School Excursion

He was not happy! He has gone back to Sydney for work but I’m just staying in my home town for a few more days. He caught the train yesterday and there were soo many school kids on it because they were on a school excursion. We say ‘school excursion’ in Australia, but I think in the U.S. it’s ‘field trip’?

Anyway, he had to sit next to these kids for about 6 hours! He called me when he got to Sydney and said he didn’t talk to them because “they are evil.” They tried to talk to him of course, but he ignored them. He has had experience with naughty Australian children before, so he knew if he talked to them, they would realise he has a different accent. Then they’ll make fun of it or try to get him to says lots of things so they can be rude to him. He likes young children and babies, but school age children can just be so feral.

He gets angrier at naughty children than I do because he is the one from a hierarchical society. Of course children can be very naughty in Korea too, but the way Australian children can behave makes him even angrier.

He said when the kids were finally getting off the train, the teacher was herding them off and said to him, “Come on, get off the train,” thinking he was one of the kids. She then looked properly and saw that is was a very angry Asian man (it’s not like he is very small either!) and was embarrassed and apologised.

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