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  • http://www.facebook.com/jason.tankard Jason Tankard

    IF you ever want to make any stickers or have anything printed, I can help. Eg Posters with your art on it, or stickers with Korean sayings or characters.

    I can just see it now, stickers everywhere saying “What a nice!”. Small things I can do free, or dirt cheap – or just postage maybe. Let me know if you ever thing of anything.

    • Charlotte Fletcher

      I would be keen to get my hands on stickers saying “What a nice!”

      • http://www.mykoreanhusband.com/ Nic

        hehe think I should get some made?

        • http://www.facebook.com/jason.tankard Jason Tankard

          And then raffle them off as prizes lol
          could do them so cheap :P And other fun things if ever want bits out of your comics done :)

        • http://www.facebook.com/liz.barfoot Liz Barfoot

          I know I would want one lol.

        • Skim

          HA “What a nice!” love that one

  • http://www.facebook.com/david.j.lee.148 David Lee

    Can I donate? :D Your cartoon and this site so priceless!

    • http://www.mykoreanhusband.com/ Nic

      Awww thank you ^_^ haha. What do you want to donate?

  • Anca

    Hi and first of all congratulations for this blog. Made my day:) I am an aspiring korean learner and I found you blog by mistake, but I love it.

    • http://www.mykoreanhusband.com/ Nic

      thank you :)

  • April Joy Hinoctan

    Love your blog!!! It really cracked me up. I’m looking forward to more. Thank you!

  • safa

    awwww….. its very nice

  • Jessy K. Piskai

    Aigoo! Jinjja love your blog Nic. So funny! I can relate to what you are going through on a daily basis since we are living in Korea right now and on top of that I am German and my husband is American. That alone often leads to the funniest moments and crazy misunderstandings. Life as an international couple is just hilarious ^_^ Keep up the great work.

  • Rockeresq

    Found this by chance and you have a new fan! I work with international students and your blog is really cute! Keep it up. PS I would take a sticker that says “what a nice!” too if sold.

  • Anonymous

    I found your blog when I absentmindedly typed LALALALALA into google images. I then found the comic with the caption LALALALA. Since I am very attracted to funny comics, I visited this sight and read all the comics. I LOVE this blog and am so glad I found it on accident!

    • http://www.mykoreanhusband.com/ Nic (MyKoreanHusband)


  • Chloe

    Great blog, i love your comic works. They’re cute ^_^

  • Aussie Mike

    This is great for all korean/foreigner couples.. my wife is korean and we have been glued to your site since discovering it – it helps too to make fun of the things that sometimes get to serious! Thanks so much, it’s really a great site and great art – you and your husband are very funny together in the videos – we can relate to all of it!

  • Anna

    hi there! I am currently in Seoul (for a year already from Germany!!) and dating a korean guy for 2 years by now…. I found your blog also by accident… but … I see u two as a role model. he seems to be serious about us, but of course there are several sticks and stones (cultural, lannguagewise, family, traditions, expectations…etc) on our way to go! but thank you for encouraging and sharing your story! it is great! motivationg!
    btw how do you talk to his parents? they speak English? how did u two meet??

    keep going! u are loved and popular! have a fun time in Australia!

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