Surprising our son with HUGE toy dinosaurs!

Our son Yul loves dinosaurs. He has got on the dinosaur train quite young he’s only 17 months! I never really introduced dinosaurs to him, but he has seen toy ones at daycare and in books. He has a few dinosaur books which he loves. And he can also make dinosaur sounds! But he didn’t have any dinosaur toys!

We realised we didn’t really have any dinosaur toys at home. There was one that we left in Australia and he once stole one from daycare which of course we had to take back. We didn’t want to buy him just any cheap small plastic ones, we wanted to do something special.

I started to remember things from my own childhood. I’d read many books about dinosaurs and it was an interest shared amongst my siblings. We knew lots of dinosaur names. I wanted to pick dinosaurs that felt classic and what I was familiar with in my 90’s childhood. We ended up choosing four: stegosaurus, triceratops, tyrannosaurus and brachiosaurus. Each are different enough from each other and instantly recognisable.

The dinosaurs we ended up buying are a softer plastic and has a nice feel to them. They are also huge toys! But Yul loves dragging big things around so we knew he’d love that they are that big. We wanted to surprise him and capture his reaction, so it was all set up for when he came home from daycare….

Watch the video to see his reaction!

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