep Forever 7

Sleep Forever

This might not seem that funny now but we were so tired when this happened and giggled for ages. The only requirement was to wake up…

Check out yesterday’s vlog:

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Kpop Group Name 9

Kpop Group Name

Well he wouldn’t be the first to name a Kpop group after himself…. (I’m looking at you Jackie Chan), but he seems to think he would be in the group too!

I asked Sophie and Chloe what they think is a good name for a Kpop group but they only gave me rude names that I won’t repeat here…

What about you? What would you name a Kpop group? Which ones do you think are good names and which ones are terrible?

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Vlog: Festival! 2

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Pancakes 28


Does anyone else start dreaming about food when they move to another country and can’t eat their favourite foods? Now before someone starts to reply with “But you can get pancakes in-” Let me just stop you there and explain what I mean. I know you mean well but, as those that follow the vlogs know, my situation is pretty different to those who live in Seoul or even people who live in country areas but by themselves.

So why is it so hard for me to get western style pancakes? Well it’s just not a food that is eaten here much. I sometimes see people’s photos of eating brunch in Seoul at cafes and it seems like a world away. To even get the right ingredients is hard here, but that’s only one aspect of it. Our kitchen is very much a Korean kitchen, things you might take for granted in your kitchen – like measuring cups and wooden spoons – just aren’t here. There was not a knife and fork in this kitchen before I came, so currently we have a knife and fork for when I’m eating something western and we also have a bread knife. That’s it. One fork in this house.

Now the other aspect that makes things a little bit more difficult is that I’m living in a Korean family and my mother-in-law does the cooking. It’s rare that I’m even allowed to cook dinner. Now if I want to cook something for myself I need to fit it into the normal schedule without it affecting my appetite for dinner, because then I could end up offending by not eating much. This type of complexities is not something that other expats need to think about usually. I’m always very worried about offending my mother-in-law when I make something for myself to eat. She has accepted the fact that I will eat bread in the morning, though there has been a lot of worry about me getting sick because I’m not eating enough rice. It doesn’t matter how much my husband explains that rice actually MAKES me ill when I have too much of it, it’s a mindset that is difficult to change and it’s because she cares about me.

People like to suggest me places to go to in Seoul, which I am always grateful for, but most of the time we don’t have the time. When we do go to Seoul we are always very busy and not able to go to specific areas for food.

I have actually come up with a solution for the pancake dilemma though. I can get my mum in Australia to send me those shake pancake mixes that only need water. That way I don’t need a mixing bowl or anything and I can have some pancakes for breakfast without using much in the kitchen and it won’t affect other meals. Why didn’t I think of that earlier??

I really miss “Pancakes on the rocks” in Sydney and all this talk of pancakes has made me remember back in my childhood how Sunday nights were always pancakes nights.

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Korea Drama Awards 3

Not only is the Jinju Lantern Festival on right now but there is also a Drama Festival. The Korea Drama Awards were also held and we decided to go check it out. We didn’t expect to see anyone but we happened to see the red carpet. We filmed what we could for all you Korean drama fanatics out there. You can also see what it’s like to be in the crowd at a red carpet event like this and how many people there are.

And here is the vlog of the day on our vlogging channel.

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Do Something Interesting 6

Do Something Interesting

Just a quick comic today… about nothing. I always have some comic ideas but when I need something that won’t take long to draw, I do rely on him sporadically doing something that can be easily made into a quick comic. Because his face is still healing from his plastic surgery falling down the stairs, we haven’t gone anywhere or done anything, so not much inspiration.

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Spider in Bathroom 12

Spider in Bathroom

There are just so many spiders here that unless they are jumping on my face, I just ignore them. But I am comforted by the thought that they will all disappear when winter comes.

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Commenting on Comments Alone 4

And today’s vlog:

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Harsh Reality 20

Harsh Reality

Although I’m completely aware that I’m technically an ahjumma because I am a married woman, there is a difference between knowing that and then actually being called an ahjumma. So it was a shock! Sophie and Chloe think the article title was meant as a fun way because I don’t look like an ahjumma but my first thoughts were, “OMG I am so old”.

The image that comes to mind when thinking of the word “ahjumma” is not a look that I am ready for yet…

Also check out yesterday’s vlog where I get very honest. Make sure you subscribe to the vlogging channel because I won’t always post the video here.

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Jinju Lanterns Vlog 0

On the vlogging channel:

One extra video for fun:

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Confident? Ask Korean Guys 1

Hugh and Daniel talk about liking confident and outspoken women. In the end it all depends on the person, as they can’t speak for all Korean guys of course. They also briefly cover that outspoken people in Korea still need to fit in socially, especially as Korea is a hierarchical society.

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