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Christmas in Seoul

We did our best to recreate an Australian style Christmas in Seoul. We sourced some things locally but also had some things sent from Australia like gravy, Christmas crackers and Christmas chocolate. Our friends Han and Sophie and their kids Alice and Gyo joined us for Christmas lunch.

Hyunwoo (from Talk to Me in Korean) and his family also visited in the afternoon.


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Australian Christmas Holiday

Here is a montage of our Christmas holiday. Christmas is in summer in Australia so there can be different traditions to those in the northern hemisphere. My family rents a holiday house in a small coastal town. For Christmas day we also had some Korean friends who work in Sydney come down the coast to join us. At first they were worried that they were invading the privacy of our Christmas but we assured them that Christmas is the time for sharing and every year we always have extra people for Christmas. Hugh absolutely loves Christmas in Australia, especially because Christmas in Korea is pretty much a nonevent and just for couples. We still have some northern hemisphere traditions like a baked ham, Christmas crackers and a Christmas tree, but Australian Christmases can also involve seafood, cherries, water fights and swimming.

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Nicholalala Webtoon Episode: Christmas



HAPPY HOLIDAYS! We are at the holiday house where we have Christmas with my family. It’s really nice to be with my family again. We have limited internet access but I’ll be updating the social media as much as I can.

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Summer Holidays

Here is a bit of footage from our summer Christmas holiday. We’ve mentioned before that my husband is not a confident swimmer and a bit scared of the water. Korea doesn’t have a swimming culture like Australia does. However, it was great to see my husband gain confidence in the water while we were there.

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Mindy asks:

What is your favorite Korean meal and what is his favorite Australian meal?


Let’s start with my favorite Korean meal. I like a lot of Korean food. I really like samgyupsal (grilled pork belly) especially with kimchi. I do tend to order bibimbap a lot because I love all the vegetables. (Luckily I often take photos of meals I order so I can show some).


I also really like japchae and yukgaejang. And I love lots of side dishes!

JapchaeWhile I do like a lot of Korean food I can still be picky. My husband orders this a lot but I refuse to eat it.

Pig IntestinesYeah… pig intestines soup.

My husband is a lot less picky than me, especially when it comes to Australian food. The only major thing he doesn’t like is lamb, and I swear that’s just psychological, not to do with taste at all. He doesn’t have a particular favorite Aussie meal, he just likes almost everything. Something he has taken a real liking to here is cheese though. He said he hated cheese when in Korea, and having seen the cheese available in Korea, I can understand why. But here in Australia there is such a huge range of good quality cheeses so he has realised cheese is delicious. He also likes eating crackers with dips too, something not really done in Korea.

Over Christmas when we were with my family we had a lot of cheese and crackers. Now usually we set them out on the table for everyone to have for morning or afternoon tea, but my husband would just get them for himself and sit at the table stuffing his mouth. (I also drew my siblings in the background).

cheese and crackers

This is an accurate representation of our Christmas.

In particular he likes water crackers with Mersey Valley Cheese. (Seriously, Mersey Valley, we love your cheeses, they are the best).

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Christmas Food

hamOnce I’ve had the ham on Christmas day I’m pretty much over it because it’s too much meat for me. My husband, as you know, loves meat so much. When we were staying at my parent’s house over Christmas it was heaven for him to go to the fridge and just slice off big chunks of ham. He really would just walk around with ham in each hand.

So instead of having Christmas at my parents’ house this year, we are all in a holiday house on the coast. My husband is working Christmas night so we are having our usual Christmas Day on Christmas Eve (tomorrow) now.

The holiday house is in a small sleepy town that literally has kangaroos hopping down the street. That is often a misconception about Australia- that there are kangaroos everywhere. Usually not true, especially for urban areas. Here however, they seem very used to people and are on front lawns eating the grass. As we walked down to the beach earlier we passed several kangaroos and a kid throwing a boomerang. Ahh the stereotypes! Anyway we are having a really nice time with my family. I feel like I haven’t had a summer holiday like this in a long time, so it feels good.


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