When we were on our honeymoon in Vanuatu, we took the opportunity to go out on a boat and go snorkeling.

Every time we get on a boat he asks if we can wear life jackets and where the life jackets are. This time he actually wanted to wear a life jacket while we went snorkeling. Luckily for him, the tour operators give everyone a floatie once they get into the water. We call these types of floaties ‘noodles’. I realised I didn’t really need one, so my husband was happy to take mine and to bob around with 2 noodles.

He is going to kill me for making him look fat there…. but seriously that’s what he looked like. It was an amazing experience though.

Swimming is a cultural difference that pops up a lot. The majority of Australians can swim. When Koreans ask me, “Can you swim?” I feel like they are asking me something like “Can you walk?” It’s such a normal skill to have here that it shocks me that so many Koreans can’t swim. My husband can swim, he is just not confident (hence the constant asking for life jackets), but he was actually in the Korean Navy! He did his national service in the Navy and managed to have no trouble getting through with poor swimming skills.

In conclusion: go snorkeling in Vanuatu. It is amazing! Especially if you live in Australia or New Zealand- it’s only a few hours away.

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