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Toddler Kisses

toddler kisses comic
toddler kisses comic in korean

Kiss for Mummy and Daddy: Toddler Kisses

This is how Yul kisses at the moment…. wet slobbery kisses that often involve teeth! Toddler kisses are funny. He knows what it means when we ask for a kiss and it’s really lovely when he gives us kisses, but it can be a bit gross too! haha

We are making sure that he knows he can say no as well. When we ask for a kiss sometimes he does shake his head no, and we make sure we say something like, “That’s okay”. I think him knowing he has a choice means he enjoys giving up very big kisses when he is in the mood.

It’s super cute for us, being new parents, to now have these sweet interactions with our son. Every day he is learning new things and it’s so exciting to see his personality develop.

I’m sorry it’s been so long since I’ve made a comic. I’ve had a few months of being sick on and off. Sometimes it’s been a cold, sometimes it’s my Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, sometimes it’s my Endometriosis and the past two weeks it’s been a very bad sinus infection. My goal is to make a MKH comic at least once a week. I usually only have the time while Yul is at daycare to make comics and that time gets eaten up by general household stuff I have to do.

Hugh is super busy these days as he is doing a lot of business stuff on top of his normal job. He is involved in many projects right now but all this hard work will hopefully mean we are in a better position financially by next year, AND in a better apartment.

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Baby Fashion

Baby Fashion

This is why parents will be dressed in just anything while their baby looks adorable in cute clothes. We don’t have time to dress ourselves well usually and even less time when we spend time planning the baby’s outfit.

My friends who are also mothers have said they count the stains on their clothes and if it’s only a few stains it’s okay to still wear. I feel more pressure in Korea to dress Yul really nicely. At the moment we are visiting Australia and it’s still hot so most of the time he is only wearing a nappy (diaper) anyway.

As we were driving from Sydney to my home town we stopped off at a country town on the way and went into the local shopping centre. I saw other parents holding babies who were wearing very little clothing and I felt better about Yul not wearing much. He was suddenly in the Australian heat after being in colder Korean weather and was a bit cranky in the heat. However, in Korea, even in the summer you don’t see babies only in nappies while out and lots of my mother friends have been scolded by older women because their babies weren’t wearing socks. In Korea there is a big worry about babies not being warm enough (even in hot weather), but in Australia our concerns tend to be making sure a baby doesn’t overheat and Australian style is much more casual!

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Sneezing is funny

Sneezing is funny!

Just a little video from today. Yul has started these big laughs now which are so funny.

He had a health check up a few days ago to see how his progress has been and the doctor said he is very healthy. All his other checks (things like brain, heart and lungs) showed no problems as well. It’s all amazing news considering he was so premature and in the NICU for a month.

Thank you everyone for all your supportive comments. It’s made such a difference to have this support on our difficult journey to finally have a happy and healthy baby. People have said that seeing a photo or a video of him makes their day and it makes us really happy to hear that. It’s a big decision whether to show your child online but we’ve had overwhelming support, so we are glad seeing these moments from our lives means something to our followers.


It’s pretty hard to get comics done at the moment but I’ve decided to draw some quick ones of small moments like this. I’m sure there are lots of parenting moments that other parents can relate to.

Yul Theodore is about 3 months old now and sleep really well…. during the day! He still thinks night time is a great time to be awake. He was like that in the womb too and was always very active at night. Of course Hugh and I are SO tired, so sometimes when I’m making the shushing sound to put him to sleep, I put myself to sleep instead…

New Video: Our Baby Arrived Early

We share the story of our baby, Yul Theodore, arriving early.

He is currently still in the NICU, but was doing really well when we visited today. It’s a weird limbo to be in. We have a baby, but he can’t come home with us yet. At the moment our lives revolve around going to the hospital every day, and I’m also constantly pumping at home while recovering from the c-section.

We have been overwhelmed by the messages of support from everyone and surprised at how many people genuinely care about us. When we realised people would worry when we didn’t update on Instagram on some days we wanted to share more of our story, especially because many people have been through something similar.

We wanted to create a space in the YouTube comments where people could share their stories, not only about having a premature baby, but also being in an international relationship in situations like this. Since we were originally told Yul would only be in the hospital for 1 week to 10 days, my parents flew over from Australia to see him. Unfortunately, he has had to stay a lot longer, so they can’t see him much. They will be flying back over a bit later though.

When we realised how much Hugh has vlogged at the hospital we knew we could put together a video to share with you guys. We mentioned IVF in this video and that’s something we also vlogged so eventually there will be a video about our IVF journey too.

It’s been a very difficult and unusual time. We are excited and happy to finally have a baby, but it’s distressing and heartbreaking to not be able to take him home yet.

It was hard to put together this video but I’m glad we did because it’s a record for us, and something our families can watch too. We can film a lot, but if we don’t edit and put it together in a video like this then footage eventually gets lost and memories fade. I’m glad we have a record like this even though it can be hard to do.

Thank you again everyone for all your support.

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