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Woohoo Bigbang comeback! Unfortunately tickets for concerts go on sale while I’m in Australia so it’s impossible to try to buy them online from here. Even if I was in Korea, it’s so hard to get tickets because they sell out immediately and super hardcore fans have many computers set up to get them as quickly as possible. I can’t compete with that! Fingers crossed that I can get some tickets though… and don’t just have to settle with my husband singing me songs…

Walking in Busan

Walking in Busan

I then added, “A very androgynous guy!”

When you are so used to a different version of masculinity and androgyny in Kpop you can forget how different things are in Western media. I sometimes forget how androgynous G-Dragon can be.

My brother and sister are visiting Korea for a week which is why there have been less comics. We are in Seoul right now and doing lots of stuff! Things will be back to normal soon.

When will Big Bang do their Military Service?

Something we didn’t mention in the video was WHY Korean men have to do compulsory military service but I think most people are pretty aware of North Korea. South Korea and North Korea are still technically at war because a formal peace treaty was never signed. With such an unpredictable and unstable threat right across the border, South Korea needs a very large military force. If there wasn’t compulsory service they wouldn’t have the manpower. The issue of ending compulsory service does comes up, but with provocations every now and then from North Korea it’s very hard to even just scale it back a bit. However, the Western media always blows up the North Korea issue, so don’t think North Korea is going to launch huge attacks or anything like that.

It is interesting how people’s perceptions and views are formed by the country they grow up in. Many people understand the need for the military but there are others from countries that have no military and have a very negative view of the military that are critical of anyone who does military service. I think it’s very unfair to judge those that have to do compulsory service and it’s best to have a balanced view. Korean men that do their service don’t necessarily agree with all decisions made by the military, it doesn’t mean they agree with war, but it’s their national duty.

You get very used to the military presence in South Korea. Everywhere there are men in uniform and military vehicles and get a bunch of Korean guys together and inevitably the topic of military service will come up. Men that don’t do their service become excluded from these conversations, can find it hard to connect to other guys and can even not be hired for jobs because they didn’t do it. When the majority of the male population have given up 2 years of their life for their country, it’s important for them to see that Kpop idols are doing it too.

So what we said in the video was just our guess about Big Bang – that at least some members will likely enlist after their comeback (“comeback” in the Kpop sense of the word).

BigBang Giveaway

Another giveaway! I have a pair of BigBang socks and a BigBang plastic pouch to give to one lucky reader.

bigbang giveaway1

bigbang giveaway2

To enter answer this question in the comment section:

Which member do you think is the most annoying (to the other members) on tour and why?

A winner will be chosen in a week or two.

Keeping Big Bang

Keeping BigBang

I think the Big Bang concert stuff was meant for me…. but oh well. I think he has a bit of an obsession with things that light up like that. He brings them home from work a lot. Remember the big glow stick and cubes?

Thank you to the blog reader who gave us these presents. You know who you are!

T.O.P Giveaway

Time for a T.O.P giveaway!

I have a small pencil case…. thing. I haven’t taken it out of plastic to really check. It’s a pouch thing, so could be used for putting makeup in, or tickets or something… haha I don’t know.

I also have a postcard set which also contains some stickers. Again, I haven’t opened it so can’t check exactly what is inside. The winner gets to open them!

T.O.P 1

On the other side:

T.O.P 2

All you have to do to win these 2 items is to answer this question in the comment section:

What is the most interesting thing you think T.O.P does in his spare time?

I’ll pick a winner in about 2 weeks.

GD Forums

GD forums The forums called Jiyong’s Crayons can be found HERE.

GD fans, please don’t attack him, he only says GD is evil because I love GD haha.

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