My husband is scared of bugs and insects. He will shriek like a little girl if he sees one. He wasn’t always scared though. In fact, where he grew up in rural Korea is swarming with creepy-crawlies and he wasn’t grossed out by them when he was younger. At some point as an adult thought he has learned to be afraid of them. Therefore I’m the one who always deals with them, which I don’t mind because I don’t have a problem with them. But I find sometimes it’s just better to not tell him when there is one.

I showed him this comic last night and told him I removed about 5 millipedes from our room in Vanuatu while we were there. He was like, “Really????? WHAT THE…”

Hehehe. I kept it a secret so he wouldn’t get scared. I really don’t understand why he hates them so much when he can easily get rid of a mouse and isn’t grossed out. Oh well, I’m happy to get rid of bugs and insects if he deals with problems like mice. Eughhhhhh I hope we never have a problem with mice.

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