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Bread and Cheese

Bread and Cheese

I wasn’t even upset that they had eaten my precious bread and cheese from Seoul because I was so happy that they liked it. There is this belief in Korea that all foreigners eat bread every day, but the only bread Koreans are familiar with is sweet bread, so that’s what they think we eat. Many people have no idea that most bread around the world is actually savoury. Unfortunately huge chain stores like Paris Baguette don’t help because the majority of what they sell is sickly sweet and pretty gross. So I have always been curious, if Korean people are exposed to good quality savoury bread and cheese (most cheese here is processed plastic stuff) will they like it? I know my husband does, but he likes everything. I even double checked with my husband, “Did they really like it? They weren’t just saying that?” and he said they really did. Yessss!

ALSO: I have some kinda bad news… there won’t be any more comics on the blog for the rest of this week. Sorry! I have to focus on the comic book that will be published soon and will be working really hard this week. There will still be videos because Mr Gwon edits those, but for the comics I produce every day, I will be too busy this week. I’m giving you the exact dates that there won’t be any because I don’t want to be one of those bloggers that never updates once they get a book deal. Also we constantly update the social media so you can follow what we are doing through that. So there will be a new comic next Monday!

Paris Baguette

Paris Baguette

Paris Baguette and I are not friends. In Australia I’m quite health conscious about bread and prefer grainy bread or wholemeal bread. It’s so different in Korea where bread is usually a sweet dessert thing. I love sweet foods; I just prefer them to be cakes, cookies or chocolate. I want my bread to be savoury.

Other times I’ve been in Korea and have gone into Paris Baguette and in amongst all the sickly sweet stuff I’ve seen garlic bread. That must be savoury right? Wrong. It’s sweet too. Such a disappointment.

Paris Baguette is everywhere though. Even the small town next to Mr Gwon’s hometown has one and there are definitely ones in Jinju. We walked past one a few times in Jinju yesterday and my memories of the garlic bread came back.

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